Eric Whitacre Directs His Virtual Choir

Sometimes in life it seems as though some people were just born or meant to fulfill a position. Eric Whitacre is one of those people.

Eric’s love for music was catapulted when he was singing in his college choir in Las Vegas. From that time on his career to uber composer began to sky-rocket.

Eric is known not only for composing – what are considered to be – masterpieces, but also for his creativity.

In this video his idea to unite people from all around the world materialized beautifully and they didn’t even have to leave their homes!

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23 Responses to “Eric Whitacre Directs His Virtual Choir”

  1. Carol says:

    That was AWESOME!!!

  2. Barbara Gold says:


    BEAUTIFUL !!!!!!!!!

  3. Jenny says:

    WOW! WOW! WOW! If only we could get the whole world to cooperate in taking care of each other as this group has shown it can be done! Thank you Eric!

  4. Alan Miller says:

    Absolutely amasing.It was beautiful listen to, thankyou

  5. Rosie West says:

    This is soooo beautiful….brought tears to me eyes….I wish I could copy it to play whenever I need my heart uplifted !!! Thank you Eric Whitacre…so lovely. Rosie

  6. gramma says:

    So joyous! Thank you to each singer and Eric!

  7. Nick Alfaro says:

    Amassing, music from Haven.

  8. Joy Bogard says:

    Thank you for ‘comfort listening time’..

  9. charie says:

    you can save it by putting it in your favourites. It was pretty amazing!

  10. Awesome!!! Such harmony!!! Wow!!! Very well put together…who would have thought…oh, you did!!! hahaha Thanks!!! Do another one with more lyrics!

  11. Faith Flelli says:

    This is awesome I love it!!

  12. anna says:

    This is great! Really nothing is impossible if one is decided and if with good intention. God be praised!

  13. Now, that is what you call listening to God’s idea’s.

    Albert Einstien said it in one sentence,
    “Imagination is more important than knowledge”.

    Thank you so much for sharing this angel message from Gods idea’s.

  14. Christine says:

    This was absolutely Beautiful!! I could have listened to it all night. I am up because I have cronic pain and just could not sleep so I checked my mail and found this and I must say for the short time of listening to this it not only took my mind off of my pain but it gave me such a peace, something that I struggle with when I am in this much pain. Thank You!

  15. Joyce Kinton says:

    Brilliant… music, peoplwho werent there
    Music brings such peace and singing with Angels is complete…..I beleive this may just be how we will be serenaded in our Heavenly Home… Joyce xx

  16. christine says:

    WOW! Absolutely amazing, such beautiful voices.
    Thank you for sharing such gifted singers into one choir and they weren’t there.

    What technology can do these days.
    Praise God for such an incredible, emotional experience, a gift to the senses. Thank you Eric and for all the participants.
    Brought tears to my cheeks. Beautiful,just beautiful.
    love to get a cd of this.

  17. Tikkie says:

    May GOD use their talents more for HIS GLORY

  18. Natasha says:

    This is just beautiful!!!!

  19. Elaine says:


  20. Christy Hall says:

    Wow and Amazing, How technology can be used for such beautiful things. Great Job Eric! Great Job all the singers, so peaceful, just what I needed to hear.

  21. Mandie says:

    Thank you for sharing this remarkable video. Absolutely beautiful!!
    I’ll pass it on to all my friends and family.
    God bless you.
    Love in Christ, Mandie.

  22. RONY A says:


  23. Gerald Lang says:

    It’s the most ammazeing thing I have ever seen. Eric is surley a master at what he does. I will be a fan for years to come. God Bless Jerry

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