Starfish Story

The Starfish story is a wondeful example of love that  has been circulating for years due to it’s very simple yet  poignant message.

This video portrays a beautiful representation of taking the time to matter to someone who others might find unimportant. 

If we just look we will ourselves in a good position to help or even matter to someone but we miss the opportunity simply because we have our eyes focused on something else.  Many times that something else is trivial in comparison. 

There is a wondering quote by Maya Angelou;  ”I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel”.

Just like the young boy in this video, may you will find the inspiration to reach out and give a little hope to someone.

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23 Responses to “Starfish Story”

  1. Ronald LaCourse says:

    This has been a story I have heard for several years. I may not know if I have made a difference in anyone’s life, but I do know it made a difference in mine.

  2. Ronald LaCourse says:

    If I have ever had made a difference in anyone’s life, I pray to God, they too will do the same.

  3. Joyce says:

    When I come up to anyone , I always give a smile. Cause I love smiles and I know the good Lord does too.

  4. Shahid says:

    I have seen how a smile on your face, a pat on somebody’s back and a hug to somebody feeling low, lift the spirits of people. Acts of kindness bring happiness and restore faith in human beings without spending anything. It is just a matter of realization and this type of inspirational movies greatly help us in developing this realization.

  5. JAYAN says:

    When people look at you they must be able to see Christ in you. It costs nothing to smile and greet anyone in a warm and friendly tone. You could lighten there lives and make ther day.Inspiration helps us to grow in Christ.

  6. Choo Eng Guan says:

    Yea, a little kindness will make a big difference and will go a long way in our and others life.

  7. Jennifer says:

    It’s good to know that the little, insignificant acts we did matters a lot in someone else’s life. God may be using us to make a impact on and to turn their lives around. Thank you for the reminder.

  8. Divyesh says:

    this story inspired me lot and build my confedence in work and faith in god

  9. Divyesh says:

    i would like to hear more storieslike this again and again

  10. Jocelyn Dean says:

    November 5,2010 at 4:19AM

    God made us brothers and sisters;There should be no division between us.We’re all one and we’re all egual.We are responding to the call of God here; and we’re working to build the kingdom of Heaven.

  11. Frankie Tang says:

    A simple insignificant act of kindness from us sometimes matters a lot to other people and think what happens if this is multiplied exponentially. We will have a world where love and happiness abound. God is our inspiration.

  12. Suzanne says:

    I am not getting links to the videos you advertise- just links to ads I DO NOT WANT- if that is all this is please remove my name from your list

  13. DeloresTaylor says:

    I seen your video of the starfish. It was so heartwarming that it brought tears to my eyes. Why is that all people can’t learn from this little boy. If more of us would place a hand on a person who seems lost or alone this place on earth would be better. What if we saw Jesus walking and needed something,what would we do. Walk by or help him. This little star fish needed something and a small boy helped him. Lets all learn from this little boy. He knew that it was Gods creation and he wanted it to live, just like Jesus wanted us to live he gave his life to those whose loved him and believe in him will live forever after his 2nd coming. God Bless and all and be like this little boy. May the Lord Bless and Keep you forever and ever. Delores

  14. valerie challis says:

    i was very blessed by it and it is so true if only we all can live by this priciple would it not be a differnt world to the one we are living in

  15. Mary says:

    Every drop that makes a big ocean!!!!!!!

  16. Jacqueline says:

    I like what Maya Angelou said, it is how a person made you feel that is what you will remember.

  17. This boy’s action is an act of spontaneous kindness
    to animals,not frquently found in many children.To me,this video intention is to teach or grow awareness of goodheartedness in children.

  18. gale marion says:

    Who would of thought. This little boy is very wise. We can learn alot from children.

  19. larne a gayatgay says:

    thank God for this inspirational….truly this inspires us to do act of kindness- no matter how little it maybe—to the recepient for sure it made the difference.

    as in the movie. “PAy it Forward” let’s all make a differnce—by multiplying kindness….

  20. Emmanuel says:

    I do not know if I have e ver made difference to someone, but have so many poeple in so many different ways. The boy made a difference by giving the starfish a chance to survive.I think the boy was just kind to nature by recognising the fish as a nature which has the right of existence.

  21. Emmanuel says:

    I do not know if I have ever made a difference to someone, but have helped so many people in so many different ways. The boy made a difference by giving the starfish a chance to survive.I think the boy was just kind to nature by recognising the fish as a nature which has the right of existence.

  22. Geok H. Madewell says:

    It does not cost us anything to smile to our loved ones, family, friends, and even strangers. A smile can soften someone’s heart and brighten someone’s day. A smile is an act of kindness. It can be used to acknowledge someone’s presence, it can be used to encourage someone who is down, and it can be used to relay our appreciation or approval, etc. It speaks louder than words. Try smiling today–It can be contagious. :-)

  23. Florence Mbuvi says:

    I like what Maya Angelou said. Thanks team for your good work.

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