Push Yourself

Have you ever pondered where you are going to find the energy to finish a task, or to work on a task or to just start a new one?!

Most of the time when we get to a place where we dwell on the challenge ahead it is because we are “thinking” about the challenge ahead and not just automatically acting on it.

This inspiring video by Steve Myers with GN Magazine gives a new insight on how a little mental adjustment can make all the difference.

Please share this video to hellp motivate others.

Colossians 3:23
Whatever you do, do your work heartily, as for the Lord rather than for men

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17 Responses to “Push Yourself”

  1. Damaris Cordero says:

    Thanks! it is a “good advice”

  2. Tom Meleski says:

    This is a simple daily way of asking God for help,thanks for posting.

  3. Russ says:

    Your message helped me in putting together a message to be delivered to inmates in a medium security state prison in Ohio. May God bless you abundantly – and direct you in the use of those blessings.

  4. Janet says:

    It is just what I needed right now, thank you! We must always pray. It is so simple and yet so powerful.
    Prayers are always heard.

  5. Anne lamont-Cahrles says:

    P.U.S.H pray until something happen …. the bible say that the fiery fervent prayer of the righteous man avail much. When you pray … pray believing that you have what you ask for,have faith

  6. Priscilla says:

    Yes, it is really true that we need to believe in the power of prayer. I am really at this cross-roads and by the grace Jesus has given me, I am cool and been able to surrender everything into the hands of my Creator and now after 4 months, beginning to see ray of light….which is really hopeful. Yes, your video has given me the further push to PUSH. Thank you

  7. AL says:

    thank you for the message

  8. Anna Johnson says:

    What a great word PUSH. The video was just a reminder
    that we need to keep on PUSHING our way through, and that prayer really does make the difference in our lives. So often we get distracted doing other things, but we need to PUSH daily and “MAKE IT HAPPEN” where we spend some time with the LORD.
    Thank You

  9. Terry Mason says:

    Hi Steve! At first I think is this guy a little whacky? Maybe you are? I dunno? I’m thinkin’ ‘This guy’s really pushy?’ lol I start to ‘PUSH’ for a little patience and Boink! There it is and right at the end – ‘PUSH’ – you come through with a very powerful and joyful message! Thank you!

  10. tammy says:

    that really makes sense ,that you i never looked at the word push that way, but i will now.every word has power and that is just one more to add to it .Thank you

  11. grace hoyle boncales says:

    push yourself to not let the day runs u, instead, run the day. make effort to go forward and look beyond despite of all the challenges, failures,and frustrations.just pray all the time.never cease praying. thank you for reminding me to keep on going and keep on praying no matter what. God speed to all of us

  12. Masayo says:

    Thank you Steve, this is a wise message which I never thought ending in the answer. It is like Love of God = 101%.

  13. Bob says:

    So P-U-S-H ing!!! It’s so very profound, please continue inspiring many people.

  14. Rozlyn says:

    Words are powerful. Just like “HALT” Don’t get too Hopeless, Angry, Lonely, Tired. It keeps me in check when I am having emotional issues I look to those 4 things. I have hope when I am looking to God to sustain me. I can’t be angry when I am grateful. My loneliness goes away when I give of myself to others. When I take time for myself, read the bible and meditate upon it, rest comes. Above all things prayer is the cell phone between you and God. He is always listening for your call.

  15. Pray should lead to action. It is also a form of meditation leading us to move in the direction of what needs to be done. Prayer can also take many forms. It can align us with the creator. A big hug or kiss can also be a kind of prayer.

  16. God helps those that help themselves too. How about making something happen? Why wait?

  17. Bro. Manny Taguiam says:

    “If you abide in me and my word abides in you, ask whatever you wish and it shall be given you” The LORD is great. He will never leave us nor forsake us. We have an open communication with God. If we really belong to him in spirit,same with a Father and son relationship, he is an answering God. He will answer our prayers. we just have to PUSH ourselves. Pray Until Something Happens.

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