Miss California Carrie Prejean Tells All At Church Interview

Listen to this amazing video with 21 yearl old Carrie Prejean while she gets interviewed at her home church. Listen as her pastor, Miles McPherson reveals the "real story" of what happened in the Miss USA competition. This story is really amazing and God is using Carrie Prejean in a HUGE way.

Please leave your comments below and let us know what you think of the answer Carrie Prejean gave at the Miss USA competition.

If you have trouble viewing the video above, try playing this audio version below.

If you would like to learn more about Carrie’s home church you can visit The Rock Church’s Website at http://www.therocksandiego.org/

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141 Responses to “Miss California Carrie Prejean Tells All At Church Interview”

  1. linette says:

    This is what God is looking for in us who are called by his Name, People who would be Bold and stand up to defend His Name and Word. Keep it up my sister in Christ . Know that God has called you for such a time as this.
    God bless you always.

  2. Vicki Allison-Patrick says:

    I am so glad to know your Bible studies and family life have taught you that God’s way is the only way. Way to go sister!!! May God truely bless all that you do for His kingdom.

  3. Janett says:

    You may not have the title of Miss USA, but you are the real winner. God will bless you for standing on the firm foundation of the Bible.

    A person can’t say you are gay and believe the Bible. God says for man not to lay with man nor woman to lay with woman. I know one sin is just as bad as another sin but I am concerned that so many gays are fooling themselves when they say they are a Christian. I don’t know their hearts but a man is judged by his fruits. You can’t take something Biblically wrong and make it morally correct. Perez should have been punished for his comments. Oh, how did I forget, he will be punished one day. Why would they have someone like that even on there.

    Carrie, you are so beautiful inside and out. I am so proud of you and I can’t even imagine how your parents feel. If my daughters were like you I would shout it from the mountain tops. There is no greater blessing than to have children like you.

    I love you for what you stand for and to me you are the greatest star here on earth.

  4. I am so proud of you!What you did will surely wake up believers of our Lord Jesus Christ that all is not just going to church,attending ministries and saying our prayers ,but doing our christian responsibilities and that is do what GOD wants us to do,stand for it,fight for it and not be afraid to die for it if necessary.May God continue to Bless you and Guide you in all your works for HIM!Keep up the courage and braveness we are beside you all the way!

  5. Larry Lipps says:

    Carrie is not only beautiful without, but has a beautiful spirit within. God’s working through her circumstances shows how much He is aware of our needs and is willing to be an ever present help when we step out in faith.
    Great interview!

  6. Barbara says:

    Carrie: Your mother and father must be proud of you…. however not as proud as our FATHER is!!! You are amazing…. I pray many more young people will stand up for Gods word !! Keep on encouraging all of America! Your blessings will be many now and in eternity.

  7. Cecilia J Roccos says:

    I am not in agreement with Carries beliefs, however I am proud of her
    standing up for her beliefs before all mankind. That is her level of conciousness and mine is of the belief that we are ALL children of God
    and entitled to a love relationship with another human being and He will
    honor that commitment that is given in His name. I also stand shunned
    amoung my christian brothers and sisters for my beliefs. But I stand firm
    in my level of conciousness that my loving God believes this also. Glory
    to God in the highest, good will and love to All mankind and the sacredness of two human beings commiting their love before God. It is
    not our job to sit in judgement but only the Fathers. God Bless you Carrie for standing firm on your beliefs as I will stand on mine .


  8. Colleen C. Wendler says:

    I am very proud of this young women’s comment:, and did you hear the foul comment made by that Judge? That proves those living under that sin are angry and blinded by the evil one. Their countinence does not show they are blessed by our Father.

  9. Jeanette Jackson says:

    Carrie your interview was awsome, I am so proud of you for standing up for the word of God. I pray that God will open up the windows of heaven anp pour you out a blessing that you will not have room enough to recieve. Be Blessed in Jesus Name.

  10. Reba Cook says:

    God has a plan for your life. Not everyone would get Media coverage like you have. Thanks for speaking the truth. May God richly bless you in your future plans. What the enemy means for bad God is going to use for his glory. Our prayers. Reba in Arkansas

  11. Cherie says:

    Personally, I am so very proud of Carrie for saying what she believes. I don’t understand why every “group”…whether they be a race, religion, etc believes they have a right to their opinions, but that Christians definately should not. For those who are saying we shouldn’t condemn and so on, how was Carrie condemning anyone? It’s God’s place to judge, that is certain. It is our place to know what we believe and not comprimise our lives to sin. I was disappointed for her that she lost because of the question. I watched the pagent and that was clearly what happened. Then, for Perez Hilton to BASH her on his blog the next day, and that be mainstream media news was rediculous. I’m glad that she got the right to stand up, to go on other shows and defend her freedom of speech. Freedom after all is what this country is fundamentally built on. It amazes me that he thinks he has a right to his opinion that is obviously hurtful to her, but she doesn’t have a right to her own opinion. Go Carrie! I’m proud of you! And so is “Our Father” (who art in Heaven) :)

