Connie Talbot Sings Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Connie Talbot sings in The Final of Britain’s Got Talent, singing Over The Rainbow.

This little girl has an amazing talent thats needs to be shared with the world.

Please enjoy this video and pass this on to your friends and family and don’t forget to comment :)

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18 Responses to “Connie Talbot Sings Somewhere Over The Rainbow”

  1. Betty says:

    What a brave little girl to come out and sing like that! She is an angel.

  2. Dione says:


  3. A real gift of God!

  4. Carol says:

    Sweet, Sweet,Sweet. A beautiful little voice that not only will put a smile
    on your face, but give you goose bumps.
    Don’t you wish you could just put her in your pocket and every time
    we get sad, upset at another driver, your boss being a pain……….
    pop her out and hold her in the palm of your hand and listen, to that
    beautiful voice that would always keep a smile on your face.
    So innocent and just wanting to sing; a gift from God! I pray that this
    little one keeps her eyes upon Jesus through her life so she will be
    a blessing to all.
    God Bless.

  5. pat says:

    this little girl has a voice of an angle. it blessed my soul to hear such a voice from a little girl so small .god has truely blessed her with a voice like this for a reason.may she always be blessed by god and use for a good caused. also if she dont win this contest something wrong… lord keep your hand upon her and all the little children amen…

  6. brenda says:

    This little girl has an amazing voice and she is very brave to go in front of a crowd so big to sing.Most children that small would be so shy that they wouldn’t even talk to someone that they didn’t know.I give her my applause on her singing and going in front of Simon!

  7. Carol Lowe says:

    Connie you are God’s gift to mankind. What a ministry in voice, just awesome!! may God continue to bless you as you grow and inturn bless others.

  8. ElsieNg-Rg says:

    She is a sweet little girl with an astonishing emotional voice when she sang this evergreen melody with such high note (not an easy one)! Well done, sung with emotion and confidence. Bright career future as a singer!

    May GOD bless and guide her as she proves to the whole world with her angelic voice, a gift from heaven! Praise GOD for all things!

  9. Grace says:

    She is birlliant, gifted, joyful and gentle. Her voice is so beautiful that it captivated everyone’s heart.

  10. rick garcia says:


  11. pat says:

    i have already left a comment but i had to say .thanks connie you have put hope in my heart again. see i just lost my older brother in april and i’ve been deppressed .your song tells me not to give up that there is a better place over the rainebow and for us to just hold on. keep up the good woek.see you are a blessing.

  12. Ethel leipold says:

    What a wonderful gift that God has given this little girl. Hope she uses it to the glory of GOD !!Ethel 24th June 2009

  13. Rosy says:

    A pure voice of an angel!

    No wonder Simon was impressed n rightly so.

    God bless U Connie – May U use this talent to draw many people to Jesus.

  14. Russy says:

    Hats of to Connie, she is a brave little angle to go in front of hundereds of spectators and sing her hearth out. I was glad that Simons heart was melted. Very well done Connie. God Bless you and protect you forever. Always stand up and never look down.

  15. Dot Kuku says:

    Connie, Connie, Connie,
    You made me cry, you made me smile.
    You are a gift from above, not only to your parents, but to everyone who’s lucky enough to hear you sing.
    May God contnue to bless you, to enable you bless others.
    YOU GO GIRL !!!

  16. Rosy says:

    What a powerfull voice to come from such a sweet little thing! Each time I hear her voice tears well up automatically. She is awesome! God bless you little one!~

  17. Sam Jiron says:


  18. Ettie Amato says:

    I discover you havent written an additional weblog for some time?

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