Letters From A Soldier

It’s easy to be moved by this touching video.

Although Memorial Day is a day of remembrance for those who have died while serving in our military, this video makes it easy to imagine the homecoming that would occur if our missing loved ones were to return home.

Many of us will be visiting our national cemeteries this weekend to pay homage to our patriots.  As we remember our fallen heroes , may we also remember and  continue to pray, and hope for the safe return of those who still work daily at protecting our freedom.

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40 Responses to “Letters From A Soldier”

  1. Zehera Kassam says:

    If this video contains content from WMG who has blocked in than why it was posted?

  2. I could not watch this video, due to copyright problems.

    Yet. I would like to say one thing.
    I have always wished that wars and violence would disappear from our world.
    And I am also wishing the safe home-coming for all soldieres in the world.

    God taught me that
    if I keep praying “Infinite Happiness for All Living Beings of this Universe,” wars and violence will disappear at least from my world.
    I hope that other people will eliminate wars and violence and all kinds of saddness from one’s world in the same way.

  3. Yes, rightly asked by Mr. Zehera. Once content is not available, then why to waste others time?

    Site/Newsletter Editor, please respond and also remove this link so as to save others time and energy!

  4. anthony bauwens says:

    Its a waste of space not being able to see nothing.Why send it? You are wasting my time…

  5. raylene Murdock says:

    i am disapointed that i was not able to watch the video of ” letters from a soldier” if by any chance that u can remove the copywrite, by nego with “WMG” so that we can share these, touching letters from a soldier. They must have been special, or u would not have put them on ur web site for us 2 c. It is a shame that other people would block it so as not 2 let others be touched by these letters. Iam sure that u r disapointed & frustrated also, as it takes time 2 set things like this. So u others who r condeming these people on the website about not beening able 2 view the video, take a breath & think how u would feel, if this was ur work that got copywrited, by some one else. This has been out of their control. So lighten up a bit, take a happy pill & chill. There r many more wonderful ,inspiring video’s 2 watch, this one video is not the end of the world. Raylene

  6. Shirley Howard says:

    Always enjoy looking at these videos,even though they cause me to shed tears,dissapointed not being able to see this one but guess to come .

  7. Jill says:

    Why would WMG not allow others to see something beautiful? What is s/he afraid others would steal? How very sad for this person to have so much doubt and fear.

  8. Norm says:

    I agree with the previous respondents. why are you wasting everyones time with the promise of a video tgat you had no right to be posting any way/

  9. Kim says:

    Can’t you block the music from the video and just play the video?

  10. Rose says:

    I am just grateful to the soldiers who offer their lives to protect the people & the country we live in though I miss watching the video. May Almighty God have mercy on them & protect them also & always.

  11. Pat says:

    Why is this blocked and why did you send it if it was blocked???????????Please see if you can find another for this Memorial Week-end Let’s all pray for all our troops who are away from home protecting all of us.

  12. Diana says:

    I too, am disappointed not to view the video – planned
    on sending it to many who would care – please screen
    videos in future so this does not happen again. And
    please do NOT remove music from your videos as most
    times it greatly adds to the emotional value of the
    video. God Bless our soldiers afar and here at home
    for all they do and give up for the rest of us. And
    I’m sure all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice of their precious lives, are secure and safe
    in a special place in heaven. Diana

  13. Glenys says:

    I concur,if this is posted,why have you block it.

  14. Mary Lou says:

    “You are wasting my time” … “You are wasting my time
    and energy” Gripe1 Gripe!! gripe!!! Complain! Complain!!
    Complain!!! How do the “complainers” accept real crosses
    in life? You are hard up for something to complain about!
    Consider all of the wonderful and inspiring videos and
    stories we have received! Are you as quick to express
    your gratitude as you are to complain? Stop glorying
    in the negative!!!

  15. Ann says:

    It is not fair to those with limited time to leave this blocked video up. Why would you waste others’ time?

  16. Char says:

    why is this posted if the copyright blocks it?

  17. sean says:

    For some reason my firewall or virus software or powers-that-be are preventing me from watching adobe movies. I’ve been locked out since the upgrade. Life.

    I often wonder how long it would take, without highway state cops, for there to be highway robbery again. I wonder, how long, without the military, at this state of under-Christianity, would it take for foreign nations to attack our soil.

