Susan Boyle – True Underdog Story

Here is an amazing video of Susan Boyle on Britans Got Talent.

Please watch this amazing video and leave us a comment below about your thoughts. Due to the large amount of comments we receive you might have to scroll to the very bottom of the page to leave a comment.

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388 Responses to “Susan Boyle – True Underdog Story”

  1. carol callis says:

    Here is one for all the people that have fallen thru the cracks because they do not appear to fit the ideal mold. I hope Susan soars to heights unimaginable and she not only has a wonderful career but someone to share her life with and many kisses and hugs..A voice like an angel. God’s gift for sure!
    Way to go Susan! Your voice made me cry…..

  2. Dorothy Comerford says:

    Simply amazing, May your life be filled with singing and joy. I am sure fame will bring you the happiness, you have always known that your voice brings such joy to people who listen.
    I was holding my breath your voice is so beautiful and yes a tear came to my eye.
    Dorothy Comerford

  3. Elsa A. Berdeblanco says:

    Everytime I’ve watch her video, I cried and True enough that GOD created us equally. She has a very3 incredible voice. I know GOD love her
    so much. She’s GREAT!

  4. Susan Markham says:

    Hearing Susan Boyle sing should prove to all of us that you shouldn’t
    “judge a book by it’s cover”. She is truly amazing and I hope that she continues with her dream!

  5. Deborah says:

    FANTASTIC lady with a FANTASTIC voice xxx

  6. Bob says:

    Every now and then someone comes along with a truly Gog given gift.
    This Lady is one of those people. I am looking forward to the day that she records her beautiful voice, that those who missed the performance on Britians got talent can hear her

  7. Susan Bren. says:

    What a magnificent voice you have Susan! We are truly blessed to have found you. May the angels continue to guide you on your journey as you become a *STAR*.
    God bless you always.

  8. Millie says:

    Truly awesome & amazing !!! Next Stop Oprah.

  9. It is such a joyful moment when all seems to be one way on the outside and then in the least expected moment The Lord sends someone along and He throws us a curve ball to turn everything upside down in a wonderous way!…..I cannot even remember when I just laughed out loud in joy and wept at the simpicity and the Glory of the moment!…and the negativity is met with a such a powerful revelation of light!…This videoI is a Testiment and a shining inspiration to all who see’s it!…Amazing….

  10. Hayden says:

    Simon, Simon, Simon, You tell tall tales, you would have been the biggest laugher if what you saw at first was right. She proved you so very wrong. WAY TO GO Susan, may God continue to bless you and grant you your desires. Please stay sweet as you are!!!!

  11. Blessing Makufa says:

    God Blesss you and hopefully Susan will spread the word of God with her singing… very touching and should use it to bring others out of darkness.

  12. Sharon Bigler says:

    Susan, God Bless, you’ve been give a beautiful voice, a gift from God use it to his glory. Keep singing!

  13. Glenda Coggins says:

    Susan, You’ve been truly hiding your light under a bushel. Good luck in your quest for recognition of your God given talent…. God Bless…

  14. Judith Adamik says:


    You are wonderful! God gave you the voice to share and I’m so glad you are doing that. You brought tears to my eyes. I would be in line to buy your music. I wish you all the best. Keep on being yourself. The world will love you if they get to hear you. I heard about you here in American and was so glad when my husband brought you up on utube. I stood there and cried as you sang.

    Amazing ! Amazing! I love you. I can’t say more, words are not enough.

  15. Pat Taylor says:

    FWhat a God given talent she isantastic voice. i hope she wins and i hope we see her lots in the future.

  16. Betty says:

    Susan, the first time I heard you sing, I cried! You truly have a beautiful voice. I wish you the very best and hope you go far! Try not to change to much. I listen to you as often as I can. God bless you! ~Betty~

  17. joeann horton says:

    joeann say you never judge the book by its cover. god has blessed her with a beautiful voice. she has been an angel looking after her mother all these years. now its susan time to become a star. be wise susan with your future

  18. lucy St.Onge says:

    Stay the way you are, never change! Your voice is unbelieveable! You truely have the gift only angels are given!

