Success Is A Journey Not a Destination

“Success is a journey, not a destination. The doing is often more important than the outcome.”
–Arthur Ashe

This quote is a perfect analogy to life. Sometimes when things don’t go the way we hope for, our first inclination might be to see those obstacles as roadblocks and thus stop us in our tracks.

However, if we learn to look at obstacles (which are inevitable) as challenges we can then adjust our sails (so to speak) and continue on our way.

Obstacles (or “Challenges”) help us discover who we are and what we are made of. They help us grow and over time we will find that those obstacles are merely small bumps in the road.

This inspiring video mirrors Mr. Ashe’s statement and his life perfectly. He overcame his biggest challenges with dignity and is remembered fondly for that.* Share This Post

16 Responses to “Success Is A Journey Not a Destination”

  1. Michael F. Mosqueda says:

    Hi that was so inspiring especially to individuals who often believed that success is a man’s destiny, I categorically say it’s a wrong belief. we have to look success in its right perspective as we journey to success, that we got to dream and believe we can have it.. that’s it, believe and you’ll have it. God bless thanks. Mike

  2. christine says:

    A great story. The message is loud and clear: don’t give up. If you keep falling down or failing, try and try again, until you succeed in obtaining the goal.

    The main thing is to keep trying until you succeed in obtaining that goal.
    God loves us and he wants us to keep running as to win that crown for him to say “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

  3. Annie Ramos says:

    To paraphrase Lao Tzu: “It’s better to travel well then reach the end. This story was really inspiring. Thank you for sharing.

  4. Tom says:

    Thank you for posting this awsome and inspiring video. If we could only remember the meaning and purpose in our lives as we overcome lifes daily obsticals.

  5. Lori says:

    Awesome reminder to never give up!

  6. jimmie Luna says:

    I have a dream and a gift God gave me. I tried and tried and a number of times I sold. But a black cloud came over me with by a quad by pass and not sure I was to make it for I had near death experiences. I was lost 2 mints. Then colon cancer hit me with 25 chemo and 26 radium treatments 26 days straight, then chemo every 2 weeks of 52 hours every weeks each at the Loma Linda were I and the operation at the Lome Linda VA hospital. I was a great artist in different fields but failed and failed but I still got up and get going . I am 72 and I going for word for what I believe is God. The Truth is God

  7. Yeshewget Techale says:

    Thank you for a wonderful Inspiring. I gave up so many times, but THIS time I won’t say that is not God is will. I will never be gave up on his will i understand he have a plan for us for my family on this obestacles we face.There will be a miracle out of it. I keep praying and fasting until he bring us together under his will. Thank you Jesus. I loved it.

  8. vipin says:

    Many of us many a times in this Life we will be running a journey of either success or otherwise. Its certainly live from the vedeo witness each time we falling we have to get up,take the place to win the race. God have provide us shoe of success but many a time in our running to the Lord we may stumble beacuse our mind running faster than it suppose but lets remember to raise up each time falling. Run the race to finish line.

  9. Crystal says:

    That was a wonderful. I know about obestacles I have alot infront of me right now but every morning I wake up and say good morning Lord how do you think the day will be today. I try and more problems are getting throwed at me every day but I manage to wake up and keep going with the Lords help I will provaile

  10. This is such a special video – being first is good but finishing the race NO MATTER WHAT THE RACE – is the most important. This gives inspiration to all of those who feel down for never being “first” – THIS GIVES US ALL THE MOTIVIATION TO FINISH WHATEVER WE START NO MATTER WHETHER WE ARE FIRST OR LAST….WE FINISHED WHAT WE STARTED!!
    Thanks so much for this!

  11. How true this is for all of us.Inthe days ahead we will all experience these trials and we must keep this in mind.Especially for our posterity and the future days.

  12. Mona says:

    Great story and a great lesson to follow. Thanks.

  13. Rosalie Wade says:

    I am really inspired with this story.IT gives me a greater desire to run the race until I see Christ. Thanks

  14. Nancy Kandaung says:

    “I am not called for succeess but faithfulness” – Mother Theresa of Calcuta said.

  15. carolyn dickson says:

    that was well worth watching and at least although he didnt win he didnt lose either because he didnt give up and its better to try than not to try at all. sometimes its not about winning but how you lose and although he lost he didnt disgrace himself because he can say at least i tried

  16. Mapo Tofu says:

    I considered I’d by no means complete my assignment, but after reading through your blog page, it’s spurred me on with a brand
    new take on my original thoughts. Thank you for this informative piece of writing!

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