The Voca People – A Capella Fun

This group of “a capella” singers generates a lot of excitement when they perform.

The Voca People are a 100% vocal group who perform without the aid of even one instrument to help them in creating the sounds of an entire orchestra!

They use not only their talented vocal range , but add facial expressions, active body movements and unique costumes to create a fun time.

Their motto is: “Life is music and music is life” and they absolutely embody that.

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17 Responses to “The Voca People – A Capella Fun”

  1. jimmie Luna says:

    Magnificent, loved it for it was different and much much talent, good talent honest loving talent. Thanks, you made my day.
    Jim Luna

  2. Jeanine says:

    Awesome! American Idol should have them on as entertainment! Very creative. Thanks for the smile.

  3. Mia says:

    Wow! you all are very talented. Great vocal sound. Mia

  4. Roberto Vissa says:

    ‘Who says you can’t have music without instruments?’
    great performance!
    I bet they dedicated as much time as a regular musician would, for that reason they should be praised as real musical talents!!

  5. Patricia Blackburn says:

    I’d love to see them in person! They are outstanding!
    Where can I see them?

  6. Fr. Michael Martires says:

    Awesome!!!What a talent! Sure is something to listen to. Imagine if all of us could sing and talk in unison what a difference we would make to this world of ours. Thank God for creating us to sing Praises to the Creator who has made us so unigue. Wow its just stupendous!

  7. Rose says:

    Awesome. Very talented. It was very amusing. I like it. Thanks very much. May God bless them & you too.

  8. Bonnie says:

    Thank you for sharing these amazing talents..I loved it and shared them with my friends on facebook..absolutely delightful and fun talents.

  9. Malcolm says:

    OUT OF THE BLUE!!! AMAZING!!! PURE TALENT AT ITS BEST!!! I would like to buy ‘THE VOCA PEOPLE’ music online.

  10. Andrea says:

    WOW Acappella to the “enth” degree. What a thrill. Would love to see them in person.

  11. augustine gayle says:

    Very entertaining. It put a real smile on my face. Great stuff!!

  12. Sallie says:

    Awesome! I enjoyed it.

  13. nawal says:

    God is great they are amaising

  14. Belinda says:

    I agree…American Idol should use them for fun! They were great…blessings to them!

  15. Tikkie says:

    Really wonderful

  16. christine says:

    Extremely talented. Are they in Australia at all?

  17. Christy Hall says:

    Wonderful where do they preform? Would love to see them in concert!

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