Ted Williams – Homeless man with a golden voice

Ted Williams was homeless and holding up a sign asking for help on the streets of Cincinnati, Ohio. He has humbly stated that alcohol and drugs played a part in getting him there.

Like all other homeless men and women in his position he was holding that sign in hopes that people would reach into their pocket to help him.

Ted’s sign was quite different though. On his sign he acknowledged that God had given him a gift. It turned out that the gift was the reason for the offer of a full time job with the NBA team the Cleveland Cavaliers!

In these two videos we get to see Ted before and after the job offer from the Cavaliers. The transition from homeless to employed is remarkable.

In the first video we get to see Ted on a corner with a smile so big, one would think that he just won the lottery.

In the second video, we see him looking completely different, but like the words on his sign that acknowledged God in his life, we get to see him speak the words that reveal his true spirit.

His popular story and his voice of faith is sure to inspire all of us to reach out to others with more understanding.

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56 Responses to “Ted Williams – Homeless man with a golden voice”

  1. Chuck says:

    Your voice is assume. It is very soothing and easy to understand. You have a God given talent, cheriswhat was given to you and help others.

  2. Willa-Rochester NY says:


    I pray you get the professional help you need this will allow you to enjoy the
    blessings GOD has given you. When he gives us something he has also given/provided the skills and help that’s needed to accomplish his goal!! You
    have the gift, now you need to enhance the tools that go’s with it. Be bless
    and work with your family it’s going to take time however, if you listen to
    the one that has given you all of this you will enjoy a wonderful life. Do it
    for you not for anyone else.
    God loves you remember that!!!!!!!!!

  3. Rebecca Soria-Hernandez says:

    My prayer is for all of us who are believers in Christ to see through Jesus’s eyes, in love, to all that He has created. It is He (GOD) who has made us with gifts,and talents for His purpose in order to be glorified, and our benefit to prosper in His name. After all, God,s word clearly tells us we were created in His image, and likeness. Wow that is powerful! Thank you Jesus for loving us with your extraordinary Love…Which is the power that ties everything together in perfect harmony.

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  6. hindu devotional says:

    how can it possible..??? truly awesome

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