Dancing Mare “Blue Hors Matine”

Blue Hors Matine was a dressage mare. Dressage is occasionally referred to as “Horse Ballet”.

She was a true show horse that was trained for and excelled in equestrian competitions and pageants.

At the peak of a dressage horse’s gymnastic development, it can smoothly respond to a skilled rider’s (in this video: Andreas Helgstrand) minimal signals while remaining relaxed and appearing effortless.

In this video Blue Hors Matine appears to glide, stride and dance across and around the arena as though she were dancing to the beat of her own drum and not in a competition in a packed stadium.

Blue Hors Matine passed on after a tragic paddock accident in January, 2010. Her easy competitive spirit will continue to awe and inspire those who love their pets or by anyone who just enjoys a good show.

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42 Responses to “Dancing Mare “Blue Hors Matine””

  1. Diane Gilbert says:

    This is just one of the most wonderful Horses I have every seen……..Super………..

  2. christine says:

    How FANTASTIC! was that! What an incredible horse, very well trained, fantastic performance by the horse and well done!! and Congratulations to the trainer!

    An amazing performance!

  3. premla says:

    simply amazing!

  4. Stunningly beautiful horse! Wonderful performance! Live on Blue Hors Matinee in our hearts!

  5. Greg says:

    WOW that was very cool!

  6. PamLea says:

    This proof that love affection and kind words will train any animal only to just please his master..Amazing performance one should cry with pride..

  7. Sudhir Shah says:

    Amazing coordination,training & the leadership! Wish every human being is a trainer like him!!

  8. Molly says:

    Absolutely brilliant.Ave never seen a horse that can dance & delivered
    with flying color.

  9. georgia margaritis says:

    I so enjoyed every minute, God bless you and your amazing horse.
    Georgia Margaritis

  10. Lucy says:

    Beyond AMAZING! Very beautiful.?

  11. Ekoko Funmi says:


  12. Nefta says:

    Just amazing. It is a pleasure to watch any animal that God blessed with a talent.Blue Hors Matine was certainly blessed with rythm. Awesome!!

  13. Joan says:

    Absolutely BRILLIANT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. sharon says:

    absolutely beautiful!

  15. PattyAnn says:

    God works wonders in and with all of his creations. This truly represented both the wonder of the gifted horse and the rider. God Bless All.

  16. sarah givens says:

    When I think of the hours of patient love that went
    into the training of this beautiful creature I couldn’t think of anything else but God’s patient love for us and how it gives us the joy he wants for us.

  17. How Amazing!!!! God’s crowning Glory is on this performance!!!! Give God the GLORY!!!! This horse, and rider are truely elegant!!!! The team work is “SUPERB!!!”.
    Thank you,
    Dolores Means

  18. angela young says:

    she was just absolutley beautiful awesome.

  19. Christina says:

    So beautiful, definitely a gift of God.

  20. maria says:

    An amazing horse,I wish I could actually be present at the performance.It’s wanderful to watch it .

  21. Joyce Kinton says:

    Im truly amamzed at the brillance of horse and rider…
    Ive never seen dressage so perfectly done…
    Such a shame the sport lost one of the truly greats when she was killed..
    I hope one day to see another horse so gifted, but I wonder if we ever will..

  22. DeloresTaylor says:

    This horse is the most amazing horse in the world. You could tell that this horse loved doing this and her rider was so proud and he loves this horse so much. I will never forget this show and I hope to see more of their wonderful performances. What has God blessed us with? So many wonderful people and animals. God is Good. Thank you,Thank you. Delores Taylor

  23. Catherine S says:

    This amazing silver beautifully conformed mare will be very sadly missed by those persons involved in dressage.

    She is stunning and could take her place along side any of the Lipizzaner stallions in any of their dance performances. She is truly magnificent and will sorrowfully missed.

  24. Catherine S says:

    This amazing silver beautifully conformed mare is glorious in her dressage performance. She is stunning and could take a rightful place beside any of the Lipizzaner stallions in their dance performances. She is magnificent and will be sorrowfully missed.

  25. Dianne R says:

    BRILLIANT PERFORMANCE is the only to describe this outstanding mare. I sincerely hope she left some offspring to carry on in the tradition of outstanding athleticism and beauty in the dressage arena.

  26. Dianne S says:

    Beautiful to watch. A very disciplined horse, just wonderful.

  27. Anthonia says:

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing.

  28. Carol says:

    I saw the Lippizzaner Stallions perform back when I was young. As the other woman said, This mare could be right in their midst! I’m so sorry to hear of her passing. You could tell she really enjoyed what she was doing. I imagine her in heaven doing the same thing before “The Lord”.

  29. BRIAN ILES says:

    Wonderful, i will keep this to watch over and over, the sad part isthe horse has departed but will live on in our memories. Brian

  30. Debra Hughes says:

    Magnifique. Her loss is a great tragedy, but I am privileged to have watched this performance. Majestic!!!

  31. Maria Theresa M. Maturan says:

    Fantastic horse!!! Have never seen such a gorgeous performance by a mare..=) Congratulations to the trainor. . . But, sad to note that the mare is no longer alive to date. . .

  32. marilyn says:

    Great! this tells that we should learn to appreciate animals
    as they appreciate us people

  33. Violet Molnar says:

    I have seen the Lipizaners performing in Vienna, Austria many years ago. Among them were similarly talented horses. This horse was dancing gracefully and with much talent. What a loss of him passing!!!! Violet

  34. ankunda says:

    i was so excited

  35. ankunda says:

    and Thanks for choosing me

  36. Jo says:

    Absolutely fabulous. What a beauty and you could tell how much she loved it by the set of her head, and the way her tail would move too. So sad she is no longer with us. God has one more special creature with him and they can dance together.

  37. Christa du Randt says:

    wow…. this is just awesome. So sad that she has passed on…….. her spirit will live on..when you see this, and experience this, it makes you think how wonderful animals are and they are so much healing to our souls……. be blessed , everyone watching this amazing animal……

  38. aileen gonzales says:

    This performance made me smile with happiness. Makes your spirit soar.

  39. Dr. S. Franklin says:

    Wonderful Performance! Kudos to the trainer for proving to the world that passionate and persistent efforts can cross the frontiers of human imagination.

  40. LYNNE says:


  41. Mardi Schaufler says:

    what was the terrible paddock accident? anything we can learn from?

  42. poo says:

    its dressage not dancing !!!

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