Setting Goals

In this motivating video, Tom Wood from Mastery TV gives the listener pointers on how to set goals with the best chance of success to meet them.

His speech is followed by another speech by John Naber, one of America’s most successful Olympic Champions.

John shares the uplifting and motivating story about another Gold Medal Olympic Champion, Vladimir Salnikov.

Due to political unrest and uncanny (and unfortunate) timing, Vladimir Salnikov pursued his gold medal at four Olympic games before finally reaching his goal of swimming against the best swimmers in the world and winning the gold medal.

Hearing this humbling story teaches us that our goals don’t always happen overnight but they are always worth our efforts.

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4 Responses to “Setting Goals”

  1. fr john f texeira says:


  2. Masayo says:

    This is a heart warming story. It is not the trophy, fame, or money but it is all about human relationship. The beauty of the heart and soul put together makes no fence or frame against any origin of the culture, color of the skin, language or the status. We are all God’s creation and this is God’s plan for all of us. God’s goal is to re-unite the world as “One Nation Under God” and love each other, teach each other to grow and develop a good character. God gave us our life time on the earth to learn how to develop our good character so that we all can enjoy a peaceful beautiful world of eternity. It is not our goal but it is all about the God’s purpose for our life. He gave each one of us a different skills so that we can enjoy and exchange our gifts to benefit ourselves. This is the reason why we don’t have to compair with others. Your talent and the gift from God will benefit others and others gift from God will benefit you. This is how God planned and he is the best and very clever and wise superior. He is invisible but he is watching everyone of us every moment of our life. Make God smile each day would be the ultimate goal for us. Use your gift to fullest would make God smile and you’ll be happy as well. Find out what the God’s purpose for your life is the key to happiness of your life. Love, Masayo.

  3. christine says:

    I agree with Masayo’s comments. So true. Each of us can be happy and fulfilled using the gifts that God has given us to serve Him. If anyone doesn’t know what their gift is, find out. Its so important to know our spiritual gifting and talents serving God which will bless other people.

    The story was beautiful and touched me. Its wonderful that Vladmyir was honored by his fellow olympians, fantastic! His dream came true, good on him!

    Each of us can enjoy our lives, following Gods purpose for our lives, whatever that may be and its important to know what that purpose is because if you don’t your life won’t be fulfilled. You see God knows whats best for each of us and if I’m not obedient to Gods calling, well, I’d rather be obedient to Him and thats where I’ll be happy and fulfilled touching other people’s lives just as other’s I know have touched mine in a profound way, following the prompting of the Holy Spirit.

    The key to happiness is definitely following Gods purpose for your life!

    Thanks Masayo.

  4. Paul says:

    Per this video,I have edited my goals from achievable to what i want and deserve.i now have the key-to set a date and stretch myself 4 excellence.I’m so grateful

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