Piano Player by “Accident”

Derek Amato likes to tell people that when he hit his head on the shallow end of a swimming pool that it
loosened up a marble in his head.

That “marble” unleashed a hidden talent that many are calling a miracle. Suddenly Derek found that he could play the piano. Not “just” play the piano, but play it like a concert pianist, as though he had played his whole life. Ironically, Derek had never played before.

Derek Amato is currently the only medically documented case in the world where sudden musical savant syndrome has been acquired from the result of a brain trauma.

Derek says, “I do believe in miracles”. He has since left his corporate job and has made it his personal quest to share this most miraculous testimony with the world. He is currently working on his second album.

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31 Responses to “Piano Player by “Accident””

  1. Sheela says:

    Awesome !!!!

  2. Neha says:

    What a miracle!!
    Just awesome!!

  3. Felix Tesfa says:

    When I hear stories like the piano player’s, it strenghtens the faith I have in God.

  4. Michael F. Mosqueda says:

    That only prove that nothing is impossible to God and miracle is Gods manifestation of His omnipotence.

  5. Felix Tesfa says:

    When I hear stories like the piano player’s, it strengthens the faith I have in God.

  6. JOAN HURST says:


  7. emrick says:

    It confirms that nothing,absolutly nothing is impossible with God.

  8. Dave Johnstone, St Helens (UK) says:

    Absolutely Awesome!!!… I’ve Always believed in Miracles! – O’ What a Truly Amazing God that we’re Blessed with!!!…I also believe that ” For Every Adversity, He’(God) Sows The Seed of an Equivalent or, Greater Benefit!” Derek certainly has Received a far Greater Benefit when he suffered from this potential, Life threatening Accident!!! -Hallelujah!, Give Our God All the Praise, Honour & Glory!!!!!

  9. Pamela Dan says:

    When our lives are in the Lords hands nothing that may seem so bad that He cannot mend, truly He works all things for our Good cause He always has our best interest at Heart, He is to Be trusted 150%, nothing in our own strength works its all a waste and God is telling us everyday give up our own strength seek Him,
    daily committing our lives to Him, trust and obey is the only way to seeing the Lord more at work in our lives, our God is an awesome God and all the glory belongs to Him Amen

  10. Sara says:

    Praise G-d and Yeshua HaMashiach!

  11. barbara says:

    GOD IS GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Thavaraj says:

    God is Love,he knows what is best for his children,When there is no way,he will make a way it is JESUS

  13. Y.George Theodore Selwyn says:

    Oh what a Miracle. Praise the Lord

  14. Linda Musich says:

    God never ceases to amaze me. He is a man of miracles, and he has them happen every day, if only we will take the time and look around us. Thank you Lord for giving this man a second chance in life and blessing him with a gift you wanted him to have. God is a God of miracles being done each and every day. Prasie you Lord. :)

  15. Vickie Grube says:

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful ‘miracle’ story of this man. Miracles do happen every day and all because of our loving God…we just need to believe, trusting ALL to our Lord..

  16. jimmie Luna says:

    A God Given gift was given to him. I bless this Great Man. I know I will hear more from him I pray. ETERNUTY OF LOVE Jim Luna

  17. Ann says:

    Our God is An Awesome God!!!!
    I anxiously await Derek’s album.

  18. Tony says:

    God ways is beyond indescribable, by God grace he is blessed with a miracles gift of transformation talents. Praise the Lord

  19. Dick Johnson says:

    GOD is still alive and well.

  20. ZITA LIM says:


  21. Sue says:

    O Lord, how entirely needful is thy grace for me, to begin any good work, to go on with it, and to accomplish it. For without that grace I can do nothing; but in thee I can do all things when thy grace doth strengthen me.
    – Thomas a Kempis

  22. Joy Thomas Skariah says:

    Thanks for the miracle story. Yes, God is great and wonders & miracles do happen. Praise the Lord.

  23. Nida Wage says:

    God has a wonderful way of showing his love !

  24. D.Amato says:

    i had not seen this thread, wow! so nice to see such positive words! god is good! happy holidays!


  25. Noel B. Alipio says:

    Praise God for the worderful gift

  26. God has a wonderful way of showing his love.Yes, God is great.God is Love,he knows what is best for his children,When there is no way,he will make a way. thank u God

  27. rodferminphotos says:

    This is how what we familiarly know as “AMAZING GRACE” really works! Like Derek as someone who was tranformed from an ordinary corporate man to a CHRIST WORKER—sharing his testimony to attest God’s amazing grace…the grace that spells the difference!

  28. Darin says:

    Wow our GOD is AWESOME!!!!!!!

  29. Keiffer says:

    Never would have thunk I would find this so inedpsensabli.

  30. Rajat says:

    Deep thought! Thanks for coingtbutinr.

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