The Lord’s Prayer by 2-year old Zoei Toh

The Singer Whitney Houston sings a song with the following words;

I believe the children are our are future
Teach them well and let them lead the way

This little girl, “Zoei Toh”, is a perfect reflection of those words as she sings the Lord’s Prayer as easy as if she were reciting her ABC’s.

I’m sure her mother must beam every time she hears little Zoei pray and I’m sure you will too.

This video is a testament to how smart and teachable children are at a very young age.

Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.
(Proverbs 22:6)

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88 Responses to “The Lord’s Prayer by 2-year old Zoei Toh”

  1. mel says:

    You’re so cute Zoei!..God bless you and your family..

  2. Carol says:

    This child is so precious, she can make you cry…
    Her parents must be very proud, what an outstanding
    show of parenthood, this child will grow up Loving and knowing God for sure..
    May God Bless you and your family Always.

  3. neri gantuangko says:

    Amen. Stay blessed.

  4. Karlene says:

    Amazing – great work. Keep it up.

  5. chris says:

    This ia a great blessing to see. We need more stories like this around the world.

  6. Sallie VR says:

    GREAT!!! GOD truly works mysteriously in each and everyone of us. Let’s all do what we can for His glory no matter how insignificant it may seem to us — surely for Him, it is a big one.

  7. Maria says:

    Zoei is so full of cuteness! She has truly blessed me today. May the Lord continue to use you to bless others around the world.

  8. jorge says:

    TOEI my are an angel. amazing for a 2-year old to be able to memorize and sing with feelings the LORD’s are a blessing and a Christian joy to your family and to humanity.GOD bless.

  9. Mike says:

    As a musician and singer I see a lot of people try (and massacre) this beautiful song. Zoei stayed on pitch almost all the way through!!! A feat most people cannot do, let alone a 2 year old!
    What a blessing this little tot is.

  10. Olive Pereira says:

    Zoie Toh is amazing. Truly a Child Wonder gifted by God Himself. Blessed are the parents who bore this Child.

  11. nena kochuga says:

    nena kochuga says:
    February 15, 2011 at 5:35 pm
    She is only 2 n she is perfect sentence follow to sing along with it, Wow Its awesome!!!!
    I bet Shell be a singer 4 God’s Little Angel I am happy 4 her,Zoei toh, Ull be beautyful sing little An…gel? “Will Be God’s Angel” ?<3Lv***of***God??
    See More

  12. Maria says:

    So, so sweet! Wish my grandson would grow up to be like Zoei – full of God’s love and blessings.

  13. newton says:

    Oooh WOW!! this is awesome. “dear mommy” keep up the great job in training your dear child in the ways of the the Lord.

  14. Amazing! Keep it up Zoei, God bless you. I pray that my chilren will do better in Jesus name. (Amen)

  15. Carol says:

    What a little treasure god bless

  16. Beatrice Allen says:

    The Lord God is pouring His Spirit on all flesh, according to the Scriptures.
    These are some of the amazing happenings before the Lord returns. Amen.

  17. faye says:

    To God be the glory!! you’re such a wonderful little angel…singer of God…Congratulations to the parents who’d trained her…go mom!!

  18. juvy ramos says:

    amazing,your an angel, God bless you always. Congratulations mom. In Jesus name Amen…

  19. Edna says:

    I Love you Zoei, your a great and smart 2 y.o. kid…your parents are so proud of you.keep it up!

  20. Evon Kilbourn says:

    Zoie, you truly bless my heart and I want your mommy to know that you are a Special gift to her from God.
    Zoie, at 2yrs. old God is using you to bring others to know Him.
    Love you much baby Zoie and keeping sing for the Lord.

  21. LORA KORAH says:


  22. Paul Cheah says:

    Zoie,hearing you sing the lords prayer at your age make me cry truly I say God is with you and Mummy you are one of the little ones choosen by God I am sure God has Plans for you in your life…take good care of her Mummy.

  23. very nice artrctive voice M

    m\M. Louis

    Hotel Chez Maeis Alish
    in St. lucia W L

  24. Mary Lou says:

    And a little child shall lead them! Would that adults
    would proclaim “The Lord’s Prayer” with such simplicity
    and soul. “On key” or “Off key” it matters not – are we
    praising God from our heart?

    Sing on little Zoie – you are an example to adults who
    hesitate to “stand up and be counted” in praise of God.

  25. Julieta Tolon says:

    This lovable child has all the more encouraged me to recite Psalm 23 to my granddaughter every morning. I made a promise that as soon as she speaks fluently, she will be able to recite it by heart. God bless little Zoie. What a great inspiration in a Godly sense.

  26. Pure and Precious Mom and Zoie!!!

  27. Elle says:

    a very great kid….so inspiring and motivating. how beautiful the world will be if all children are trained to know God from the beginning…

  28. Thomas CA says:

    Fantastic.Child is always a child.Congrats to your mum.God Bless you.

  29. oliver says:

    ho i am so bless ,zoie you are going someplace may the good lord be with all the way,

  30. Janice says:

    She is such a blessing. Purity.

  31. Ema says:

    Wonderful Kid…I love you baby.

  32. Angela says:

    Zoei You are amazeing I know some Adults that cannot sing as well as you you keep it up angel! God blessed me today because I heard one of his smallest angels singing.

  33. IMAI STEPHEN says:

    That is a gift ZOEIL nature it.

  34. Njeri Karanja says:

    Zoei you are truly amazing. God bless you Big time.

  35. Fiona Walters says:

    Praise the Lord God!
    We can see His Glory among us.May God bless you with His Glory,Zoei.I’m a mother of three kids and I can imagine the pride your mother have,she is a blessed woman I must say that.
    Love you a lot.

  36. I love you Zoei Isabelle Toh. You are one of God’s greatest creations for glorifying the Lord God at such a very tender age of two. Your parents are just as blessed for having a beautiful child like you.

  37. chuchay says:

    well done,zoei! you’re so cute…

  38. This child does not even understand what shse is saying. she jus memorized it and is proud of saying it but she is encouraged.

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