How Great Thou Art by Carrie Underwood

Carrie Underwood grew up on her parents’ farm in the small rural town of Checotah, Oklahoma (current population is 3727).

She did not come from a musical family of any kind, yet, she grew up singing in church and school and talent shows around her area.

She tried out for American Idol at the urgings of her sorority sisters in college. Not only did Carrie win the 4th season, but since then she has continued to top the charts as a solo artist as well have her albums.

Right before our eyes, Carrie is becoming a prolific songstress and this rendition of How Great Thou Art (accompanied by Vince Gill) clearly shows why.

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25 Responses to “How Great Thou Art by Carrie Underwood”

  1. DON says:


  2. yvonne says:

    Truly amazing, God is within her and one can tell how much she loves him. WE need more Singers like her to let the world know how great thou art. Blessings

  3. jimmie Luna says:

    Tears of joy and Love filled my eyes. There are no words two express how I fee after see this son and the Lady who sang it. ETERNITY OF LOVE JIM&B&T’S

  4. newton says:

    simply superb

  5. Simply wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


  6. GERI DILLY says:

    I love Carrie and this song. They are both priceless, raised the hair on my neck and made my heart swell with love. Thank you for starting my day off right and God Bless.

  7. Joe Devadatta says:

    Great. She should sing the 3rd verse of the song also.

  8. Ed says:

    Shes the apple of Gods eye,and she presented Father God in all of His Splender and Glory.When one openly exalts God to millions He will bless you forever.God Bless You Carrie.You have indeed let Jesus take the wheel

  9. Buster says:

    Beautiful… simply beautiful!!! I remember thinking when she first appeared on ‘Idol’ that she had ‘IT’… then when her first release was “Jesus Take the Wheel” I was hooked!!! By the way, Vince did a great job on “Jesus Take the Wheel” also!!!

  10. kathy hosang says:

    Her voice reaches the depths of one soul! May God continue to use her voice in ministering to others. Truly superb!

  11. virginia carey says:

    I am very proud of our singers from Oklahoma Vince
    and Carrie for their outstanding voices. Of course
    we have many more from our great state of Oklahoma.

    God has truly blessed all of them.

  12. Crystal says:

    That is a great song, Carrie you done a great job singing that song Praise Our Lord for he is good he gave you a wonderful voice to sing and praise his name Keep it up praising Our Lord for you are a blessing to all that can hear.

  13. bev. says:

    Our Lord is alive and well thru people like Carrie..Let us all remember why we were placed on love and serve…

  14. Rose says:

    Beautiful! Carry Underwood’s good habit drove the success of her singing. Her excellence is got from her habit which she developed, not born with. That is real great. I wish our youths to have such a habit. Thanks for sharing the video.

  15. Joe Xavier says:

    Wonderful! Her sweet melodious voice resounds the greatness our Lord Jesus. You are gifted dear lady . May He bless you. Thanks for sharing the video. Joe

  16. Jenny says:

    Wow !! She sings beautifully. Thank you Carrie for the beautiful rendition of that amazing hymn. Loved it all through ! God bless you and your family abundantly, dear girl. Please continue to uplift our Lord and Saviour.

  17. augustine gayle says:

    She sounded absolutely splendid and was sang straight from her heart. How great is Our Lord? May God continue to bless her and her enriched voice. Enjoyed it!!

  18. Yes! How great He is!!! Amazing Love… Worthy to be praised!

  19. Nick Alfaro says:

    No words to describe this.Only love.

  20. Chrissy Martin says:

    What a witness!! Thanks Carrie for staying true for the world to see… heart was full of love and worship. Anybody know where I can get the DVD of that concert?

  21. Indeed,God always works in a marvelous deeds! His greatness and goodness is seen in His Creatures. Carrie is a living witness to this.

  22. Mary Dee says:

    Thank you! What an inspiration! May God continue to bless you as you bless His people through praising Him!

  23. Thea Nel says:

    Awesome song, beatifully done, keep up praising Him.

  24. Rosita says:

    If that song is as real to you as the person you sing about, don’t change at all because that song was a blessing to me. May God continue to use your voice to the Glory of God.

  25. Henry Kwan says:

    Good & praise the Lord. God bless..

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