Planning Your Day – Jack Canfield

Have you ever found yourself in the middle of your day wondering where the day went and then realized that you accomplished hardly anything that you meant to?

Jack Canfield (co-creator of the Chicken Soup for the Soul series) offers good advice to help everyone make every day matter and his advice begins the night before.

If we would just get in the habit of treating everything that we need to do with passion, then we will soon find the time for what we are passionate about.

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5 Responses to “Planning Your Day – Jack Canfield”

  1. DON says:

    No doubt about it. Early planning saves a lot of hassle later. It makes the daily journey easier and gives us that little bit of time to possibly help someone else who is struggling.

  2. Margaret says:

    I received the same advice from a good friend many years ago, with the suggestion that at the end of the day I should reflect upon what I had accomplished and how, and then make a new list of goals for the following day. The goals were mostly tasks that needed to be fulfilled, but they also included spiritutal goals like taking time for prayer, writing letters to dear friends, making sure I had personal time with the children, etc. After a few weeks I felt I had made a lot of progress and was managing everything much better. I also felt happier. So I am really grateful for Jack´s message. He´s right! Thank you!

  3. Patricia A. says:

    Was going to leave a prayer request. Guess people make money off of a lot of things. Disappointed to find I had to pay to leave a prayer request. I don’t think so. I have a straight, free line to the top man…God Himself.

    Shame on you for making money off of his idea.

  4. ThirstforTruth says:

    This is good advice…if success in this world is your only goal…But if your goal is to be holy in this world tear up those lists…don’t make them in the first place. Learn to live in the present moment where the power and grace of God exist. Ask God’s guidance throughout your day to accomplish that which He wills you to will find no disappointment at the end of the day over uncompleted lists and you will rest serene throughout the night knowing that you did your best that day doing the will of God, not your own selfish will. ONe cannot be happy or fulfilled living for oneself.

  5. Rose says:

    That is good idea to make one’s day work plan. But one shouldn’t make it rigid because request can always come and one has to adjust his or her plan. I don’t go to work out, I take care of my grandkids, sometimes one, two, three & on as the request comes. I plan for my prayers & reading scripture and reading the emails & replying them. The more right time I pray & read the scripture, the easier & more pleasantly I take care of the kids. When I miss prayers, I often find myself lazy & unable to control the kids & find the day bad. That is what I have discovered, without God’s word, work becomes difficult. We must include prayers in our plans. thanks.

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