America’s Oldest Worker Ralph Waldo McBurney

Ralph Waldo McBurney held the title of “America’s Oldest Worker” until his death last year at the age of 106.

He was a bee keeper in Kansas and his motto was “Use it or Lose it”!

In this video we can see that even though, when he was 104, he wasn’t as spry as a younger man, he just plowed through his days without a second thought.

Ralph credited his longevity to healthy living, but undeniably his positive attitude played a big part too.

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13 Responses to “America’s Oldest Worker Ralph Waldo McBurney”

  1. Buddy says:

    This is a great story and who says that growing old is a bummer for this is an inspiring story for all who may fear of getting old.

  2. jimmie Luna says:

    A divine and wonderful great story. It is so true to use it lose it, I am 71 retired from my regular work and helped a little lady in her 90.s with her home. Cleaning an dusting. Before the month was over I had 18 homes to clean each month. Word spread fast. Jim Luna

  3. donald says:

    because of sin ,mankind no longer live long as they would have wanted. but by doing the right thing e.g like Waldo we can extend our life a few years longer and if we placed our lives in the Creator’s Hand,

  4. Debbie says:

    Very inspiring and amazing. But I believe your mental attitude has alot to do with whether or not you live a long or short life. Clearly he had a positive out look on life. God bless him…………

  5. neeraj says:


  6. thomas s says:

    I loved the story and hope i myself may be so lucky as him, He is inspiring to all young and old.

  7. Anthonia says:

    Ralph, may your soul rest in the peace of God.

  8. DeloresTaylor says:

    This is such an inspiring video. He is such a wonderful man. Surely God must of been in his life. I suffer from alzeheimer and I know that I will not live that long, but it gives me a smile that those with that powerful attitude can live such a happy and long life. God be with you dear one and may you have may more bithdays.

  9. larne a gayatgay says:

    thank God for Mr Waldo…his life story is truly an inspirational for us to practice healthy lifestyle: watch what we eat, continue doing the kind of work we love and having a positive attitude about everything in life.
    and i agree with his principle” use it or lose it”
    “everything we see around were created for a purpose, so it must be used accordingly or else it wont serve its essence”…
    for the younger generation…grow old graciously.
    and make the most of your lifetime….

  10. Argentina says:

    A very sweet and inspiring story. I wish him the best of health.

  11. jocelyn says:

    November 18,2010 at 6:43pm

    Love this story; A Very Hard Working man!

  12. Wonderful man, I only hope his longevity runs in
    the family. I’m 81 and still work full time as a land surveyor, love my work.

  13. Arun Krish says:

    DEAR ……….. what shall i call you. you look like my Grandpa but still you are busy like the BEEs you reared. maybe i shall call you the sibling of ANGELS.may your grave be unfilled for some more years. let your prayers include the names of us and the innumerable lil’ kids who are in the greatest need of love and care. thank you dear sir for all this may GOD dwell with you and may you grace this world with your presence for some more long time….

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