Skidboot The Amazing Dog Story

Here is an amazing story of a dog named Skidboot.

Watch this video below to see how Skidboot changed the life of his owner and how as they a team they are changing the world and doing God’s work.

This is an awesome real life story!

Please leave your comments after you get done watching the video.

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14 Responses to “Skidboot The Amazing Dog Story”

  1. I have seen you on t.v. many times and I cry every time. Your story is incredible! I am a big dog lover so I love these stories. God selected you to have this amazing dog, friend, and companion. We may never know the reasons for the things that happen to us in our lives, we are to be thankful and let God do the rest.
    Skidboot is so wonderful. I am thankful you have him. I understand that all you had to do is love this dog and he rewards you in return. Love goes a long way.

  2. Ann Hoskins says:

    I’m so happy that I have seen this video. I have two lab/chow/miniature collie pups almost a year old. I got them out of a shelter, sent them to obedience school twice, and the trainer still needs to come to the house. Maybe Skidboot could teach these pups obedience. They’re very playful, but mischievous. They do tricks, and perhaps if I work with them more diligently daily perhaps I could get them to do tricks like your dog.

    My cockapoo Rexton passed onto heaven last July, my first dog, and he was a mama’s boy. He went everywhere with me, and I prayed to God that when He was ready to take him, he would let him die peacefully at home. The doctors told me that it wouldn’t happen, I told them it would. And he did after nine years of love and devotion. He’s buried in our backyard with a memorial plaque, and the teenagers from near and far came, cried and said their goodbye’s.

    Skidboot, is precious, and reminds me so much of my beloved Rexton. When it’s Skidboot’s time to face God, I hope Rexton and him get together and play up in heaven until it’s time for us to meet them. It will be then perhaps that I’ll have the opportunity of meeting you.

    This was a touching, inspirational video, and being an animal lover myself, I cried and I laughed at Skidboot’s anitics. God bless you all, but most of all for sharing this beautiful story worldwide.

  3. Thanks for sharing Skidboot. What a wonderful friend and companion
    he is. I have dogs that I have rescued and loved and their love in return is always ten fold at least. If only we humans could love this way!
    You are indeed one lucky man and very blessed!

  4. What a awesome story of God”s love given to the many that have a dog that is a true gift from His hand,

  5. Darlene Reinsch says:

    Oh Wow:) Yes, I too cried and laughed over Skidboot & his owner! It is ooo wonderful what you & Skidboot have done! I hope you two have many more years together:)

    I too have had my share of horses&dogs but they are all up in Heaven now along with My Beloved Husband!

    My Lord still has things for me too do here but when it comes my time I will see them all again and John when it comes Skidboot’s time he’ll be awaiting just like My husband,mares, & dogs!! & Oh by the way my husband’s name is John too:)

    Tky & GODBLESS You and yours

  6. Darlene Reinsch says:

    OPPS, Your name is David not John!! But that’s OK, the story is just as good!!

    GodBless Barb,David & SKIDBOOT:))

  7. mariana says:

    A very touching real story of a real friend of man!If people could understand what real devotion is.Thank you for this .I am a pet lover . I love all the animals but dogs are an exception!!

  8. Cece says:

    Lovely, this warmed my heart. True love comes in many forms and this is
    true love. The devontion, they share with one another, is so awe- spiring.
    thank you for sharing.

  9. Linda says:

    A story to warm hearts; so many lessons about love, faithfulness, devotion, and warm caring; eyes are misty as I remember some of the pups that have been a part of my life and the lives of my daughters; may Skidboot have as many days as God gives him to be happy and much loved.

  10. I’m writing a book of dog stories commissioned by a publisher in Minneapolis and would like to obtain permission to write a story about Skidboot. Would it be possible to gain permission to do this? The stories are not long, about 650 words.

    Thank you for considering this matter.

  11. These alliances will smile at you even when they hate you.

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  13. Jilly says:

    I truly believe in prayer.
    This story is about my white Akita mix, Kimmy.
    Kimmy was a beautiful dog and a great companion. She lived to protect me from every person,mail man, garbage collector, neighbor, my own cat, every leaf that fell from the tree…In essence, Kimmy was a great guard dog.
    She spent most of her years lying on the slope in our front yard surveying the street. When she was about 12 years old,she was still very strong,fierce, and just as protective. That was the year that a new neighbor moved in across the street, bringing a big Chow named Bruno. Bruno was dangerous and was always kept in the back yard, but when the neighbors grand kids would come to visit, Bruno would often escape and head straight to my yard to pick a fight with Kimmy.
    Even at 12 years old she could hold her own.
    We all worked very hard at keeping the dogs separate but several times a year,on holidays it seemed, Bruno would get out somehow run across the street and jump on Kimmy.
    We finally decided to protect her by putting her in the back yard.
    She looked so sad out there alone all day…

    One day I said,”God, I wish Kimmy had a friend to play with in her old age. She looks so lonely.”
    A week later, I was sitting in my living room when I heard a car out front. I looked through the curtains to see a Station Wagon parked on the street.
    A woman rolled down the window behind her and a big reddish brown Lab jumped out and raced toward my back yard.He bounded over the fence and ran straight up to Kimmy and began giving her sloppy fat kisses.

    To my surprise, she didn’t attack as she usually did to any strange dog or cat. They began to race around the yard playing and wrestling. This went on all day long.
    Around 4:O’Clock PM the Station Wagon stopped, the woman blew her horn and the Lab bounded down the drive way and jumped in thru the window.

    This went on for several weeks. I wanted to talk to the woman but she alwayss left so fast that I could not get a chance to get outside to meet her.
    Finally one afternoon,I heard her calling…”Jacob! Jacob!” I went outside to see her. I asked her why did she bring her dog to my house every day. She answered that my dog looked lonesome…
    Kimmy and Jacob had a good time playing all summer and cooling off under my old apple tree.

    One day my daughter went outside and rushed right back in quickly. A terrible looking Poodle was standing near the bottom step snarling and growling at her. I guess this was another friend for Kimmy. Anytime one of us tried to go outside, he became angry and territorial. Nobody told him that he was in the wrong yard. He was there to guard Kimmy.
    Jacob and Kimmy seemed confused by the Raggedy Puppy as our kids named him,but they tolerated him.

    I told my children that they were to never feed Kimmy in the presence of the Raggedy Puppy. Why? Because she would kill him. One day one of the children forgot and we heard a terrible squealing. Kimmy was shaking the Raggedy Puppy like a rag doll. He fell down unconscious. We thought he was dead. He was not. He just stumbled up and went back to where she was resting and put his head on her neck and sighed…

    Jacob saved Kimmy’s life a week later. One Saturday morning I heard him crying. I was confused because he did not come by on the weekend. When I looked outside,Bruno had Kimmy in a death grip with his fangs around her neck. She was motionless. I screamed her name and she began to fight back. Jacob was chewing on one of his legs biting and twisting it hard but the Chow took no notice of Jacob. I got a boat horn and began to blow it and my son ran outside with the broom. We were afraid of the Chow because we had encountered him several times and believed he would try to attack us too, if we got too close. Finally he walked slowly back to his yard after a stare down with us,leaving a trail of blood where Jacob had injured him.
    Kimmy lived a couple years more,but had severe Arthritis and other complaints.
    I will never forget how God answered my prayer when I requested a friend for my dog.

  14. Beth says:

    I really like what you guys are usually up too.
    This type of clever work and reporting! Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve added you guys to blogroll.

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