  12. Dianne says:

    For those who say Carrie lost because of her answer to that question, you are being unfair to the young lady who did win. I do not believe that Carrie’s answer to that question is the only reason she lost. Let’s give the winner some credit for winning. I didn’t watch the pageant, I do not like them, but I cannot believe the winner won just because of Carrie’s answer. That is very unfair to the winner. I am a Christian but I do not believe we can take everything in the Bible as correct for us now. Didn’t Paul say that women do not belong in Church? Was it Paul or someone else who said that a woman’s hair should be covered and I know somewhere it says that it is a sin for women to cut their hair. There are many other statements made in the Bible that we do not adhere to today. My pastor teaches that many things in the Bible were written to or about people in that time in that culture. I can not find where Jesus said anything about gay people. I was taught that most Old Testament teachings were replaced by the teachings of Jesus. I know that Jesus said to not judge others or you will be judged by the same harshness that you judge others with. We are not supposed to find fault with others but to work on our own issues. I had a wonderful cousin who was gay. She was a lovely person and it saddens me to think how hard her life must have been. I have two nieces in different families who are gay. The parents of one have shunned her and it broke my heart to see this happen. I was present at her birth and I can tell you that when she was a tiny little girl she was very different from other little girls her age and back then I wondered if she might be gay. I believe she was born that way. The parents of the other niece are not aware she is gay and I hope when they find out they continue to love her as they do now. I am disappointed that Christians, of all people, do not want gay people to have civil rights. It is cruel and unfair. My church accepts gays into the membership. There are a few people who actually get up and move away if a gay person happens to take a seat nearby. I truly believe that Jesus would not approve of the way gays are treated by the general population but especially by those who say they are Christians. I hope people who are unkind to gay people will be touched by the teachings of Jesus and someday look at gays as human beings and treat them better.

  13. Joshua says:

    As Christians it’s our duty to the Lord almighty to LOVE everyone including Gays. I have a few gay family members in my family and I love them but I disagree with their decision because my God says he doesn’t like it. God created mankind and he knows what is right and wrong.

    For those people commenting that says they can’t find in the bible where it talks about Gays and homosexuality, then u need to look again. It’s in there, God does addresses this.

    I have even heard testimony from a lesbian women that has turned from her lesbian ways and has changed. She has accredited this change to her Lord, Jesus Christ. She said it was not an easy thing to do but she felt in her heart that it was not right to be a lesbian. She now talks at churches and other places around the united states talking about her experience. She was not born this way, the devil corrupted her thoughts and changed her, but God saved her and brought her back. She now lives a better life and is so happy.

    I am not here to judge but I want to share with my “opinion” and my “beliefs” that I learned from my God, Jesus.

    If you would like to hear facts about why being Gay is not what God has intended I challenge you to listen to this audio. Just listen to this audio then ask yourself what you belief. If you belief the same thing, that’s fine but at least you have a better understanding about what God thinks about this topic.


  14. Holly Brooks says:


  15. Rebekah says:

    I was a finalist in the Miss USA pageant a long time ago. Playboy approached me to pose nude for them and I told them I was a Christian. Axe Murderers were treated better than I was. I know how you felt Carrie. Stand Strong. Jesus has a plan and it is his plan not ours. My body and mind belongs to him. Not winning Miss USA was a gift.

  16. mike says:

    Thank you Carrie for your willingness to continue to stand up against those who will try to make you out to be a fool. We need more people of God who are willing to do the same.God Bless you and know that you are in my prayers.

  17. Sherry- Beth says:

    Thank you Angel Network for sending this to me. It is so wonderful to hear the story behind the story of what happened to Carrie after the pageant. God has truly done a mighty work here. It is so wonderful to see that what was meant for evil, He has turned to good.

    I thank God for His Divine Protection of Carrie and her Mother in New York, by engineering the circumstances of their pastor to be there to help steer Carrie & her mother’s little boat through the stormy seas of New York media mania. Without the strength of her pastor, Carrie & her mother would have been storm-tossed beyond their abiility to cope. As it turned out, because of God’s care ministered to her through her pastor, she shone like the sun shining on a beautiful rose in bloom on a perfect day. She stood tall and erect, and spoke quietly with great poise and grace.

