Battle At Kruger

Mankind has always looked to animals for answers regarding our own survival.

The comparison of the butterfly emerging from the cocoon teaches us that the struggle is necessary to survive. The butterfly must struggle to break free from the cocoon. In doing so, it forces the fluid from the body into the wings. Without the struggle the butterfly would never fly and therefore die.

Here, we learn another lesson – “There is Strength in Numbers”.

In this video (filmed at Kruger National Park in South Africa) we get to see rare footage of a pack of wild buffalos taking a stance for one of their babies against a pack of wild lions.

We should always remember that, yes, there is strength in numbers and sometimes all that is needed is for two or three to be in unison in order to take on the enemy.

For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them.” Matthew 18:20

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14 Responses to “Battle At Kruger”

  1. Survival of the fittest. Mighty is the stength. It remembers that afather in the death bed brought all the sons, gave a stick to breake. That was broken by a son. When he gave a bunch of stick, budled it in ione, asked the other son to breake, it was not possible.So a lesson we could learnt that if we all unite together was can do any thing. We can show off our strength. That is what the ALMIGHTY teaches us. Dhana

  2. Debbie says:

    I loved the video. It reminded me of our Savior talking about the shepherd who will leave his 99 sheep to look for that 1 that is lost. It touched my heart so, I was so surprised the baby was still alive after the crocs and the lions! wow! Have a blessed day!

  3. Michael says:

    As die mensdom so kan saamstaan in gebed teen die bose magte sal ons Here ons gebede verhoor. Kom dat ons as Christene saam staan en elke aand bid vir Sy Liefde en Genade. Michael

  4. Annie says:

    Je moet niet alleen moedig zijn maar ook sterk staan.
    Soms met hulp van anderen.

  5. Soteria says:

    Thank you for this video.Watching the lions crawling up to surprise and pounce upon what they knew would be a helpless buffalo,compared to them or even one on one.
    I’m so glad we have ‘all authority over the devil in Christ’ and can bring the power of God against him, no matter what he comes against us with; even though we are never any match for him. But,resisting it in faith knowing we have that authority, using the name of Jesus,(it’s His ability we have,Eph.
    6:10-18)and, in time, it will flee!Be STRONG in the Lord in the STRENGTH of HIS might. But ‘steadfast’ in your faith (like the butterfly, since you will need that ‘faith muscle’ strengthened for future battles! But it’s important to know God never meant for us to have spiritual warfare,; not even to know evil, except Adam and Eve got tricked & sinned. Also, God never meant there to be death or violence, but the enemy craftily got within the border of the garden instead of Adam subduing it by commanding, using his authority over it, as we do today. There wouldn’t be any survival of the fittest, at times, except the enemy was able to get in and succeed with his trickery and Adam ended up sinning, and therefore death. When evil, violence,poverty, death, sickness came in this world,God’s kids no longer had authority to keep the enemy (evil spirits)& all his hurtful evil out of their lives. Jesus, the ‘last Adam’ got that authority back for us, at a very high price. God LOVES us and only wants GOOD in our lives! It’s important to point this out to people who don’t believe the Bible because they think there could be no God who would cause all that cruelty in this would. God would be evil–cruel! And they would be right.But we need to tell them “that’s not how God had things originally!” ‘Satan’ means’opponent’. He was “God’s opponent” before he ever was man’s opponent! He attacks us to hurt God!! Also, earth billions of yrs old (evolution scientifically proven false over & over by Christian ‘Creation (real)SCIENTISTS’) contradicts the Bible and also has God appear very cruel (when it’s really the DEVIL doing all that hurtful, perverse stuff)so people will either not believe God exists (atheistic evolution lie instead)or think God is hard and unjust, cruel like the evil one. God IS FULL OF MERCY;MOVED BY COMPASSION (even when animals are hurting). Jesus died for us out of Love!(This is kind of long, but VERY IMPORTANT information for any who don’t know) Thank you for putting on that video!

  6. Jacqui says:

    Well, what a great video .. the Lord was with that poor little “buffalo” i’m sure , He was so blessed , it was’nt his time to die , the Lord died for ALL of us Man/Animal alike.

  7. Alene says:

    It looked like the baby died to me…


  9. CHERYL GALE says:

    i found this video very disturbing. i understand God’s law of nature but do not like to witness the pain and death of any of His creatures. the woman laughing, in the background was also disturbing. i regret watching the video.

  10. Belinda says:

    I saw the baby run from the lions into the safety of the buffalo herd. I believe that he had several wounds from the croc and the lions, but I think he survived. He should be stronger…just as we are after a battle.

  11. Terry Mason says:

    What an opportunity for – in particular – an amatuer camera enthusiast to get such a ‘slice of life’ in Kruger! I can see the analogy here of the buffaloes (normally the silent majority and vegetarians to boot) and the lions and crocodiles as the ‘aggressive minority’ and the young buffalo calf as the ‘helpless’ victim. However, These are God’s creatures in God’s Kingdom on Earth and they (the ‘bad guys’ lions and crocdiles) are just doing what is ‘natural’ for them to survive.

    I must admit that I always ‘feel a bit uneasy’ watching animals (meat eaters)in the wild when they are hunting and eating BUT it is what they do.

    As for the woman in the ‘background’ laughing, I offer her this excuse – many people do tend to chuckle or laugh briefly when their anxiety levels are high.

    Anyways a brilliant (impromtu) video, congraulations to the person taking the shot.

  12. sderocher says:

    Amazing video. However, if we are to believe that “the Lord was with these buffalo” as they overcame their nemesis, aren’t we also to believe that he has forsaken the buffalo that have fallen prey? Or is there a double standard when crediting the Lord with acts of mercy and goodness?

  13. Robert says:

    The mass was helpless until a strong leader set an example and a few followed his lead. It was a demonstration to me of mob psychology. what is more interesting is how frequent the comments credit some sort of divine intervention with the act. What rubbish!! No wonder so many people are true beliving sheep. Kudos to the submitter

  14. Nizam says:

    In every ones life some moments of unbelievable truth do come,only thing is to understand the unbelievable powerful ultimate might behind the curtain.I myself experienced a horrible incident/occurrence to me. In jeep in Dec 1992 just after sunset on a remote road in a country side of Sindh with 5 of my companions,we were returning after partridge hunting trip.Suddenly attacked by a group of hi-way robbers.They fired on me in driving seat,the bullet after piercing windscreen narrowly missing passed by my (Rt) ear and went through in the body of the jeep. This is an amazing video with very powerful message to believe.Many lessons can be drawn.

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