  18. DeloresTaylor says:

    I watch this video and it brought tears to my eyes. Our soldiers do so much for us and we do not do enough for them. I see people not put there hand over there hearts when the American Flag goes by and some don’t pay any attention to the veterans walking in parades. If it were your son, husband, or just a friend fighting in a strange land for your freedom would you act differently then? I can’t believe the people in this country. Maybe they should go to countries that have no freedom of speech,religion, and those who suffer everyday from a dictator that treats them as if they were just a person in there way. May the Lord Jesus Christ be with us all because we are inconsitate people. Thank you to all the soldiers who have fought, Gotten wounded, and died for us. May God forgive us all for treating our soldiers like we do. Please think about this! Delores

  19. Richard from BC says:

    Dolores thank you for your post. You could not say it better. To all angry posts above: i thought it is an inspiration site so why so many angry posts. if you think you are wasting your time here i am sure you could find a proper site for youself. Mary Lou thank you as well. video, just like made for this site!!!!!

  20. augustine gayle says:

    Enjoyed the video very much especially the words to the song. The singer’s voice was very fitting to the words and tune. Thank you and God bless you.

  21. Wonderful Video. Powerful expression. The singer’s voice is really soul-touching. Being an Ex-Air Warrior myself, (though our services are not recognised in India), I really moved by seeing this video. A soldier remains a soldier in whatever part of the world he serves.

    Kudos to the creators, especially to the SINGER! God Bless all!

  22. Priyanthi says:

    Really touching I have experience those stages, my father was in the Army [dead]. My brother is still serving for the forces [Army] during war time I always pray for him and others, for a slightest thing I wake up in the night and pray,I can remember how many sleepless night I had during war time. Thank God there’s no war now. my husband was in the Navy retired ,Now my son has joined to the Air Force. I ask God Peace on earth.

  23. Janice says:

    Tears of joy!!

  24. Judy says:

    I watch the video and it was good and I thouight everyone should at less go to youtube.com it is on there too…. if you like to see the video.

    Just look for “Letters From A Soldier”

  25. Marri says:

    Titled on Utube,
    Letters from War
    sung by Mark Schultz

  26. Nazneen Ousmand says:

    How much ever we understand the fact that war is a waste of lives,money ,time and energy; until Politicos rule this precious world ,WAR is UNEVITABLE and they are the only ONE’s who are benefited .

  27. KARI says:


  28. Jeanie says:

    God bless our military. Nice video!

  29. raylene Murdock says:

    To ‘Delores’ Thank u for ur post, it is refreshing 2 c that someone out theerein cyber space is not complaining but standing up 4 the soliders & the veterens. I agree with u that people should stop COMPLAINING & BUILD A BRIDGE 7 GET OVER IT. What u complainers have nothing better 2 do with ur life. As christians we should be prasing God 4 sites like these, reaching out 2 people, who would not hear any thing of god otherwise, & hear u r complaining like little children. I am sick of the post of u that do nothing but complain,i have had enough of it. Go some where else& complain where u r appreiated. If that does not work, go & READ MY PREVIOUS POST 2 THIS ‘RAYLENE
    that is all @ the moment.

  30. Olivia says:

    i’ve never been able to view one video. don’t know why i keep wasting time trying to do so..


  32. Kareena Callaghan says:

    Thank you

  33. Cathy says:

    this is a wonderful song and video. Not being American, I can still appreciated the sentiments offered in it and it tells thier story so well. Thank you

  34. betty lister says:

    I was able to watch the video and it was very heart warming. Maybe those who can’t have a problem with their computer?

  35. liz says:


  36. Judy says:

    Hell to you all,I enjoyed watching this video it makes you wonder how we can go threw so many war’s and keep fighting got this country. I am An AMERICAN AND PROUD OF IT. My Father fought in to wars,WWII AMD THE KOREAN WAR,My Older brother was in veitnam war. and I am proud of them. I HOLD MY HEAD HEIGHT FOR ALL THE FIGHTING WOMEN AND MEN FIGHTING ION ALL THE WARS AROUND THE WORLD.The main war there fighting is missing there familys and there friends. So don’t make fun of this video because a son or daughter is writing home to there love ones. I write to soldiers so they all know I stand behind them in there fight for YOU , ME, AND THERE FREIDN, FAMILY AND THIS COUINRTY WE CALL THE UNTIED STATE OF AMERICA. GOD BLESS OUR SOLDIERS MEN AND WOMEN,, God Bles you and the world ,,,

  37. Judy says:

    Sorry meant Hello to you all. not that other word..

  38. Sady Quotesr says:

    I literally cried reading this!

  39. Sady Quotesr says:


  40. Sady Quotesr says:

    Salute! Sir! this was awesome

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