Diversity Dance Group On BGT

Here is a great video of a dance group called Diversity on Britan’s Got Talent.

Please enjoy and comment below after you get done viewing the video.

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10 Responses to “Diversity Dance Group On BGT”

  1. BETTY says:


  2. raq says:

    absolutely brilliant. Need to see more dance with vision like this!

  3. Spank says:

    It’s so good to see so many young people that can relate so well with one another. It was such a demonstration of trust and faith in each other.It shows an ability in each of them to achieve even higher goals.

  4. Awinita says:

    Indeed inspirational…the song vid was so cool. I loved the worldwide involvement, but I must admit [although ALL were fantastic from the model, to the sweet lil 6 yr old girl to the corporately involved Stand By Me], the vid with Diversity [the 12-25 yr olds] absolutely rocked my world.

    All these vids show us what we can do both individually and as a team…outstanding and thanks so VERY much for sending this out to us on your email list. I am so very grateful that I signed up to your site.
    Keep up the great work and may the Lord draw you even closer to himself.

  5. lia says:

    omg diversity are my idols, i wish i could dance like them and those two little kids are incredible, the dance seems to fit together so well and flows so smothly, it is really something to be proud of!!!

  6. COURTNEY says:

    theyy aree awsummee im so glad they wonn
    i love thee little dude with they afroo hes so cutee
    andd the otherr little guyy basically i lovee them all.

  7. LORNA says:

    This is one of the best dance groups I’ve seen in my entire life. They were fresh, inventive, and very much together. Loved the two little ones, they completed the show. I’m old enough to be all their mums, but you know what I’ve got a very young mind. I wish all those boys the very best for their future and long may their career continue in this field

  8. geri dilly says:

    WOW how very cool they are wonderful. I love it and God Bless the children

  9. Katie White says:

    Haha! Still love them sooo muchh.

    Just went chessington world of adventures today and you know the little afro dude one with the glasses,

    HE WAS THERE! with his family!

    Omg, soo luckyy :D

  10. Babegirl says:

    God has given all of us talent. Young people of today take notice you and do positive things and be Recognized. Stand up and stay in school.
    Your dreams can also come true if you work hard and have the faith.
    God bless,
    Babegirl – USA

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