  19. abbhie says:

    what a tremendous performance. she’s a gem! i love her so much! her video had taught me a lot! she really makes my day! =)

  20. terri says:

    i think susan has a God gifted talent.where has she been all these years? i sure wish we could hear all of her singing without interuption.keep up the good work susan.God bless you.

  21. Marcben Nefe says:

    A talent is like a pregnancy that can not be hidden but it can be hinder by oneself. so, it is in everyone at a percentage rate. “use it wisely and learn from it daily.”

  22. Deborah says:

    Wow is all I can say. My hat is off to you Susan. You have done what many people only dream of and don’t have the courage to try. May all your dreams come true!

  23. Wayne Cooper says:

    Susan, I am from the United States. I could not believe my ears when You started singing. Even the bird outside, stopped their singing. Susan, I know that Your Mother was with You and a Smile came across Your Face. You are a treasure beyond words.

    Thank You Susan for sharing, don’t ever give it up as God has given You this talent.

  24. Bethsy Alano says:

    ??? an angelic voice.. As what Amanda said “wake up call” for everybody’s dream.. incredible!

  25. Susan: I thought I was listening to an angel singing. What a beautiful voice God gave you. Your gain to fame. To bad to those whom never gave you a change before. God Bless You and keep singing Girl. Beautiful, beautifull, beautiful. Theresa

  26. Franny says:

    Susan–You have an angelic voice, truly a God given talent! We live in a very unspiritual society where people are measured by their worldly possessions, and outer appearance instead of seeing interior beauty given to us by God. Thanks for sharing with us. God bless you! Franny

  27. Min. Stevens says:

    Ms. Boyle,
    Not many things that could be said except. AWESOME!!!! Such an Angelic Gift from God. Prophetically speaking Susan, the best is yet to come. May Gods Blessing continue to be with you through the journey he has for you.
    Minister Stevens

  28. Susan Boyle is truley a great singer. What a beautiful voice. Theresa

  29. Carmel Xerri says:

    I have heard many lovely voices, but I am really amazed to listen to such an angelic voice! As a lover of music, especially operas, I have listened to Susan Boyle’s mellifluous voice repeatedly and tears shot out incessantly!
    May God keep His Miraculous Hands on you! Undoubtedly, we cannot deny the existence of Heaven! Susan is God’s Gift to demonstrate that only Heaven is sweeter! May God help you keep that sweet simplicity and
    innocence of flowery childhood! …… because talents come from GOD !!!

  30. Sharon says:

    I have listened to Susan Boyle sing her beautiful song over and over. She truly has a great gift from God. She sends the chills up my spine everytime I listen to her. I pray that she stays as natural as she is. And that God will send this great gift of Susans and her beautiful voice through out our world. That surely is what we need in this age of bad times. Go far and wide Susan. You are truly beautiful inside and out. A true gift to us from God. God Bless You!

  31. Carolyn says:

    Susan you have one of a kind talent. This video touches my heart when I hear it. I would like you to do a CD. I would be one of the first to purchase it. You are Great!

  32. steven says:


  33. Elnora says:

    God has given you a talent and a beauty that is far more beautiful than the beauty queens we see on TV.My mother always told me beauty is only skin deep and another saying beauty comes from within. May God bless you and always stay the same Susan we saw that night.

  34. Deana Tapia says:

    Breathtaking! Just another reminder that outside beauty is only skin deep at times and how often we do judge people by how they look. She has a voice like an Angel and I’m sure she brings a smile to God’s heart everytime she sings.

  35. To all the people out there whom tiink the are beautiful gifted foir what is on the out side! God has given her the greatest gift of alll.She hung in there until she made it. God bl;ess you Charlene

  36. ashley says:

    WOW!!!!!! that is amazing! she was beautiful!

  37. Bev says:

    This was the most memorable performance. How awesome. I understand she did NOT win the number 1 spot, but I can’t imagine anybody else being able to beat her performance. The talent that she has should not ever be lost. I sincerely hope that we will be seeing very much of her in the future.
    God as given her a beautiful gift and it should be heard.

  38. Marty says:

    An extraordinary performance! Susan Boyle is God’s special gift to the world.

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