Positive Affirmations By Adorable Young Lady

The power of the spoken word has been touted by preachers and inspirational speakers for decades. It has even been proven that reciting positive affirmations alleviates stress. It is like giving our brain a massage!

Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin once said, “Faith begins where the will of God is known.” You must know the Word of God in order to believe what the Word says. The Word of God contains the power within itself to cause what it says to come to pass. If you believe God’s Word, and use it as God intended for you to use it, then the Word will begin to work in your life. You must act on the Word. Faith is an act! The best way to act on the Word is to speak it!

The little girl in this video is on the right track. The excited energy she uses when she shouts her own affirmations should be adopted by all of us.

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16 Responses to “Positive Affirmations By Adorable Young Lady”

  1. ralph says:

    If I know that there is a ten foot rattle snake coiled under your drivers side seat of your car and remain silent about the matter,I really shouldn’t tell you because I might be called a conspiracy theorist–right?
    So let the snake bit you and I’m a righteous man–right?
    Well the same with your Govt., I know that your Govt. has been hijacked and lies to you and that 911 was an inside job having nothing to do with Arabs,however I want to be a righteous man so I shall not tell anyone.
    Aren’t I a good Christian. Please commend me for my silence and holiness.

  2. Merrilyn says:

    This is the perfection of God’s kingdom, in the little children who do not know the negativity and base darkness yet, of the mortal thought and how it can drag them down to the depths. Hurrah for the Spiritual Truth made manifest…and hurrah for Life, Truth, Love, Soul, Spirit, Mind and Principle. This beautiful child is YOU…and is ME….amen. I want to be jsut like her…again…innocent and seeing all the good….which is actually, all there is for God is good and god is ALL….Oh why do we clutter it all up with wrong thought?

  3. RITA B.DEAN says:

    CUTE :-)

  4. Margaret says:

    Wow, she´s such a charming little sunshine, bringing joy to world. So cute.

  5. Rose says:

    It is true one can’t be a righteous person by being quiet over a bad thing. With the example of snake which is clearly seen & known, somebody like me will never keep quiet. My first reaction would be screaming & yelling,or dragging the person near by away from the snake. But with the example of Govt. where one doesn’t know what, & where the wrong thing is, & has no authority to direct or change anything is very difficult to judge whether the person is righteous. We seriously pray to God to intervene. Thanks very much for such commend. God bless you.

  6. Rose says:

    The child’s talk just came natural, without thinking. She innocently appreciates all the beautiful things God gives her. I think that fits to be the way of her prayers. God looks at her with delight. she is cute.

  7. ralph says:

    Well we know that Nebuchadnezzar was wrong when he said worship the image and we know that it’s imposable for steel and cement buildings to hit ground zero in ten seconds, turning into powder, without the use of expert demolition. We know that 911 was a staged pretext to go to war on the middle east and spread bogus terrorism on the sleeping public and we know that the whole matter is being covered up by the Neocons and there complicit evangelical churches. As it is written they shall fall away from the truth and assist the anti-Christ with lies and deception. Silence in this context is evil.

  8. christine says:

    Out of the mouth of babes. I am a 50 year old woman, and I am certainly going to use the child’s philosophy and begin by saying I love my God etc. Thank you lord for hiding this wisdom from us but revealing it to little children.

  9. ralph says:

    Be aware of the leaven of the pharisees, warns Jesus.
    That means the Christian hating Talmudic adherents.
    The Lords Word is above His Name. You love Him keep His word.—-be aware of the lies and deceptions that come through the Media and seduce the blind. We are not blind who love the Lord and keep His word. He will give us the light to see that 911 was an inside job done by Mossad Israeli intelligence and the CIA Neocons.
    In the last times the whole world will be deceived because they have not the light that comes from God.
    Not every one who says, Jesus Jesus shall enter into His Kingdom but they that keep His Word.

  10. jeevan says:

    Yapp! it reminds me of my childhood…wow what an energy and spontanity.

    Yes I believe unless we become like children we will not experience the heaven on earth.

    God bless that child.

  11. shay says:

    very sweet little girl and her excitment! we all get off track from all the good in life because we are dealing with all the bad that comes our way but if we can wake up every morning and chant in the mirrow what we love n how god is waking up with us the world would open the door to so much posibilities of outreach and love

  12. ralph says:

    I’m not fussy on spelling but His Majesty should be spelled with a capitol G–thank you, not g-o-d. Be aware that Satan is a god too–without a capitol G. I know these things because I was a mason and in order to become a mason one had to believe in god. One had to seek the light of god. I went along until I found out that the light and god they were seeking was Satan and the name of Jesus was not to be mentioned in the Lodge. Needless to say I ceased to be a mason.
    The mentality you are previewing I do not find in the doctrine of the prophets. Doctrine has never advised the saints [Christians] on the issue of positive/negative thinking. With the exception of praise The Lord and flee from the devil. How can you flee from the devil if you are not aware of him talking to you on TV and movies and lying to you through the lock-step news media. To be aware of his guile’s is not negative–it’s wise.

  13. ralph says:

    In Matt.24 are we to say that Jesus is speaking so negatively that He can not be our Lord. Why He needs to get out a book on positive thinking? Can I warn you that there are many orators at the pulpit who preach positive thinking today and have many itching ears that attend, wile he leads them away from sound doctrine.

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