A Funny Prayer For The Aging

When sweet “septuagenarian” Mary Maxwell was asked to give the invocation at a convention for senior-care experts she was honored to do so. She gave the opening prayer and then continued to do much more than that.

Her funny and thought invoking prayer gives new insight into the minds of our aging (aren’t we all?!) population.

If you know anyone who is aging or even who lives alone, this video will help open your eyes to a deeper understanding of their needs and concerns and fears but in a humorous way.

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22 Responses to “A Funny Prayer For The Aging”

  1. Brother Alvin Roy, says:

    It was so entertaining and do pray you will continue to give us seniors a Blessings. I am 84 yrs young and it is what you do that keeps us going.An “May God’s Blessings Be Upon you.” and all involved.forever more In Christ.Bro,Alvin Roy,

  2. Gina says:

    Thank you so much for the chuckles today..

  3. Jacqui says:

    Hello, what a good cheery smile i had today after listening to Mary , may she continue to be “Blessed” at speaking to us all …, young & seniors alike !

  4. Sarah B says:

    with an attitude like that you will never be “old” just happier. It is refreshing to hear someone like Mary since all we get from the youngsters “YOU ARE OLD!!!”, I say not “OLD” just more seasoned.

  5. Virgie says:

    Thanks for reminding me that I am not the only one dealing with the surprises we greet as we age. It made my day.

  6. Mona says:

    Yes know how she feels, although she really is “sharp” and bet she handles aging very well. She sounds like a fun lady. Have heard her b-4, great lady.

  7. Joan Vachon says:

    God bless Mary! She has an amazing sense of humour.
    When you listen to her speak she actually makes you feel younger.
    Joan Vachon

  8. Joan Cochran says:

    Mary, May god richly bless you, You have just made my day and I’m sure many many others….What an amazing sense of humor, and to such reality…If we can’t laugh at ageing, life would just be to much…

  9. Jane Reid says:

    I have heard this before, but it can be heard over and over. What a sense of humor and timing to get her message across. Thank you, God, for this talent you provide for us

  10. Long live Dear Marry…….we will imbibe patience to be nice to our elders….Thank you Darling!!!

  11. Yvonne M. McEwen says:

    At my age its so much the truth glad we can have a laugh I enjoyed this

  12. Libnygp says:

    Is it a prayer or a speech?

  13. margie says:

    This really made my day I hope I can be as witty as she was when I get old May God Bless her

  14. Rose says:

    Mary, thanks very much for your petitions for the aging people. You real have an amazing sense of humor. Your prayer & your funny talk gives new insight into the minds of the aging people. May the Lord God bless you richly.

  15. Franklin says:

    God is good. I love this reality with music.

  16. AL says:

    She is so sweet…

  17. michelle says:

    ..i like her voice…a music to the ear…down to earth..shes aging but still young at heart..i hope im one of her…when i reach at her age..thank you.

  18. Olive Pereira says:

    I look after my 88 yrs old mother and this video has taught me a few things to make my Mothers life better. God Bless Mary. I hope I age like her

  19. Absolutely hilarious! Blessed are they who are growing Old, Older & Oldest!

  20. Blondean Malcolm says:

    What a wonderful lady!! She has given innsight on aging but with a sense of humor. I believe she could be a comedian and defintely makes any age feel good.

  21. There may be some thing incorrect with your RSS feed. You should have a web designer take a look at it.

  22. At my age, 79, it’s very much the truth, I’m glad we can still have a great laugh. I enjoyed this so much. Bless you all.

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