Christian Comedian Mark Lowry Talks With An Unbeliever

Mark Lowry is best known for the song he co-wrote  titled: “Mary Did You Know”.  However, his talents as a songwriter are hugely overshadowed not only by his stellar Baritone vocals with the Southern Gospel group The Gaither Vocal Band but also by his talents as a Christian comedian.

In this funny video, Mark Lowry, with his impeccable wit and humor shares the conversation he had with a self proclaimed unbeliever.

Mark’s message is simple and logical and filled with the wisdom that comes from a knowing faith and of course it’s very funny!

You can read more  about Mark and hear his beautiful song “Mary Did You Know” by going to this link:

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13 Responses to “Christian Comedian Mark Lowry Talks With An Unbeliever”

  1. Walt Friesen says:

    I like your logic – the bang thing makes no sense

  2. Judy Adams says:

    I liked your part about the watch, made since.
    Hope she got it.

  3. Jerry Burger says:

    by your comic approach it may be a way to get the message across to some of “them”. How ever could “them” think we could love, cry, hope and rejoice if it weren’t for GOD’S Blessings

  4. jill corry says:

    Nothing can happen without a force behind it. God is that force. Alleluia!

  5. phillip says:

    Wow This is great stuff .What a way to connect people with God

  6. John Blanchard says:

    This is no design without a designer.

  7. Slosonczy says:


  8. Maurice Lampl says:

    I’d appreciate an excerpt of his comments to this unbeliever.. I am deaf and unable to hear his comments via his video, so I am missing out…..

  9. Stella Thalluri says:

    What a lovely ‘watch theory’ to dispute ‘Big Bang’ and support creation!! I love the “thumb body” expression for DNA uniqueness!!

  10. Maurice Lampl says:

    Wish I could “hear’ his comments.. What’s a deafie to do when he cannot hear the dialogue of the video???

  11. Christopher Starr says:

    Wow! “Thum body” that is unique and what a way to explain faith.

  12. Doris Jamison says:

    Wish the video was longer! Mark is a wonderful comedian with such an important message the world needs to hear.

  13. Jon says:


    Basically he is talking politics with some friends and others that they’ve invited. He says he votes one way because he believes in God and so on, and one lady says she doesn’t believe in God.

    He says that he doesn’t have enough faith to not believe in God, to believe that order came from chaos. Order never comes from chaos.

    He likens it to his watch. If he took it apart, put all the pieces in a paper bag, and shook it for billions of years…he doesn’t have enough faith that after all that, he’d end up with a working watch, that keeps time.

    “Look at your thumb print. That’s an original. You’re thumb-body” Again he states that he doesn’t have enough faith to believe that order comes from chaos.

    “For us to know God, he’d have to find us. The best we can do is send a Tonka truck to mars…”

    Sorry I can give you an exact transcript…my cliff notes miss much of the humor :)

    But that’s the gist of it. Hope it helps.

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