Oldest Blogger

Don Crowdis will capture your heart in this video.

He is a Canadian resident who is also a blogger. Quite possibly the oldest blogger. He describes himself as; “A Nonagenarian (90+) who Ponders Life, the Universe, and Aging.”

In reading his posts Don writes about his aging and how he delights in telling people his age.

In this video we get to see a little glimpse of a man whose life has taken him from a home without electrity, tv, radio or telephone to the 21st century where he writes his thoughts in his blog. It is there that he inspires us as he shares his insights and intellect.

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14 Responses to “Oldest Blogger”

  1. jimmie Luna says:

    Loved it. He is living and loving. It is in his voice, his manner and he shines. He dose not feel sorry for him self what so ever. He lived. Jim Luna

  2. Jean Scoggins says:

    Dear Greg, (may I call you “Greg”, instead of Mr. Writer?)

    Thank you, very much, for sending this to me. I simply
    love to read about/see older folks’ take on living a
    long life! Even though Mr. Crowdis’ wife is in the
    hospital/nursing home, it seems as if Mr. Crowdis has
    lived a good, long life.

    So many older folks are bitter about how their long life is going, with all of the problems that accompany
    “getting old.” And, that’s so sad, I think.

    Speaking for myself, only, I have many health problems and, live, 24/7 with horrible, at times,
    unbearable pain. Before I completely turned to Our
    Lord and asked Him to be with me all of the time, I
    was heading in that direction, myself. But, now that
    I’ve done that, and, even though the pain is still with me, I have peace, joy and contentment, that only
    He can give.

    I try to make my life a “living testimony” as to what
    kind of difference He can, and will, make in lives
    that are totally surrendered to Him.

    Once again, thank you for sending me things such as
    this. They are true blessings, to me.

    Jean Scoggins

  3. Clif Elliott says:

    I am so impressed with this gentleman. I share many of his feelings. When he mentioned his wife was in the hospital and said he is left with being surrounded by his wife’s choices; I can relate to that. I lost my wife, Millie, two years ago and I found myself surrounded by everything Millie. My faith and trust in God sustains me.

  4. marylouisa exton says:

    Absolutely loved it .. thanks for sending me such a awesome inspirational piece …As always I look forward to the next magical piece you post.

  5. Deborah Beltz says:

    Absolutely a man who lived with a lot of goodness and oviously misses his wife as we all would for the ones we haved loved, I will pray he finds peace, and I know with all my heart that there is a God because I have experienced his precence in my life more than once , I am only 59 and I pray every day that the good lord keeps watch over my family, just in case he calls me home , if I get another day I consider myself fortunate! He has had many days, and I feel he knows he is fortunate, and I will also pray for his wife, but he is very inspirational and I too will look forward for his next Blog! This has been very enlighting, as we all would love to live forever, but it unfortunately does not work that way, and I will keep both you and your wife in y prayers, Until we meet again!(next Blog)

  6. gloria w cassell says:

    I heard his testimony,about his wife,he seems in good spirits,God Bless and keep your spirits with the Lord,and He will help you,pray for your wife to return and be with you,I was kinda confused,is she alive in a nursing home or is she passed on.She can still return home and or you could sell you home and go with her in the same home. Its up to you,how much you want to be with her,you visit her? Is her mind in good shape,you never mentioned any of that,so with kindest regards i shall leave you,as I’m 698 years old will soon be 69 in February if God permits me that.I pray he does,I too have aches and pains,you lucky if you do not have aches and pains,you seem not to have anything wrong with your health,your father and mother must have came off of good stock for you to have such long life. My dad passed last year,at age 89,Mom still lives at age 89 she will be 90 next November,she still worries about her looks,her clothes and the doctors that treat her,she worries about her body ailments all the time,never ever does she get off of that subject,they now have found she had bi-polar,and is treating her for it.But she still worries about her nice new cloths,and money. And who will wash my clothes nicely next week..I never worry,I still wash my own cloths and my daughter washes my mothers. I can not wash her cloths every week cause I have problems with doing everyday chores,and I health problems I ask the Lord each day,or and give thanks that I woke up above ground,and ask the Lord to watch over all my family,
    Thanks for the blog,but I didn’t get the point of what the message you were talking about. If she is near you,go visit her,and be with her,that is my message back to you. If your electric is off how are you getting any heat or air-condition during the summer & winter months?

  7. Gramma says:

    I just lost my 96 year old mother. At 96, though she had dementia, she had a sense of humor, spent lots of time reading her Bible, recognized everyone who came to visit (though didn’t remember the visit 10 minutes later), and generously gave her love to all who were near her. She spent her life getting ready to go on to the next step.

    Don, please continue to blog. Your thoughts are tempered by years of life’s experiences.


  8. Mary Joyce G. Torreda says:

    More Blessings for Don!!! I know He is kindhearted old man. His learned experience full packed of God’s Love makes Him live life with joy in His heart and full of content. Inspired by the thoughts that there’s a Living and Loving God out there, I know He attained Peace with God, to think He misses His sick wife in the hospital,He does not lost hope one day God will bring them back together again. Full of inspiration in His life of His wife sweet memories. This man’s hope is laid in God’s table, and these, makes Him live life for a reason. Long live Don, God Bless…

    P.S. Keep on Blogging Don, this is good for all ages, and a good means to express oneself especially on reaching out other people. Cheers!
    other people.

  9. maggie shriane says:

    In my veiw Don is a blessing to us all, used by God to inspire, make us all think and be honest with oneself no matter how painful ,may Don continue to be blessed and surrounded by the the love of God x

  10. Anne Lamont-Charles says:

    I say hears to life and living it to the fullest. I see a man who thou life gave him a lemon he made lemonade with it… He has and still is living life to the fullest and enjoying it….He has so much to give and offer to those of us who only see the problem not the solution. He is 90 plus still enjoying the life that God has granted him. I wish that We can have more of him in th world. I wish him good health and God’s continuous blessing…..

  11. Argentina says:

    A truly admiring and adorable person. I pray that God will continue to love him and to bless him.

  12. Lydia Padilla Rinne says:

    Sir Don,
    Thanks so much for showing your blog.
    You have so much to give and learning from you is a blessing.You are an inspiration to everyone
    My mother Aurelia living with me turned 90 years last Nov.14 ,is still learning finnish language in a language school for foreigner in Helsinki,Finland.She also reads my emáil and with our computer she tries to learn something to work on it.I am happy she is still with me.
    GODs blessings for sharing .Mother Aurelia & I will pray for your continious Gods blessings of good health our only wealth and with your attitude in tune with GOD will be your everyday´s blessings.
    Our love,prayers and respect.

  13. Moshe says:

    How could you have that advertisement about belly fat (I think)with a very immodestly dressed woman. Stop sending the email please.

  14. Ilene says:


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