The Salvation Army – William Booth + Catherine Mumford

William Booth was born in 1829 in Nottingham, England. When he was 13 years old and shortly before his father died he was apprenticed to a pawnbroker. Two years into his apprenticeship Booth was converted to ‘salvation’ and then began to immerse himself in reading and speech and on his 23rd birthday he became a full time preacher.

He married Catherine Mumford three years later. She was a devout believer and encouraged him in his ministry. He taught that belief in the Gospel of Jesus Christ would manifest itself in a life of love for God and mankind.

From 1865 to 1878 William and Catherine opened and ran “The Christian Mission” in London’s East End. Every night and on Sundays William Booth would offer repentance, salvation and Christian ethics to the poorest and most needy, including alcoholics and criminals. He also opened soup kitchens and he was ridiculed and treated horribly for doing so. Many nights he would return home bloody and bandaged from mistreatment as many people did not accept Booth’s followers because of their past.

Sometime during this time William described a vision of angelic beings, stating that every angel was surrounded with an aura of rainbow light so brilliant that were it not withheld, no human being could stand the sight of it.

Willliam pressed on and in 1878 he changed the name of his mission to “Salvation Army” and modeled it after the military. In 1890 a book he wrote became a best seller. In it, he spoke of abolishing vice and poverty by establishing homes for the homeless, training centers for the poor. homes for fallen women and released prisoners, aid for the poor, and help for drunkards. Booth’s ultimate aim was to get people “saved.”

During his lifetime he established the Salvation Army in 58 countries and colonies. During the last 10 years of his life he earned favour. He was received by kings, emperors and presidents. In 1902 he was invited to attend the coronation of King Edward VII. When he died at the age of 83 (in 1912), Queen Mary attended his funeral service.

The Salvation Army is well-known for its network of thrift stores or Charity Shops, which raise money for its charitable and religious activities by selling donated used items such as clothing, housewares and toys. The Salvation Army has a history of free rehabilitation from alcohol and drug abuse.

Following is an email that I received from one of our viewers that mirrors what the Salavation Army is truly all about:
“As a Salvationist, I read today’s article with pride about our co-founder. The Christian Mission was renamed “The Salvation Army.” While we are perhaps well known for our charitable work, we are first and foremost a denomination who still preaches salvation. We are an evangelical church that promotes personal holiness and sanctification. We still believe that every person is a child of God and we feel we have been called to minister to others and yes, still the marginalized, with our sleeves rolled up. We see what many people don’t want to see and we work with God’s help to assist people in need. I am an ordained minister, I preach on a regular basis,, I perform ceremonies such as baby dedications and funerals. We have church services every Sunday. My greatest desire is to share God’s love with others and God’s has called me, and thousands and thousands around this world, to do so.”

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7 Responses to “The Salvation Army – William Booth + Catherine Mumford”

  1. Thank you very much for giving me a chance to watch this video. I am very glad to be able to know about him. I should follow him. It is also my divine mission to help others to create their own heavens on earth.
    I wonder if somebody translated the subscript of this video into Japanese. If not yet, I felt like to do it, because I think that this video would enhances goods in Japanese community as well very much.

  2. Roshan Wickremasinghe says:

    What a great man !! Real inspiration to many in this present age..If God can use him why not me or you? It only needs someone to am I.

    Inspired by William & the likes I have set up a home for drug addicts in Sri Lanka.
    Thank you..

  3. Richard Frank says:

    The message is always powerful! I never knew who started the Salvation Army; now I know. Thank you. He was a great man who by Gods guidance began a most important ministry. Thank you for sharing it.

    less of me, more of Him

  4. augustine gayle says:

    I have always admired the Savation Army and their work. I am happy you published this so I can give even more to that precious organization. Thank you so much for this video. May God continue to bless them.

  5. Tikkie says:

    Thanks for mailing this inspiring message which we all need to hear and think about.We salute a person and Thank GOD for his life.He chose to follow OUR LORD JESUS never minding the price

  6. Paul Black says:

    Helping the people in need is what Jesus Christ is all about, love for one another. William Booth and Catherine Mumford they are forever rightous in God’s eyes and providing us a path for us all to follow.
    Thank you for this article.

  7. Svetlana says:

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