Chorus Making It Rain

 Here is a great video of a chorus making the sounds of rain using their fingers and hands. The musical group that preformed this is: Perpetuum Jazzile

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42 Responses to “Chorus Making It Rain”

  1. I like this “Because” this is a very important element in Science for flowers, animals, for people!

  2. margaret says:

    was very impress by this video. so many people i know are depressed when it rains. I love to hear the rain. I”ve always said it was God’s way to clean the earth.

  3. ivanilsa says:

    Just close your eyes and.. feel the water. I like it.

  4. Yvonne Webb says:

    I love hearing the rain also. It is a the way God cleans the earth and the bottling mind of unconcern.

  5. carol says:

    I loved the rain. Blessed are we that hear it as music and see it as
    God cleaning the earth, the wind sweeping the earths’ floor of debris.
    The sound so comforting that we can close our eyes and sleep and feels
    good. The sound of thunder I hear Gods voice and feel his strength.
    Not all hear these sounds as such. Those who fight our wars sometimes
    come home not hearing rain the same. The thunder becomes the sound
    of gunfire or bombs, the rain, drenching of agent orange, the wind as a
    sound, not wanted, so they can hear the enemy.
    I don’t mean take away this beauty that has been created. Just that
    Iam thankful what I hear and blessed that I know to pray for the hearts
    that have given all for us and have served to keep other countries free.

  6. Zehera says:

    It reminded of my home town in Arusha, Tanzania. I really loved it.

  7. germa says:

    It’s just like music to my ears. It feels good coz rain and the sound of it makes me feel that God created one way of cleaning the earth.

  8. elie choueiry says:

    i love so much the storm
    my heart been beat double, amazing

  9. Shoghig says:

    Amazing and soooo well done job!!!

  10. Marie C. Marcelin says:

    It was fantastic the sound of falling water, the storm all were done beautifully.

  11. william green says:


  12. catalino generillo says:

    This is an eloquent testimonial that man is the most wonderful creation of nature. This time he imitates sounds of nature, not through his sense of speech, but through the silent parts of his physical being. I see the chorus as humanity in solidarity with nature’s life-sustaining element – the rain.

  13. lorna cababaan, MCM says:

    I love music, much more the natural instruments. LOVELY…. Thank God for the wonderful gifts he has given to each of us.

  14. The girls in action lwerned how to make it rain at camp. I enjoyed it then and here at this web-site. I have beem trying to explain this type of rain to others. They all lovw it!

  15. Nydia says:

    Praise the Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!! look at what can be done with your hands BEAUTIFUL

  16. Jennifer says:

    absolutely marvelous – such talent is remarkable!!!!!! May God bless the group and I thank them for sharing their talent with us. I enjoyed every second of the presentation. Thank you.


    great,such talent.

  18. Dee says:

    WOW!!! That was so cool!!! Amazing sequence of sounds!

  19. Neville Kasad says:

    It was “SUPERB”. If you just close your eyes and listen to the sound, it gives you the feeling of how beautiful nature is. Very well performed.

  20. Ahmed Makhdoom says:

    Beautiful! Simply beautiful!!

  21. arvind mohan singhal says:

    While watching the vedio I just closed my eys and listen to the beautiful sound of rain and felt like that I am lost to some other world with full of peace with hilarious moods. It is simply amazing & beautiful.

  22. nicole lacanlale says:

    WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is AWESOME!!!very talented people!! GLORY TO GOD HE MADE A VERY TALENTED PEOPLE LIKE THAT!! AMEN! :)

  23. Debra Jones says:

    This is the most awesom video I have ever seen. WOW

  24. maria millan says:

    Congratulations! So amazingly done. I thank God for the gift of hands and fingers and may God bless all in the chorus for sharing their talents. I can hear not only sounds of rain but also waterfalls.

  25. It is awsome. Very innovative idea. It is rainy season in India and I really thought for a while whether is it actually raining or not. Unbelieveable….great effort. I wish the team brings out something more like this. Any day, better than POP music. There is music in nature and the Great Maestro is above us.

  26. I too love the rain, thunder too. So cleansing…. Like being washed clean. I feel so close to the Lord when it rains.

  27. Florence says:

    This was amazing. God has given eveyone some kind of talent. You have to find it. I just closed my eyes and felt the rain. Perfect timing

  28. wow, this is simply amazing.

    I could not keep my mouth shut watching this.

  29. angie says:

    It’s amazing, it can touch thousands of people’s lives! great!

  30. angie says:

    Great and amazing, this can touch thousands of people’s lives!

  31. kunal shahdadpuri says:

    amazing unbelievable…………….. :)

  32. Sandi McVige says:

    Amazing! Brilliant!

  33. Marlene Marshall says:

    That was thrilling to hear, I just closed my eyes, and it was amazing.

  34. Shyam Sunder Sharma says:

    It is unique and innovative.It is amazing and beautiful. It should be dedicated to Rain God- Indra

  35. Sadaf says:

    WOW!!!! NNICE!!!! :)

  36. Rupalkumar Buch says:

    Totally believable.. as the great ancient vocal singesr like Tansen, Narsingh Mehta were able to bring rain on earth with their songs, were able to contact GOD .. how amazing all ! That is what I always think ; How the Creater would be , whose creations (Universe) is full of amazement and beauty.!

  37. Claudia says:

    Great! just GREAT! love it.

  38. Absolutely great!!!, God sent us rain to drink of it ,i had thunder and
    rain here a couple of hrs’ ago ,i took tv off because of lighting,i feared
    about lighting all my life,my grand-father was killed by it,as he was going
    into the woods to get wood for his fireplace,he had an ax on his
    shoulder, he was late in coming home ,the family went out there and
    found him all blueish and all his bone’s were broken, i pray now that i
    know how wonderful God is so allmighty,Jesus said do as i did while he was in the boat with his diciple’s he said :o h ye of little faith,just say
    peace be still,and the calm came. i do that too it help’s. try it.
    i really love the rain sounds. i’ll pass the video to my daughter &all.

  39. Gabriela says:

    it reminded me a day at night when everything seemed dark and i went to the balcony and start talking to God as a friendy understanding real person as He is with that understandig in start raining and I coudnt leave i was getting wet but since that day the rain has a diferent meaning and feeling to me . this is a great , inspirational group.

  40. bea says:

    amazing video ;-)

  41. Betty says:

    Iloved the sound of the rain . It soothes the soul. The thunder reminds me that God is in control !!!!

  42. Tk says:

    its really nice to hear

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