Faith Like Potatoes

My first experience with growing potatoes happened to me as a young child.

My mother had a garden and for as long as I can remember, she would save all eggshells and all of the peelings from our fruits and vegetables and throw them into her “mulch” pit along with shredded newspapers. She would then cover them with a blanket of lawn clippings.

Every summer she would toss her mulch much like a salad and then sprinkle it all over her flower and vegetable gardens. I always thought that potatoes were the sneakiest of all the plants in my mother’s gardens because a few times they grew from the peelings in her mulch and not because she planted them. It was always a surprise when we would dig one up!

Recently, I watched the movie “Faith like Potatoes” and it reminded me of that time in my life. I thought that if you haven’t heard of or seen that movie, then you should definitely consider watching it.

Faith like Potatoes is based on the true story of a Scottish African. “Angus”, a Scotsman who was born and raised in South Africa, was raising his family in Zambia when political unrest caused him to move his family to South Africa. The move was difficult and Angus’ hot temper seemed to be getting worse and worse as things seemed to be going from bad to worse.

One day his wife practically dragged him to church and to Angus’ surprise… he turned his life and his family’s life over to Christ. Soon after that things began to change for the better. He experienced true miracles and as a result he began to hold his own revivals.

After experiencing a devastating loss his faith was put to the test. Once again Angus felt despair and once again it was his faith that turned his life around once again.

I hope you get a chance to see this uplifting movie.

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9 Responses to “Faith Like Potatoes”

  1. Tikkie says:

    Amazing.How OUR LORD JESUS can transform us.All Praise, Honour and Glory to HIM

  2. Rose says:

    Very inspiring message of the story. “Faith like Potatoes” is true. Potatoes have very tiny buds which resist any condition & when favorable condition comes,life springs out & grow into roots which grow into food for men. True faith in Jesus never disappears from men’s hearts. Men get the faith through the words of God. This words. though tiny as they may be, never disappears from our hearts. In favorable condition,they spring up to life causing transformation, more love for God & His son Jesus Christ & His Kingdom. Thanks for the story & movie. Praise & Glory to God.

  3. Thelma says:

    When you truly believe in God with your whole heart, mind, body, soul and being, nothing else matters. God created us all in his image and with a purpose in mind – to love and serve him through everyone we meet. We are all called to listen to his voice and follow what He calls us to do and through the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, we will be able to answer his call. As the movie portrays, life is going to be a challenge but that’s where the beauty of loving God lies. As we answer his call, we love, we meet challenges, we try to live for him the best way we can, we love some more, etc. As long as we have God as our goal or as long as we try to focus on this goal, we will be led to the right path. God will never leave us whatever we do, in the brightest or darkest moments. He is forever faithful and merciful. Praise! Praise! Praise!

  4. manette acet says:

    thank you for movies like these.i will spread the news.GOD BLESS YOU SO

  5. Pamela Schroeder says:

    Where can we purchase? I too remember planting potatoes and in awe of those little eyes that became large baking potatoes and as an adult cutting the seed potatoes to plant and how we used all the small potatoes (small ones) and canned them to goe along with canned beef that my mother-in-law had done. there was no better eating than that.

    Pamela Schroeder

  6. Joan Vachon says:

    This looks like a very good movie.
    Looking forward to seeing it.

    Is there a book called Faith like Potatoes?

    Joan Vachon

    Thank you Lord for the yesterdays
    Thank you Lord for the memories
    Thank you Lord for today
    For giving your love in every way
    Thank you Lord for the tomorrows to be
    In giving us hope of Eternity

    Copyright Adrian John Taylor 2004

  8. Crystal says:

    That really looks like a great movie I love it when the Lord is involved in the process of something good
    Praise God

  9. bob moman says:

    where can I get this movie ” faith Like Potatoes” ?

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