Less Is More

We live in a time that has enabled us to accomplish far more than ever before.

Technology has enabled a lifestyle that just 20 years ago would have been unimaginable. Many would say that is has robbed many of us by making it so easy to crowd out and stay distracted from what is truly important.

A favorite motto is “Less Is More”. The thought is that the “Less” we have (possessions, appointments, over extending ourselves, clutter) the More quality time we will have in our lives for what is really important; quality time with those we love and time with our Lord (which is the key to true contentment).

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14 Responses to “Less Is More”

  1. ANNA says:

    Less is more, and more is less…it is difficult in this modern society…..but if you live and believe that nothing belongs to you. You came in this world with nothing, and you will leave this world with nothing too. But in years, we accumulate a lot, materialistically. If we live with just bare necessity, we will be helping many people with nothing. Our Heavenly Father is so good, the moment i give away materialistic things, he gives me more…..so i give away more…so for me less is more….I like to collect MORE,PATIENCE,GENEROSITY,KINDNESS,MORE LOVE FOR OTHERS, JOY,MAKING OTHERS HAPPY,BE THERE FOR SOMEONE WHO NEEDS YOUR HELP, NO MATTER WHAT TIME OF NIGHT OR DAY….THEN.I WILL LIVE A LIFE WITH MORE THAN LESS.

  2. RONY A says:

    I sincerely pray that today’s world that’s mislead by so many distractions surrounding them will find the true meaning of life & why we are here on earth, May GOD BLESS THE WHOLE WORLD SO THAT ALL MANKIND SEE THE TRUE & ONLY GOD OF THIS UNIVERSE.

  3. Jophine M. Villasor says:

    I am so blessed with that video. I pray many people can watch this video especially our youth. May the lord bless you exceedingly abundantly.

  4. Annie says:

    Giving gives you the feeling of receiving so:Giving is Receiving.No?

  5. eva says:

    this is so true wish every one could read n enjoy life n forget about unnecessary things that doesn’t really matter n be more positive about what does matter what a wonderful world it would be thank u jesus for every thing

  6. Joe Anne says:

    This is true because if we spend less time on the phone and watching tv, running after the things of the world, it would give us more time to spend with
    our Lord. God is a jealous God and we can’t let any
    thing take the place of Him. We cannot let the enemy
    trick us into not getting into the promised land.

  7. Rose says:

    Don’t over look the tiny gift, otherwise you can miss the big gift you expected. Like the graduate who would have missed the gift of the car if the good dad hadn’t kept it safe for him. He later got the car, but missed the joy & the dad. That is where the material love leads us when we over look God’s word. Many of us think that God’s word is the least of things to do & we hardly give time for it. The video is very inspiring. I pray a lot of people to watch this video. God bless you all.

  8. Love is not measured by all the material possessions from a loved one. Rather, it is measured by how much love is infused in the material possessions that counts….

  9. nice video very significant to us

  10. I think all people should look at this video. It has a story for all of us. Take whatever is given to you for you know that our HEAVENLY FATHER will turn it into something BIG for us. GIVING in any way whether it is our time, love, money or whatever is always rewarding. I know whenever I give it fills me with joy. The gift I give is always an inspiration to continue to give.GOD BLESS US and may we continue to give whatever little or however much. GOD BLESS.

  11. Didit says:

    I believe it is no coincidence that I am viewing this video now – today is the 1st death anniversary of my dear father. I still feel the sadness of losing him, but I feel truly blessed that my father has given me not riches or material wealth for he had none…..but I am truly grateful to the Lord for what my father had left me – a strong, deep and silent faith in God as exemplified by his life of simplicity, truthfulness and honesty. He was truly a man of integrity. And for me, he left me not only a Bible with car keys, but he left me his whole self – a father with a truly clean and kind heart. May the Lord bless him and my mother with eternal joy.

  12. Samuel Tiza says:

    I,ve just been praying and asking God to show me His desire for me. Now I know the keys are in the Bible. Praise the Lord

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  14. Steve says:

    It deeply saddens me that we have a generation that has been wired for wanting things yesterday- They feel they are entitled to whatever they want,and this instant gratification generation wants it now – Common sense has quietly been killed and freedom is just another word to learn how to spell – Their indifference and insensitivity coupled with their lack of curiosity in wanting to learn and grow is frightening – Character determines one fate and in a time of deceit and deception, truth is indeed a revolutionary act- May Our Lord forgive us for what we have created-

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