Trick Shot Quarterback – Johnny McEntee

For many of us, not too much is known about Johnny McEntee.

Although he plays for the University of Connecticut football team (U CONN / The Huskies) he has yet to throw a pass in a football game. This is remarkakble given his amazing talents.

I’m pretty sure you will agree that if Johnny McEntee doesn’t have a future as a professional quarterback, he just might have one as a magician.

Although he “currently” is not an active player, one things is almost certain, his team will surely gain fans after seeing this video.

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8 Responses to “Trick Shot Quarterback – Johnny McEntee”

  1. melissa says:

    Very inspiring, thank you. Johnny just loves to do what he does, he obviously does it for the fun of it and not to impresse others. Thats the key for personal success! I just love it!!!!
    May we all remember how it feels to do things just for the fun of it and start it right now :-)
    Love. Melissa

  2. Dale says:

    I don’t even get into foot ball. I don’t watch the Supper Bowl or anything. I started to deleat this email but opened it anyway. I’m glad I did. Stuff like this would raise my interest in the game.

  3. jimmie Luna says:

    Magnificent, magical with much love. A since of deep loving pride. He must have practice hours on end, BUT! he is a winner in life, we all are if we just look and then get off our behinds and go for it no matter what happens. Never give up. Johnny never gave up and never should you. Jimmie Luna. MOTHER NATURES NATURAL BEAUTY A GIFT FROM GOD, SLIGHTLY TOUCHED BY JIM LUNA

  4. Stephen Abarno says:

    That was simple Awesome.God has given Johnny a gift.Hope he continues to use it bless others.

  5. Jerry says:

    We are probably watching the next AFL/NFL GREAT quarterback. I watched it three times as I just could not believe what I was seeing. If he can make baskets with a football, think what he could do with a basketball. God bless you, Johnny.

  6. Sue says:

    Amazing, Johnny. What fun you must have sharing your talent. It must have been months and months of hard work, which surely is a special
    gift. Keep sharing. I,m going to be watching for you next season at
    UCONN. They need you! Blessings

  7. Maria Theresa M. Maturan says:

    That’s really amazing!! He could use his talent to win any game if only given the opportunity to play with talented team players too!! God has given us individual talents to share with others. And, this we should thrive to enhance for God’s greater glory here on Earth.
    Congratulations to all the talented people.=)

  8. Motor2 says:

    Forget college….. send him to the Phoenix Cardinals to hook up with Larry Fitzgerald !~!!!

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