Carlina White – Finally Home after 23 Years

Carlina White began to question her identity when, as a young woman wanting to get her drivers license, her “mother” could not produce her birth certificate. After that, she began to notice that there really wasn’t any family resemblance between the two. Soon after that she began – all on her own – to search the missing children websites for the state of Connecticut where she had been raised.

Even though she eventually moved to Atlanta, GA on her own, on January 4th of this year she switched her search to the state of New York. We can only imagine the surreal realization when Carlina saw a picture of a baby snatched from a hospital 23 years ago that looked just like her own baby pictures. When she looked at the age progression photo at the website – it too looked just like her.

Now, two weeks later, a DNA test has confirmed that Carlina is indeed that very same “kidnapped” baby! Her mother Joy, her father and all of her true extended family who have never stopped praying for the return of their baby girl are completely overjoyed as is Carlina.

It is as though a ray of hope has broken through the clouds for families of missing children everywhere. I believe we all share in the jubilation of her Aunt who shouted; “Hallelujah, Hallelujah, Praise His holy name!”

As for Carlina White, she told the New York Post “I’m so happy. At the same time, it’s a funny feeling because everything’s brand-new. It’s like being born again,” she said.

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27 Responses to “Carlina White – Finally Home after 23 Years”

  1. hilda meintjes says:

    God works in mysterious way, and we give Him of the honour all the glory and all the praise. What an incredulous miracle. I do pray that God will wipe away every tear from their eyes, and give them His peace,

  2. Arpig says:

    God works. i am Jerusalemite, whenever u want to visit Jerusalem u can be my guest.

  3. Sylvia says:

    Praise God He never slumber or sleeps, all the Glory
    to Him. Whishing the new family alle the best.

  4. Sunil says:

    prayers never go unanswered. Hope is an element that we should never lose, no matter how adverse is the situation.

  5. Margaret says:

    God is surely watching over us. If only we would reach out to Him and trust Him.

  6. premla says:

    Praise the L0rd!! He has br0ught the l0st sheep back h0me…what aw0ndeful reuni0n f0r the family

  7. Deborah says:

    God works wonders in mysterious ways, his wonders to perform. Good Bless and enjoy your new family

  8. Beverly says:

    May not come when you want him , but he’s right on time

  9. Julie says:

    If only we can trust him and have faith in him (God), he knows everything he created and how they are meant to work together. Lets always try to be patient with God.
    I guess Carlina will not know any greater joy now than reuniting with her own blood family. Praise God at all times & forever.

  10. I know the family. I can truly say, “My God does all things well.” He allowed this to happen for a purpose. If, only for hospitals to become more secure.
    This young mother will a better mother, aunt, grandmother, or whatever type of childcare giver because of this situation.
    I believe this because I have a similar personal experience. It made me a better mother, sister, aunt, godmother,grandmother, great grandmother. I thank the LORD, he taught me to use my misfortune to create better.

  11. Martha says:

    I know, that only God can help us. We have to be strong in our believe in HIM and HE will help us in anyway. I am so happy for you to be home at last. May God Bless you and wipe your tears.

  12. VERONICA says:

    what happend to the woman who raised Carlina?
    what is Carlina’s relationship with the woman who raised her?

  13. VERONICA says:


  14. Crystal says:

    Praise the Lord, always pray for our God is good prayers may take awhile but they will get answered in Gods time not our time. May the Lord Keep Blessing this Family in Jesus Name Amen

  15. Corky says:

    Praise God! Praise God! God had Carlina in His Care constantly. It is a reminder never to give up on getting an answer from Our Heavenly Father. I will bombard the heavens with praises for God’s Faithfulness. I will also pray for the person that took that precious child, she needs psychiatric help.
    God meet all your needs and may you do exceptionally well in your college courses.

  16. Eva says:

    God is a God of time Carlina has been reunited with her parents at the right time God does not make mistakes.

  17. Varghese Chacko says:

    Our God is so great that HE finds the missing and get them reunited with the right ones. Thank God that HE builds the missing links.

  18. God is God. When He opens the inner eyes we start seeing the unseeable things and things will take shape in our lives. Praise and Pray to Him always for His revelations.He is the Almighty LORD AND GOD.

    Kennie Aremu

  19. Chris says:

    All things will work together for the good to those that love the Lord. Weeping may endure for the night but joy cometh in the morning. All glory, honor and praises belong to GOD. My advice is to continously serve and trust the LORD.

  20. lola says:

    incredible, wonders will never seize, as long as we believe in the wonder Himself, JESUS.

  21. Adedoyin Oluderu says:

    It has been destined to travelled this long journey of life with pseudo parents ,thanks to the faith your biologigal mother has and her unceasing prayers.
    Praise GOD.Your new name should be OMODEINBO-A Name in Yoruba ( Nigeria Tribe)language literarilly means
    Child returned back home.

  22. Selina says:

    Carlina, I am Selina from Ghana. I would love to be your foster mother, so you are a lucky lass. You have three big families. Anytime you decide to visit Africa, and for that matter, Ghana, know that you have a “mother” here. I wish you all the best in life.God works in mysterious ways.Sometimes He uses opposing factors to build for us opportunities. Stay blessed.

  23. Lisa says:

    I’m happy for Carolina and her family! I know that God has lifted a burden off this family’s heart. God is Good and he’s merciful. I also pray for the woman who kidnapped Carolina because she has to deal with her personal issues that caused her to kidnap Carolina and face the charges that has been placed against her.

  24. God is great! Jer:33.3-Call to me I will answer and tell you of thing you do not know about.
    Scripture coming true in carlina’s life. Forgive her it was all for your good and God’s Glory.

  25. manette acet says:

    GOD answers prayers.the LORD be magnified,HIS NAME is blessed forever!!!

  26. red butterfly says:

    Praise God!!! He is EMMANUEL… it’s never late for everything… GOd bless us all!

  27. manette acet says:

    the LORD IS GOOD all the time,under any circumstances.praise HIS NAME for grace to believe this truth.i guess the family of carlina had this awesome grace of faith.GOD honored that faith.

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