Healing Hands

It seems that every time we turn around there is another holiday or a birthday or a wedding or a new baby… (Just this last Sunday I was invited to a baptism for Triplets!!!) that gives us a reason to celebrate.

There is one holiday, however, that gets an entire month!

The entire month of February is American Heart Month. While we should all nurture our amazing heart, sometimes things can go terribly wrong.

In this video – Joe Stallard shares the miracle he received when he had a heart attack and the healing hands that saved him.

His story is a lesson that we should remember – not just when we experience a crisis – but in our walk every single day.

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12 Responses to “Healing Hands”

  1. Wilson Mc Intyre says:

    The future belongs to God… and you! In that order. If you place God first in every area of your life, you will experience that He is your inspiration and He will, as HE promised, guide you from day to day.

    “You have made known to me the path of life; you fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand.” psalm 16:11

  2. jimmie Luna says:

    That was a amazing story, I loved it. 4 years ago on a month of fishing and camping for a month up and down the coast and walking my 4 dogs 3 to 4 times a day, I felt great. After a month our camping friends all headed back to Los Angeles area. I back up the motor home at my home and my brother in-law told me I looked very pail. I told him I feel great but he took me to the hospital any way. On the treat mill I just got on and the machine started to go, beautiful white Angel wings surrounded me and I felt I was in Heaven. I heard the word, COD BLUE. When I awoke the Doctors and a nurse said they lost me me for 2 minutes and that I had a quad by pass. I was blessed. Yes and since then my life is voted to God. In Christ Jim Luna

  3. Jeri Wickersham says:

    I absolutely loved that story. I have to share a story about my best friend and neighbor from the late 60′s-early 70′s in Illinois. Her family moved to Arizona and we moved away also. We kept in touch at Christmas time. 9 yrs. ago on her birthday I had a feeling of calling her which I had never done before. When her husband answered, I asked to talk to her, and he told me she had passed away a couple of weeks before. I felt so bad that I hadn’t been able to talk to her. He then told me this story. She was in the hospital and dying and only he was there. They wished that the 4 children could have been there but they were all out of state. The doctor came in and pronounced that she had died, and her husband just wanted to stay with her for a while longer until the coroner came. My friend had not spoken or could not sit up for for weeks. About 15 minutes later, she sat up straight in bed and started singing, “My Lord know the way through the wilderness and all I have to do is follow.” She kept singing that for awhile until her husband started talking to her and she said she had just been in heaven and saw her sister and her mother walking alongside her. Her husband was just stunned, and called all of the children. All 4 children came immediately as fast as they could get there, and stayed with her for 2 weeks. They enjoyed every minute and all could say their good-byes. After 2 weeks she passed away with all her family by her side. I was just blown away, and it showed me once again how much God loves us and cares about every little and big detail of our lives. Eight months later, my husband of 45 yrs. passed away from a massive heart attack, and I called my friend’s husband and he was such an encouragement to me, and said many things I needed to hear. I praise the Lord that we can always trust His sovereign will and I am the child of “The King of Kings and the Lord of Lord’s.

  4. marcie carlos says:

    Miracles do happen because God wills it! Thanks
    for an inspiring story.


  6. Nancy Kandaung says:

    God is every thing. There are moments too that I put God number two in my life. I want to thank the Lord for this website because it gives me an opportunity to see and experience God through sharing of others. At the sometimes I am also given an opportunity to share. Thank you.

  7. Many thanks for sharing your love for all mankind.

    It has become very clear to me through all my trials and tribulations and I can assure you, one could tell you of many. That God has and always been with me and always will be with me.

    God is in the details.

    I have said this to people many times.
    “If God was a human being he would have been black and blue with all the elbowing that I have done with Him”.
    Then I realized, one can kick and scream as much as you want, but we are all going into, the Kingdom of Heaven.

    It reminds me of the time when I went to the dentist for a check up and the dentist said on his completion.
    “You need one extraction”. I asked him ,”how much will that cost me”. His answer was “one hundred pounds”, my next question was, “How long will it take with the exstraction”. His answer to this was, “Oh, only one minute “. My instant reply was, “What, one hundred pounds for one extraction and it will only take one minuit”. His instant reply was,” I CAN TAKE AS LONG AS YOU WANT “.


    Love in Christ

    Peter Reichl-Cunningham CS.

  8. Olive Pereira says:

    I believe this miracle of His divine presence – happened , with all my heart. Only very recently my 88 yrs old Mother , in a period of 5 hours, died and came back to life right while she was in my arms. She ahd become sheet white & fridge cold for a period of a few hours ….given up as dead….and thereafter warmth slowly returned and she rested peacefully. Today 2nd Februiary, she has taken her first few steps to walk after a period of three months. Praise God. When HE is with you, you are safe.

  9. AL says:

    this is truly an amazing story. there is a certain time in our lives that we can remember God has entered into our lives – usually during a difficult time or a “crisis.” i have heard about God for many years before i let Him into my life – i was too proud and stubborn. once He was in my life, He never left me. He consistently performed miracles every time i called upon His help – sometimes right away, sometimes longer but He has always been my savior. i thank Him everyday for being in my life.

  10. Dave Johnstone, St Helens (UK) says:

    Yet again Mary, many thanks for sharing this brief yet, very inspirational story of how Jesus’ continues to Heal the sick Today, as He did over 2,000 years ago!…He is the same, yesterday, today,tomorrow and, forever..!!!

    Praise God for healing Joe Stallard and, let us all of us give God, all the Praise, Honour & Glory for all the Good that He does in our lives, if we have chosen to accept Jesus’, His Son, in to our life, as our personal Lord & Saviour!

    May ‘The Lord’, continually richly Bless you Mary & your ministry!

    God Bless,
    Dave Johnstone
    St. Helens, UK

  11. I am really thrilled with this story, as I confirmed it with my own experience when I underwent my own angio plasty. I had 2 major blocks and the doctor decided to put stench on two points. But in the process, he discovered that my artery had already collapsed badly due to the blocked portion,and to continue may cause damage to the artery. He stopped the procedure and went to my wife to tell her that he is stopping the procedure because of the probability of tearing my artery, that may result to emergency bypass procedure. But my wife answered him, saying: “Doctor, since you started an hour ago in the procedure, I requested our Community to pray for my husband. Right now, more than 1,000 persons are praying for him all over the world, please proceed, because I believe God wants my husband to be healed through this procedure!” The doctor went back to me and said, ” we will proceed.” But I asked him, Doc, why is it that your instruments are not modern one?”, “Why is it that the video, I am seeing is grey? And he answered, that is the actual condition of your heart because not enough blood is circulating on it because of the blocks on your artery.And I asked your wife to call your praying friends to pray for a miracle!” And as he begin to insert the catheter on my artery, without inserting it through, the blood started to to flow to to all my arteries, and right there and there I saw my own heart on the video, turning colored,right there at my very eyes, and as the doctor inserted the two stench, on their proper places, I heard a distinct words on my ears, ” I love you so much, and I want you to live for me, and become my fisher of men.” That was in 1996! Since then and until now, I’ve served Him. I have traveled around my country, witnessing for Him, by sharing my experience of God’s love. The greatest joy I had were the moments God allowed me to see with my own eyes, healing miracles for others, and hundreds of people returning to God! May Jesus, the Lord be continually be glorified in my life!

    Jun Delarmente
    Las Pinas City, Metro Manila, Philippines
    February 3, 2011

    stench on the proper places,

  12. WOW! Words can’t describe what I felt while listening to his story. Blessings Josephine R. Dewey

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