John Tesh – Gospel Artist

The eclectic career of John Tesh has taken him from prime-time telelvision to inspiring others with his gospel music.

His career path began as a youngster when he was taught piano by teachers from the Julliard school. In high school he earned a place with the New York State Symphonic Orchestra and after college he and Oprah Winfrey covered the same stories while they each were reporters for competing Nashville, Tennessee television stations.

In the following decade after just two years as co-host of Entertainment Tonight, the popular television/magazine show, he toured with Yanni playing keyboards for him. Toward the end of his 10 year stint at Entertainment Tonight he performed at the infamous 250 million year old concert venue “Red Rocks Amphitheatre” outside Denver, Colorado. The filming of that concert went on to become one of the most successful fundraisers for Public Television. It also became the catalyst for transitioning his career back to his musical roots.

John is now an advocate for the power and encouragement found in worship music. Through his gospel music he is now attracting a younger audience while simultaneously attracting a more mature audience through his nationwide radio show “Intelligence For Your Life” where he covers topics on health and well being.

John Tesh has been quoted as saying that he desires only to be useful to others. That passion and energy is materialized here in this upbeat song “Shackles” from his piano gospel dance DVD called “Alive: Music & Dance”. It combines his music, big gospel choirs and hip-hop dance (and appeals to all ages)!

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19 Responses to “John Tesh – Gospel Artist”

  1. Ekoko Funmi says:


  2. Jean Scoggins says:

    Truly amazing what happens in a person’s life when God, not the world, is in

  3. Reji Varughese (India) says:

    This is very Beautiful. Let us receive the POWER (Holy Spirit) of mighty GOD, who Created Heaven and Earth and all within.

  4. Rebecca Buccini says:

    It enhanced my morning. WHAT A GREAT WAY TO START THE DAY!

  5. june says:

    Raise your hands and praise Tk you John Tesh for letting His
    spirit flow………..

  6. Stephanie says:

    Whom the Son of God sets FREE is FREE Indeed. This is a very inspiring video. I loved Everything about it. The Joy and Victory on every face was was evidence of God’s Delivering POWER!

  7. Merrilyn says:

    Thank you for this beauty this morning……what an integration and reflection og God!!! Merri

  8. Margaret says:

    Wow, that´s great. I´d love to hear more!!

  9. DeloresTaylor says:

    If this brings young people to Christ, that is what is important. It shows they are happy and maybe the message they sing will bring them even closer to God. Please keep the young people inspired and this will bring us all closer together.

  10. lynn bacus says:


  11. Barbara says:

    This is awesome! I hope this reaches all.

  12. AL says:

    thank you for the uplifting video :)

  13. Janet Thompson says:

    Thank-You for more great gospel music–it reaches in to touch ones soul–keep up passing on God’s Love–we all need more of this.

  14. Anna says:

    This is what worshipping our Father is all about – Love it – thru music and dance is so wonderful!!

  15. Linda says:

    What a blessing this is! I’ve enjoyed the music of John Tesh for many years
    and have all of his CDs. God has given him a wonderful gift that he continues to use for His honor & glory! All the vocals were fantastic & the young people
    are so talented as well. May God continue to use each of them for His honor & glory!

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  17. Nanette S says:

    Thanks you so much for the inspiring video “Shackles” it touched my heart deeply. I will share this touching video with my family and friends. I really felt God’s Blessing.

  18. mayren says:

    Thank you for the inspiration.

  19. Esther, jamshedpur says:

    Thanks for Inspiration

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