    There were so many in the great state of California who worked so hard to get Prop 8 defeated. Then after the victory is won to have the vanquished come back and continue to try to override the voice of the people is hard.

    It seemed the people had no voice. The only ones who were heard from were the elite activists. Then, due I’m sure to the prayers of the people in churches like the Rock, God listened and answered. He raised up Carrie Prejean; and now we know her pastor, his wife, and the entire congregation. I hope everyone in every church in CA and across America sees this video.

    I also pray that so many people will see that the hate speech is not coming from those that love God. I pray that this will draw many souls to the Lord as logic and love prevails in the minds and hearts of those who do not yet know our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.

    To God be the Glory, His Name to be Praised!

  18. ISA Isamaela says:

    Very good of you for standing on what you believe and is the truth. May the Lord continue to bless and use you as a mighty witness of His truth to many worldwide. We are proud of you. God bless & Love, ISA

  19. Hi Miss Carrie,

    Based on the truth that you say to that interview you are indeed a children and an instrument of God in this modern world. The kingdom of heaven really rejoicing as there is still alot of young people in the world like you who have faith and trust in God. God bless you and your family likewise to all the youths who stands for God amidst trials and temptations in life…Keep up the good work for God’s purpose.

  20. Frank Coons says:

    First, I too am proud of you standing up for your faith before the country!
    Second, several years ago I took a group of teens on a mission trip to Papua New Guinne. While I was there , there was two girls who consistantly wore short shorts and other clothing that was not modest. I called them on it and their response was, ” This is modest dress compared to what the girls are wearing now.”.
    My response to them was ,” If the world’s standard falls way below God’s standards, are you saying that it’s alright to live somewhere in between?”
    Why am I sharing this— Yes God has used this for good–Rom 8:28—but there was a compromise in your walk with the Lord when you presented yourself before these judges and the world, in what the bible would not consider modest clothing. I don’t say this with condemnation. But I also don’t want the rest of the young Christian girls thinking it’s O.K. to join in what the world uses for entertainment and what the world calls beauty.
    The crowns that we will wear are crowns of righteousness which are through Christ not our own.
    I think one of the greatest things you could do for the Kingdom of God right now, would be to tell the rest of the young ladies in His Kingdom not to get involved with the worldly systems and have to compromise by revealing their bodies to sinners and young men in the kingdom. I am sure as a Christian, that you felt very out of place having to walk out in front of people in a bathing suit.
    Later in the trip, I was asked to tell my girls to dress properly because they were causing some of the boys in the Bilbe School we were staying at, to stumble.
    Please, I am not saying this with any condemnation. But the world needs to see a peculiar people who represent Him in righteousness.
    God Bless you in your future endevers—In Christ–Rev. Frank Coons

  21. betty says:

    could’nt hear the interview, but from reading all the comments, it sounds like the church interview with the pastor was somewhat about gays… well if thats true, the bible’s sayings speaks out against women on women, and same sex relations… according to the bible, it’s an abomination unto the Lord, of course their are many, but this is just one.According to the bible, the mind is reprobate, calling right wrong and wrong right, and the Pastor knows this…these people have left thier first estate… when they knew God and didn’t serve him as God , he turned their minds over to reprobate minds… (Rom.ch.1, verses26-30…and the Pastor knows this, those that are christians are not judge’s but we are fruit inspecting, see we, the true saint’s can do that according to the Holy Scriptures… it’s called; rebuking the devil… because he’s a liar… gay relationships is not ordained of God , not NOW OR EVER!!!!

  22. Jim says:

    We are to be tolerant of others’ views and beliefs. It is amazing that it is only a one-way street. This is an example of censorship of free speech, one of the principles on which our great nation was founded. Greed and self-centeredness are tearing our country apart. We are on a slippery slope, folks, and we won’t recover this time. There are more Carries than some people would like to admit. They are afraid of her. But I believe that there is a vast majority beside her as these comments above mine demonstrate. 2 Tim 2:24-26

  23. dm says:

    thank you for standing up for your convictions and being willing to put God first — you are an example and inspire me

  24. magriet says:

    wow I am so blessed to listen to your testimony. Go on and do what God want’s you to do you are truly a blessing to me, and I beliieve you will be to others too, and fthrough Jesus you will spread the word of truth and people will be saved, Amen. Always know that you are not alone He is there by your side always.

  25. Meg Garcia says:

    Way to go Carrie! You sure are a blessing and a great example to so many of us may God keep Blessing you always. Sincerely, Meg Garcia

  26. Bobby says:

    I am so proud she answered like she did. We all need to stand up and try to eleminate the evel in this world.

