Les Brown – Phychology of Success

I have been blessed to have seen Les Brown speak a few times. He always energetic, uplifting and deeply moving and he always includes his great sense of humor. He is a true “Possibility” speaker.

In this video, Inspirational Speaker – Les Brown talks seriously about what’s possible in our lives. He asks the the question; “Do you use your eyesight or your mindsight?!” His speech is full of insights that I’m sure will cause you to think (or re-think) on just what might be possible for you in your daily walk.

Although this video does not show his complete speech, Les is a strong believer in the Word of God and he always teaches that thru Faith in God we can achieve anything! He came from extremely humble beginnings and now travels the word teaching and sharing what is truly possible for someone begins within.

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13 Responses to “Les Brown – Phychology of Success”

  1. Dianne says:

    Great programming – mostly. I just don’t understand why the ad for ‘California Psychics.com is on your website…..

  2. Doug Glennie says:

    How do I subscribe?

  3. MICK says:

    very inspirational

  4. DON says:

    I am already uplifted to face this day knowing that the ‘difficult’ is just possible Thank you.

  5. A Guy Morris says:

    I am always inspired by Les. I saw him in Jamaica and I have never forgotten his effect on me . I would live to get a copy of his full lecture on The eye sight and mind sight

  6. tammy says:

    what powerful words,a great thing to hold on to when times are hard and for most it is ,its possible two words that can change everything. wow

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    enjoy great programming like this one.Thank you.

  8. cherrilene baxterdennis says:

    I am a teacher at a private community school.I have listened to an excerpt of Les Brown’s “eye sight and mind sight” AND WAS VERY TOUCHED BY THE PRACTICAL level in which he delivered his motivational talk.I HAVE BEEN MOTIVATED and would be happy to share this program with my senior students.I AM INTERESTED IN OBTAINING HIS COMPLETE LECTURE ON THIS TOPIC.Thank you LES BROWN for the inspiration.

  9. Great I enjoyed it, very uplifting. I want to follow my mindsight rather than my eyesight!

  10. david says:

    Very nice lol…
    sounds motivational:)
    I dont think they have comeplete control over the ads on the sidelines of websites by certain servers..
    I was downloading an online Bible and clicked on Christ Connection .whatever and I read alot of it.
    It was complete heresy and make believe. I rebuked them by email and they responded by cursing me out complete with fwords and all!!
    Remember,satans favorite words were I, I will, I can, I,I,I,I…its about me,me,me!
    Just cuz its says christian doesn’t make it OF/FROM Jesus Christ..

  11. Masayo says:

    Mr. Les Brown, you are an awesome inspiration. My eye sight is nearsighted and my brain sight is also narrow sighted until I heard your speech. Your speech gave me a hope to my life. What a wonderful brain sight gift you give to others. Our life on the earth is all about Love, Hope, and spirit to meet the God’s purpose for us. Big hug to Mr. Brown!

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