Clay Dyer – The Most Inspirational Fisherman Ever


This is an incredible story about one man’s passion for bass fishing.  As you watch this video one cannot help to be moved by his unwavering strength and his determination and dream  to beat the odds.  We hope that you will be inspired! 

We appreciate your comments.

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46 Responses to “Clay Dyer – The Most Inspirational Fisherman Ever”

  1. Deepak says:

    He is an inspiration to me .

  2. smc4jmj says:

    Thank you for sharing this story.It was very inspirational and humbling. I will definitely share it with friends and family.
    God Bless you Clay Dyer!

  3. Kathie says:

    Clay has the dream and the determination to succeed. May God Bless him with the biggest fish and the winning trophy of the pro fishing tournament. Go Clay and be the best you can be Babe!! He truly is an inspiration to us all.

  4. Franny says:

    This man has unbelievable strength and courage! God bless you, Clay you’re such an inspiration to all of us..Franny

  5. margie says:

    thanks it inspires me a lot ….so it’s not the end or the world yet so let’s enjoy life to the fullest with our faith to our almighty.

  6. doreen says:

    God bless you Clay.
    You are definately a blessing and an encourager to the less fortunate.
    You are a great testimony to the world, an encourager, and a man of God miracles working in your life every moment.

  7. Robert says:

    Clay may not have the arms and feet, but he definitely has a big heart, mind and soul. He is an eye opener to everyone with complete body parts but still feeling void with the world’s possession. He is a great inspiration for all the people that no matter what we are in life, God has special purpose for us in this planet. Thank you Clay for your courage and faith in God to go on with life. We are with you in prayers, so that the less fortunate and weak will find strength with this wonderful video. CHEERS!

  8. deepthi says:


  9. tamara seadler says:

    thank you, this is very moving as you see what this guy has in his heart… as his mom says he has a heart, mind and soul… and that he does…… thank you clay dyer, you are insiring to me

    i will definetly share with friends and family

    t. seadler
    louisville ky

  10. ronj says:

    An incredibly amazing story of humility, endurance, patience, hope, and faith in God!

    As I watched the video, I was stricken with conscious guilt feeling of how I can be ungrateful, very upset, bitter, complaining, and grumbling when things do not measure up my expectations brought out by trials and inconvinience. Clay clearly demonstrates that patience brings forth the power of endurance.

    Clay, thank you for the call to humility, meekness and patience. Your patient suffering is truly inspiring.

    Wishing you the BEST in life, Clay.


  11. Ansah Adams says:

    I just don’t know what to say, Clay you are such a blessing to humanity. Enjoy the power, the passion and spirit the good Lord is providing you.
    God richly bless such an inspirational to many like you!

  12. Gopal Krishna Muduli says:

    Incredible……..keep up your spirit……..cheers….

  13. Raj says:

    tears rolled when parents talked. please let us know if we can do anything other than praying and wishing him good luck for his dream to come true.

  14. A beautiful gift from God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And an inspiration for all!!!!!! He doesn’t waste what God has given him like most of us do, and he appreciates what God has given him where so many don’t!!
    thank you Jesus for this wonderful man to show us how selfish we all are and for showing us real beauty in this world

  15. Wonderful! This story makes me remember how good the Lord is. I am 77 years old and have times when I feel old and useless. Clay’s story reminds me how good God is. I thank the Lord for reminding me how fortunate I am. God bless you Clay.

    Dorothy Miller

  16. Dee says:

    God Bless you Clay….What an inspiration to us all……your testimony is heart felt……I am thankful for everyday the Lord reminds me of how fortunate and blessed I am….Thank you Clay for allowing your story to be told……God will continue to Bless you and your family….

    In Chirst,
    D. Grace



  18. Catherine says:

    Amazing perseverance, thank you for sharing!

  19. Alphonse Manickam says:

    Mr. Clay Dyer is an inspiration, model and challenge too. Nothing is limitation to one who wants to be an achiever in life.

  20. Jennifer says:

    Thank you for sharing Clay’s story which shows such remarkable courage and unbelievable perseverance. It has been a tremendous inspiration to me and I wish to encourage Clay and to compliment his family for all their support and love to him. And one day all our imperfections will be made perfect by Him who will one day reign over His children.

  21. wong says:

    Real strength is not limited by physical imperfections. Praise God for his loving family and friends who helped mold and make him what he is now. Of course I trust that God has a part in it. And most important of all, Clay himself! Such determination and love for life. I am glad he has found what he likes to do in life and be an inspiration for all. Thank you very much for sharing this video with me and my friends.

  22. Marjorie Stephenson says:

    This is a heart touching video, thankyou for sharing it. If only we all had the faith, courage and determination of this young man the world would be a different place. God bless you abundantly Clay and your wonderful family. Marjorie.

  23. Edessa Santos says:

    Thank you Clay for the inspiration and lessons of humility, patience and faith. God bless you always.

