A Homeschool Family

Some of the reasons that parents choose to take on the role of teacher in their home are hands-on religious/moral instruction, protection from negative influences and positive character development.

Their recesses move from outside the classroom to the outskirts of the city to museums and parks and traveling exhibits. Most of them play instruments as well as orgainzed sports.

Statistics continue to show that kids who are homeschooled continue to outscore and outgrade their traditionally schooled peers.

If you have ever been around one of these families you will most surely notice the close family ties that exist among the siblings.

This video is a fun parody of a fun loving Homeschool Family and just might inspire you to help your kids with their homework.

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13 Responses to “A Homeschool Family”

  1. Judi Johnson says:

    Absolutely brilliant. Keep up the Great work. You are doing So well.

  2. Buddy says:

    This is funny but very well done. I have seen postings on face book asking questions about home schooling and hope they see this.

  3. Margaret says:

    Great parents! I wish this could be accepted in Europe!

  4. Lovely family. I also came from a family of thirteen, eight boys and five girls, so i know what it is like, one big happy family and a very religious and prayerful. It’s great to have a great family. Best wishes to that family keep it up!! Love to all.

  5. L.S.Thomas says:

    A truly great experience. I volunteer as a senior at a pre school kids. 21/2 to 5 yrs of age I look forward to any help in making them world class citizen.

  6. DeloresTaylor says:

    I can’t believe what some people wrote. Some centainly don’t believe in God and that he sent his son here to walk among us and do some many healing miracles. I feel some of the things sent should be eliminated because this is a Christian website so let only the people who believe in Jesus be on it. There is to many crazy people out there to even let them in on the wonderful people who go here. The family was great, wish I would of home schooled my children and they wouldn’t of had to go threw the bulling because we were’t in the in crowd. The boys grew up to be wonderful boys with good jobs and I am very proud of them. I lost my oldest but he was so well liked in the community that at his wake the line was around the block. I pray that soon the Lord will soon return and those who mock him wil see what the devil is really like. Come Lord Jesus Come. Delores

  7. Sherman Wilson (Butch) says:

    I am thanking you for sharing, feeling blessed just watching and praying for God to continue to bless all wholesome family’s…
    Bro. Butch

  8. marcy youker says:

    I love your comments, and I agree, we must be focus on God, otherwise we are all lost, we pray that God will bless the ones and us who need it, we all need it. God Bless all of you. i feel bad for the people who thinks tah God is going to give evrething, live is ruff and you if you are a chirstan is eve worse, what are you going to to with your beatifgul body that aht many surguries to look that good?is God going to say , you look great , or what have you done for the people of the world.

  9. lola says:

    great video, I do not understand home schooled but if it works for families and in line with the words of God, I don’t see why people should go against it.Keep up the good work of God. God bless us all. Merry Christmas to all children of God.

  10. christine says:

    Well folks. Sorry, but yes, I watched the video. I also know some young boys who have been home schooled and really feel for them. Yes, they have Christian parents and they have been taught at home. The boy’s social skills are lacking and I’m very glad that my family went to a normal school within the community as did I.

    Yes, life is tough and challenging. Each of us need to focus on Jesus.
    I do not agree with home schooling at all and feel the children are denied a huge amount of knowledge and experience, relationships, friendships within the “normal” school experience.

    Have a wonderful, blessed Christmas everyone.

  11. Mimosa Lomibao says:

    wonderful, big and happy family gets alwaysGod’s bountiful blessings! this is so inspiring

  12. Annie says:

    Good to stay away off bad influences.
    Strong people to do so !Annie,

  13. Frik says:

    Wonderful and delightful. In these days and times education is facing many challenges and with the disappearance of God from most schools it has opened itself to a lot of abuse. In South Africa our education has undergone many changes over the last 10 years and we are embarking on many new changes as 2011 approaches. Home schooling seems to be successful in USA and I really think that this concept should become the norm in our country especiaaly amongst Christian families. Once family values have been restored, our country will begin to flourish again.

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