Stand By Me International Version

The song Stand By Me is being performed by many artists in different countries. Please watch this video and be inspired.

Please leave your thoughts below by leaving a comment after you get done viewing the video. Enjoy!

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42 Responses to “Stand By Me International Version”

  1. Lynna says:

    We are truly of one……… all of love

  2. cbdennis says:

    the world is truely a global village.talents united.spiritually blended melodiously.ONE LOVE; ONE VOICE; ONE SONG.fantastic.whimsically arranged and beautifully sung.

  3. Jan says:

    This one had me raising my hands to the sky with a happy, happy, heart. Who’s our “daddy”?

  4. Marcello says:

    Truly Inspiring
    and such a beautiful piece of art.
    this video had me singing and clapping and left me full of hope for the unity of man in one brotherhood

  5. raq says:

    Though we are different on the outside, within, the cry of the human heart remains the same, longing to be loved.

  6. Joan Thompson says:

    Moves me to the very soul.

  7. Lilla Smith says:

    This video was a blessing to me for the pass few days. I play it first thing in the morning and all durning the day at work. My customers enjoys it as well. It relly touches my soul every time I hear it. I am so glad that we can come together as one . Blessing with love from the BAHAMAS.

  8. Dot says:

    What a great video I loved it. It is a blessing to anyone who will take the time to watch it. The people that did this did a fantastic job.

  9. Deb says:

    This was just one of the most incredible videos I have ever had the pleasure of watching.. . A true Blessing for certain..

  10. Katherine says:

    I really..really love this video and is sooooo very awesome. Its really amazing for all these cultures to come together for this. We need many more ppl and cultures to come together like this. This is the way God intended for us ppl of the human race to be. Truly an amazing video,

  11. Dawn says:

    I just love this video, its so inspiring and makes me feel great. It really is a boost when one is having a bad day. I love the variety of singers and musicians, theyare all very talented.

  12. Bette says:

    Well that was absolutely brilliant, thank you for showing me this it is a real blessing must have taken ages to and cost so much to produce. Just excellent work.

  13. David Botros says:

    All the blessing for all who brought this vedio for us.
    It’s really so wonderful.
    Hope that such great job to be a leading one that unifies all humans in the only one GREAT LOVE.

  14. keith says:

    ” This video reminds us that: “Music has a way of bringing instant joy to those seeking harmony,this joy was no accident but a choice” This video is so much more uplifting than the traditional bad news of the media. Thanks to all involved. I will spread the word about it to all I can.thanks,Keith

  15. Ronnie S. David says:

    We have one world to live…why can’t people be united and STAND at each side?

  16. Beryl says:

    Truly wonderful! Cant you just feel God’s love?

  17. Tanna says:

    My heart is full of the happiness that comes when we love one another and share the gifts we have been given by God. Thank you to those who had the vision to put this together and share it with the rest of us through modern technology.

  18. ElsieNg-Rg says:

    MUSIC is an easy and universal means of communication to the whole world! What a wonderful combined presentation of various artists singing the same old song, with the same intention of transmitting this important message to the whole world through internet? Well done, keep it up!

    It’s called “STAND BY ME”. Yes, we all need one another to stand by regardless of where we are, what color we belong to, etc. We cannot live alone in this world, we need family loved ones, partners, good & sincere friends to share our everyday joy, sorrow, needs or problems. Most of all, we need GOD who is the perfect coordinator of all things in His very mysterious ways – just PRAISE HIM!

    If the music is being played with true inner feelings followed by the appropriate lyrics and sung with love, it can spread widely through the ears of music lovers without even saying a word – fantastic effect.
    Just imagine what the world will be…WITHOUT MUSIC, right?

    A big COMPLIMENT to those singers who sang beautifully altogether in this well-known song, “STAND BY ME” which everyone needs somehow, somewhere and sometimes.

    Thanks for reading my personal comments.
    GOD bless all of you wherever you are!

  19. rick garcia says:


  20. Giovani Faustine says:

    This song is great. Yes He will be with us forever. AMEN.

  21. Wendy says:

    This is an incredible video that everyone should see. This is the best and most heart warming rendition of “Stand by Me”

  22. Barbara B. says:

    Isn’t it amazing what God’s children can accomplish when they get connected to each other. God bless and AMEN

  23. Ruth says:

    WONDERFUL!!! How we, as children of God, truly need to sing this in our hearts and have this walk with God at all times. Dynamic!!! I agree that this song, as we have just heard it, makes us all willing to work together to talk to the Lord and ask him to “Stand by Me”.
    Thanks for presenting this video!!!! Very enjoyable!!!!

  24. Dot Kuku says:

    To everyone involved in this presentation, I say a big THANK YOU !
    And may God continue to bless you as you have blessed me this morning.
    I clapped and danced and snapped my fingers from start to finish.
    What a way to start ones day, an awsome day it is already !!!
    May our Father in Heaven continue to Stand BY Us All.

  25. Eduard says:

    very wonderful!!!

  26. witty says:

    really really very beautiful video, good work, amazing compilation.

  27. Jun Rustia says:

    It’s nice to know that there are people around when you needed help. Very inspiring!

  28. Bernadine Creed-Harry says:

    Music unites the world, once that positive vibes passes through our souls you know we are tryly blessed the the Almighty Jehovah, Yahweh, which ever name we choose to call him by. All praises to Him. May HE richly bless us with his LOVE

  29. j.mcintyre says:

    absolutely heart and soul gripping. This was my late husband’s favorite song and a request by him to be sung at his funeral (and it was)!
    It has since become a favorite of mine.

  30. Judith Martin says:

    Absolutely wonderful, that so many people in so many places have the same feeling for the music. Would like to see more of this

  31. CLAUDIA says:

    This is one of the best e-mails i have have ever recived.I enjoyed it very much.

  32. Lloyd Jacob Lopez says:

    I love this song. Well done. I need to buy the DVD and help them to help other.

  33. Debbie Potts says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! Truly the world is full of inspiration and wonderful people…

  34. ernie says:

    its really an amazing video the team who made this is commendable, more and more people will be bless because of this song which is sung in every corner of the world GOD Bless us

  35. bigboy says:

    This video is reminding us that there is only one king (GOD) that could unite all the people in the world even with individual diffrences, for He will give you all the strength you need when you sang this song “Stand by me” and surely He will stand by you….

    “We can do all things thru Jesus Christ who gives us stength”
    Philippians 4:13

  36. mary says:

    This song makes me happy. I play it almost everyday.

  37. Carol says:

    wow that Was just truly amazing.

  38. Carol says:

    the best

  39. Bessie in Georgia says:

    If all of the world leaders would ‘hook up’ like these (& all musicians) the world would be a better place. This should be sent to the leaders of every nation.

  40. Nona says:

    loved this it made me weep with the glory that God has touched so many folks around the world

  41. The way this song was performed was wonderful. I pray that people listen and see what is being said.

  42. I the efforts you have put in this, thankyou for all the great content .

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