  24. rotzen says:

    God is alive,Jesucristo is walkin around the world…you and me lest go fly with the wind…just fly…everething is possible…just me…R3…

  25. vipin.vincent says:

    Dear Clay,
    First of all I am thanking u for sharing this video. Mr.Clay may God bless U & UR Family.I will share this video clips with my friends.

  26. Judy K says:


    You truly have everything you need, a strong, pure heart, a sharp mind and a family and friends that truly love you!! I will pray that you will catch that big Bass in your next tournament, and that you will have all your hearts desires fulfilled!

    You are a true inspiration to us all!

    God bless you and your family!

    Judy K.

    P.S. Keep Fishin’!!!!

  27. Leen says:

    What a beautiful man. couldnt stop the tears when the Mother spoke. He doesnt need arms and legs. He has a heart mind and soul and thats all he NEEDS. beautiful family. Im so touched.

  28. Rhonda L says:

    Clay, you are truly an inspiration to all, to me. I don’t see how anyone can watch your video and not be touched and inspired. You have proven we can do anything that we put our hearts and minds too. Many of us make to many excuses for not accomplishing what we want. You beat all! Hope you catch that big one!
    God Bless You!

  29. Sivamani says:

    My heart goes out to your parents Clay! You are already a winner of millions of hearts who watched your video, oneday you will achieve your dream. Best wishes and good luck.


  30. Yvonne de Bruin,South Africa says:

    Clay, you are a wonderful human being. My heart filled with joy to see that a person with such limitations does what his heart desires.
    God Bless you and my you achieve everthing you wish for. God looks upon you with great joy, you are a living lesson to all with whom you come into contact.
    I wish you the Big Big Bass with the next tournament.
    Regards and best whishes.
    Yvonne from South Africa

  31. Annu says:

    May GOD bless u Clay …by all means in all ways.U boosted my confidence to achieve something in life.Thank u dear.

  32. Donna says:

    After watching this, no one can say the word “can’t” anymore.
    Clay, God has blessed you with an unbeliveable strength.
    Im waiting for the pictures of the “big one” that you will catch!
    God Bless you.

  33. Darlene Hass says:

    That was wonderful and I wish that we all would take a lesson and remember how thankful we need to be for what we have. We need to use what God has given us to the best of our ability for Him.
    God bless you Clsay and your family.

  34. Giovani Faustine says:

    Here what I’ve learnt from Clay:
    God made us the way we are for many reasons. What we have to do is to see everything and say,”it’s perfect!”. There are no such thing as ‘disable’. From now on let’s say I CAN DO IT!
    ~praise the lord.

  35. Cairn says:

    If ever anyone doubted the work, wonder and power of GOD – just watch this video of Clay. Amen

  36. Rod Smith says:

    How awesome is this courageous young man Clay.
    My youngest son loves this type of fishing here is Australia.
    He laughs at some of my efforts to tie knots and I have all my limbs.
    Thanks again guys for sharing this with us.
    Pastor Rod Smith The HUB Church Thornton NSW Australia.

  37. lucio says:

    its really inspired me, very amazing really heart touching story and it gives more hope.

  38. ElsieNg-Rg says:

    It’s a beautiful and meaningful video showing how the mysterious work of GOD working in the life of this young man, Clay even though he has no limbs!Nothing can stop the work of GOD if you are the chosen one,
    PRAISE and GIVE ALL THANKS to our great loving LORD.

    As I viewed this video, my thoughts just came naturally to me thinking…
    With the POWER of GOD and HIS MYSTERIOUS WAYS in working in our lives, HE can change all impossibilities into possible ones at HIS PERFECT TIMING and not ours! All we have to do is to put our trust and faith unto the Lord and wait for miracles to happen in HIS time!

    Thanks for sharing all of your personal comments which I find them very interesting, personal, touching and uplifting.

    May GOD bless Clay, all his loved ones and everyone of you who has taken some time to write your personal comments. LOVE~lc~

  39. rudyric bermil says:

    i was impressed and its totally amazing it shows to us whatever problems comes to us then you have to be strong and dont give up and have faith in god,
    May God bless you Clay….


  40. Peggy White says:

    You are a Winner!

  41. small says:

    Have faith and trust in the lord always..with him any thing is possible. You have a beautiful heart and strength. Good luck.

  42. Hilary says:

    I am in awe of this amazing young man, who lacks so much physically, yet has everything in that he is whole and complete in spirit and soul, and in that way He has so much more than so many able bodied people, he has the true gift, he has overcome the physical.

    The incredible love of his brother, the dear mother love and the father who cherishes and nurtures his son are perfect examples of how our Father above would have us love and care for our families.

    Clay, you are an inspiration and a blessing. My husband being a fisherman and seeing your story has been deeply moved!

    Thank you for sharing this with us.

  43. Rose says:

    You are such an inspiration.
    Thank you Clay, for being you, exactly who God made.
    You have already caught the big one.
    God Bless.

  44. AL says:

    Sometimes the ultimate prize is not getting the trophy or having the title. Clay, you are already a winner.

  45. Bridget Mc Bride says:

    You are some man Clay def an inspiration to all x cheers

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