  27. Darrell Current says:

    Way to Go Carrie !!!
    Our God Reigns !!! Hallelujah !!!
    I’m Standing Up Every Blessed Day !!!

  28. Yolanda says:

    It is a blessing that society/peer pressure has not caused her to sacrafice her morals.

  29. Tony Passannante says:

    Carrie’s beauty is matched by her strength of conviction. Props also to Rev Miles, Gods hand put him where he was needed. How can you underestimate his Glory. Lastly as Sly told us to STAND. Thank you for refreshing my beliefs.


  30. Shirley says:

    I am from North Carolina and I am proud that Miss North Carolina won BUT I AM VERY PROUD OF CARRIE FOR STANDING UP FOR WHAT SHE BELIEVES IN!!!! I have read all the comments and listened to the video and I feel that some of the comments that were made by the ones that believe that being gay is ok needs to get the Bible and read Genesis.
    When God created Adam, he caused a deep sleep to come over him and He took a rib from Adam and created a woman whom we know as Eve. Now you tell me that if God had meant for man to be with a man or a woman to be with a woman; don’t you think He would have done things a litttle bit different??? Yes, we are not supposed to judge others but isn’t that’s what some of you are doing to Carrie for what she believes in??? Carrrie, keep standing up for God and in my book, you are beautiful inside and out!!!! GOD BLESS YOU IN ALL THAT YOU DO!! :-)

  31. Richard S. Kovach Sr. says:

    I just watched your interview and reminded me how awsome GOD is, I’m
    going through a difficult time in life, I was through “THE GRACE OF GOD”
    21 years sober on May 2nd and waiting for a heart transplant, the first thing I was given when I became sober was HOPE and I found myself without it.
    Taken away by a doctor through his words, it is being restored as I sit here right now, I can’t live without HOPE. 21 years does not mean anything if I can’t stay in today. GODS gift to me is my life, my gift to GOD is what I do with it. Just for today.
    Thank you both for your gift of this presentation
    Richard (POWERLESS)

  32. Judy Merritt says:

    Carrie I’m so proud of you for standing up for your faith.
    Judy Merritt

  33. Rita Havel says:

    I’m sorry to say I could not take the time to listen due to the lengthly buffering. Bless you and your ability to get this message out.

  34. Marlene C. Milton says:

    Hi Carrie

    Praise be to our Holy God…The Lord shall surely bless you. May we all stand firm in our Faith to our Creator.

    God Bless you and all of His children throughout the World.

    Love in Christ, Marlene C. Milton…

  35. lola bisiriyu says:

    finally i am able to reply: First of all I would like to thank God for those who can still stand their ground in spite of temptations. Secondly I thank the pastor’s wife for her patience, may the Almighty God continue to strenghen you and the ministry God put in care of you and your husband care. I thank God for the Pastor whose line is not busy to answer calls, may the God almighty continue to uphold your work and the ministry.

  36. Frank Coons says:

    I see that the media and the internet are digging up more stuff to embarrass you and the church you attend–Past Photos–
    We all have a past and that’s what’s so cool about our God–when we ask, He forgives and restores us to Himself as if we had never sinned.
    My church and I are praying for you and your church that the Lord will work this for your good as He has been. Receive forgiveness and not condemnation and go and sin no more. God Bless you as you serve Him.
    Yours in Christ, Rev. Frank Coons

  37. Rey Mones says:

    I listened to your interview by Miles McPherson. I did so because a friend forwarded to me an email with your the video. I admire you for standing up to what you believe in, for fighting for what you think is biblically right. Yes, God created only men and women and no in betweens. We should not change that. Yes, they have their right and we believe only in what God said is right. May there be more people like you who will fight for God and His preachings. You may not have won the pageant’s crown but you definitely won greater glory in God’s eyes. BTW, I am from the Philippines. God bless you.

  38. gerry uy says:

    Every Christian has in the core of his/her heart to glorify God. Carrie was given the chance and she took it. What an Awesome God we have!!! For it be in your heart , God will fulfill it.

    God do not condemn , but wishes everyone to come to the knowledge of truth. His truth is not to be denied. a time is coming soon , and everybody will have to come to the truth.

  39. Michelle Swanson says:

    I just saw this tonight as well as viewed for the first time what exactly happened at the pageant. I had heard about it through word of mouth, and am so thankful I was lead to open up this e-mail! I am so encouraged and supported to take a STAND even more because of both Carrie Prejean and her pastor, Miles McPherson! Thank you for sharing this! God has a purpose in it all!

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