Blind Quilter – Diane Rose

When Diane Rose asked the Lord for guidance back in 1998, even she will tell you that she was surprised to get an answer so quickly – almost overnight!

Since 1998 Diane has made hundreds of quilts. This is an extraordinary accomplishment even for a passionate quilter. However, for Diane Rose, it seems unbelievable because Diane has been blind since 1984.

Diane uses her quilts to show what God has helped her overcome despite the obstacles she faces because of her blindness.

To see Diane work on her sewing machine is like watching a miracle in action. She has the most desirable spirit and energy.

Besides her quilt making she also has her own ministry. Her “Rose of Sharon” ministry is her vehicle for her motivational speaking engagements which she uses to inspire others.

Says Diane; “And if God can help me do it, He can help you do it..”
“You can make something of your life or you can do nothing with it. It’s up to you.”

I hope you will comment and share her story on facebook so others can be inspired by this remarkable woman.

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32 Responses to “Blind Quilter – Diane Rose”

  1. belle says:

    so amazing… so inspiring… God is really a miracle-working God!

  2. Jital says:

    I wish Diane all the best. She is an inspiration for me to find my purpose.

  3. Crystal David John says:

    GREAT IS NOT THE WORD…AWESOME IS STILL NOT THE WPRD………………..cant really describe her joy n happiness n the work of God almighty
    love u Diane……..keep going…………..:)
    from Chennai India

  4. Betty D says:

    After Diane story, it has inspired me so and makes me wonder would I too could do to serve and be more of a purpose. What a remarkable woman.

  5. DON says:

    Is it not just amazing the power of the human spirit when it is ‘plugged into ‘our Heavenly Father.Nothing but nothing is beyond our capability when it is done with a concern and a compassion for our sisters and brothers. Every blessing to you Diane.

  6. jimmie Luna says:

    Diane, I fought cancer for a year now and I saw your program on your quilts. I did what you did, asked God what He would like me to do while going through cancer treatments. Use You Hands for I gave you a gift. Between treatments I made Mother Nature Natural Beauty a gift from God slight touched from from Jim Luna. The next day Loma Linda Hospital called me to take out the chemo port out of my chest, I am a cancer free. In Christ I thank you for your Love and showing me the way through Christ. Jim Luna

  7. Margaret says:

    Wow, isn´t she lovely!!

  8. Lois says:

    She is most amazing! I love making quilts. I am not blind but if I were I could not make quilts. She is awsome! God would give me the answer to what he wanted me to do.

  9. Jaihind says:

    Diane….this video reminds me of an American author Helen Keller.
    u r Great ..u r awesome..I hv no words to explain..

    thankyou so much..for sharing this
    take care

  10. Frederick F. Neger says:

    My wife is going through a depression right now
    I hope this will give her inspiration.
    Is there any way I can get one of Diane Rose’s quilts?

  11. Diane: You have been added to my list of people who are an inspiration to me and other. This is reminder that GOD lead of to the door but we have to be willing to open that door. May GOD continue to bless you.

  12. richard says:

    This video was amazing. My wife walked out on me this week. On valintines day she informed me she was leaving. The hurt has been unbearable, but your vedeo has lifted my spirit greatly. Thanks ever so much for your inspiring message. God bless you.

  13. Tikkie says:

    It is really amazing.PRAISE THE LORD.May Diane’s life inspire others to serve OUR LORD JESUS More.May GOD Bless Diane and use her more for HIS GLORY

  14. sangi rozara says:

    Amazing,inspires me !

  15. Watching your video was an insperation.
    I know GOD is a miracle God.Asking GOD to continue to bless you daily

  16. Rose says:

    God’s work is so awesome seen through His creatures. Diane, you are very inspiring and encouraging. Thanks very much. May God’s blessings be upon you always.

  17. Crystal says:

    That is awesome I know a lot of people that sit with pity, it would be wonderful if all the people here could see this clip maybe they will jump up and say I can do this instead of saying I can’t. This clip is amazing God sure has blessed Diane Praise be the Lord.

  18. Rahe Mord says:

    I would like to know if I can(and how to)order one of Diane’s quilts and what the cost might be. I have a specific idea of the pattern and it needs to fit a king size waterbed (8′ by 7′). She is awesome. I am classified “totally disabled” physically but I can’t sit around doing nothing either. I do handyman stuff for people or show someone else what to do, it gets done. I also help out at church as a trustee doing or helping with repairs on the building. I’m head of maintenance at a Men’s Transitional Housing place I helped start back in “98″. I did that to provide myself a job remodeling the place and managed it for the first 5 years. God just keeps on providing things for me to do as long as I get up and get going. Praise the Lord for He is good.

    Thank you for telling us about people who are doing things in spite of problems, it really helps us all.,

    God bless you!!!!!!!!!


  19. margie says:

    what an amazing woman next time we complain about petty things we should remember her

  20. nena kochuga says:

    Precious Diane Rose is very special gift by her faith from God, God Will not leave her empty, She is Blind but, Its amazed with or with out the eye sight, She is 100 fold better without a eye sight, God will watch over her with all Colors until the End, She will See God with her own eye sight, That day is coming OOO precious Diane Rose,..<3<3***Lv***By***You***With***GOD**3<3

  21. Robin says:

    Praise be to God! What a mighty warrior for Christ you are! May God continue to bless you & your quilting in the name of Jesus!

  22. Pascal says:

    “The Lord has done marvelous things for me….” God bless Diane. Its so overwhelming! Thanks for giving us such inspiring story.

  23. viola says:

    yes you are very talented and bless.God has really given you a wounderful talent,,,so you out there get up off of it,you have got a talent to just ask God, if you dont know what it is, if you are sincear he will show you.

  24. Jagdish says:


    God helps those who helps themselves.

    Keep it up.

    God bless everybody.

  25. It is so amazing how GOD can do great things in one’s life.I am greatly encouraged and challenged so much. How I hope and earnestly pray that GOD will cause me to do something in my life that will surely bring glory and honor to GOD. Diane, you are indeed a blessing.


  26. Tonye says:

    GOD is faithful, if we diligently ask for anything HE will surely Grant us.

  27. jeevan says:

    You are sweety pai Diane Rose for God and for all people who are inspired by you including me.

    I could say that you are a living bible and a cheerful giver and you are in my heart at this time. Love you and ask God continue to be at your side and may you feel his presence very close specially in your dark moments of life.


  28. larne a gayatgay says:

    this is not just amazing…
    this is a manifestation that we only
    need to talk to God and ask HIM specific things
    so HE knows what to answer.
    Diane asked God where/ what is her talent
    and God showed it to her…in her hands.

    …let us talk to God, ask HIM what HE wants you
    to do….

    Diane, you are truly a child of God.

  29. Dot Kuku says:

    This is a miracle! Diane’s life shows that there’s nothing the ALMIGHTY cannot do.

    GOD is an awesome GOD and greatly to be praised! Diane is an inspiration and may the ALMIGHTY continue to bless her as she blesses others.

  30. Jonna Liv says:

    Thank You so much tol Diane for sharing here awesome life with “God in action” :) !
    Wonderfull, Diana showes US how simpel it is to talk to God – and let all thing over to HIM – then God will use us! May God bless You even more!

  31. Peggy says:

    Diane would love to hear from all of you.. Email her directly at

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