What Do You Fear? The Fearless Factor! Still Fearless at 57

I was very fortunate to have met the lady in the video you are about to watch and she was very inspiring!!!
To see someone of her age going strong and talking about FEAR was really astounding! 

I just did an audio interview with Jacqueline and it was great! 
Click play to listen.

PS. Post a comment about what you fear and how you’re going to overcome it. It’s time to stand up and fight back! Also, if you have time check out her website too at www.TheFearlessFactorBook.com and www.FearlessFactor.com.

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29 Responses to “What Do You Fear? The Fearless Factor! Still Fearless at 57”

  1. novella says:

    can’t hear it so lneed to see it written out. nh

  2. Victoria says:

    God bless you Jacqueline, you are such an overcomer. May your success keep on growing. Thank you for such an uplifting testimony on “No Fear Here!”

  3. shirley reynard says:

    A very inspiring video many thanks…

  4. maria says:

    My fear was that I would be attacked from behind.I had this experience
    and I over came the fear by going out on my own and stopped looking behind every few minutes

  5. Elizabeth says:

    Honour and Glory to our Holy and Living God – His love is simply awesome!

  6. Rosa says:

    I was so focused on my fear of death that I was not living, My awakening came this saturday when I went kayaking. I realized I would rather die LIVING and experiencing than die not having lived at all. The outcome will be the same regardless, so why fear it. Fear is the only obstacle in a persons life. The whole world is there for us to experience.

  7. rhonda says:

    The best way I overcame fear was to memorize Psalms 91 and believe it!

  8. Estella says:

    “Thank You, very inspiring video. Fear of being alone, since my Husband went to be with the Lord, I pray always and ask the Lord to take it away. Thank You , again, God Bless You and Yours.

  9. rick garcia says:


  10. Anita says:

    I battle fears every morning …but the AA principles are helping me to overcome….I pray one day to conquer fear! Awesome message Thanx!

  11. Cecilia says:

    A wonderful clip to watch at the time of my trough, very inspiring!

    Where’s my outlet as I am always surrounded by lazy appraising officers who only produced tainted reports by hearsay and caused me jobless for years? Your transformation is just another legend. I don’t think I will be anther you, and this is not my dream. My dream is to pray and ask God for mercy and the healing power for reinstating my healthy state in body, mind and working power. What I admire you is your positive thinking that enables you to overcome fear, darkness, hopeless, weakness, fatigue, reluctant to do something you don’t feel like to do, but the healing power that lead you to stand up and go ahead with infinitive stretch. My transformation is to be enliven by a decent old job and supportive friends so as to regain my dignity and respect as norm!


  12. Sahiti says:

    Very nice..:)

  13. olga says:

    thanks to your video i was thinking i was alone or i needed to see a doctor but you just gave me the tool to do it my self i’ll keep you posted on how i do.

  14. Ranesh Bharadwaj says:

    ” Thank U” best way I overcame fear was since I went to be with the lord in our hearts, mind and soul

  15. HELEN FENECH says:

    I live fearless. I’d like very much to see the Lord but at the same time I love my family. But beleive me I wish that when God calls me it will be just the right time when I’m 100% close to him.


  16. Sphiwe Thera says:

    This is awesome and very true, fear is the best anemy of faith, so if we have faith in God and his son Jesus why fear? As the Bible says ”Finally brethren be strong in the Lord and in the power of his mighty. so we definately need to understand that we are not alone when fear attacks, The Lord is always by our side. Thank you Jaqueline for this wonderful inspiration. God bless you.

  17. What do we fear most. Its not fear of injury or death. Its not even the fear of losing money, status or losing near and dear ones. We only Fear the Unknown. If we have faith in the Lord Almighty, we will fear nothing. It is your attitude in life that makes you overcome fear. To develop that attitude, we must read a lot, attend sermons, interact with as many, visit places, be with the nature, etc. Life is to be enjoyed. One must live life for others as much as he / she wants to live for himself / herself.
    God will help us to get over all obstacles.
    Col Siddhartha Bose
    Raipur, India

  18. Nancy says:

    how to get passed the sabotaging of my career. It was done to me by two women I had hired, I was the boss, and what ever I did to try and stop it , short of sue, did not change it. My boss is a known conflict avoidance and the two shortly realized they could get away with anything.
    I have not been able to get a job in my chosen field do to it. I did contact an attorney and he could only sympathize that it happened to me and that it seem to be a common occurrence in offices today. I have been seeing a therapist since but continue to have trouble. I have never had any trouble getting a job and now just thinking about entering another office causes distress. I do take the recommended RX but they don’t help either. It is causing a problem in my marriage and at this point I feel that I should just let him go and not have to live with it anymore.
    I am glad I happened to open this email to you site,, normally I wouldn’t but intuition must be at play. At least this time I listened. I have been reading a lot of books and I feel getting yours will be a great next step.
    Just writing this down is helpful. I am tired of being increasingly afraid and at this point paralyzed by it. It is a small town and gossip travels fast.
    I would leave and start over elsewhere but selling a house is just not going to happen in the recession. I couldn’t be more stuck.
    Thank you for listening.

  19. anonymous says:

    I fear I will fail in my business and not be able to provide for my family. I fear the embarrassment of performing poorly. Thanks for the encouraging video. I am placing my trust in God.

  20. vippin says:

    Your life is an testimony to many. Trust this bring light not only on positive thinking to many but in the event many are get to the saving grace & knowledge of Christ. He is the Source, Author and Finisher of all good works.

  21. yolanda says:

    Thanks for such an inspiring video! I am 55 and considering to get out there and find employment; my age has been holding me back. Have been a caregiver to my grandchildren for many years; never done anything else but financial situations have made it necssary to start looking for work. Seeing this testimony has given me courage to look into it; thanks again.

  22. margaret says:

    awesome…. Kudos for being so strong in outgrowing your fear factor I hope I can do the same way.

  23. Rachel says:

    greatly inspiring many thanks

  24. Bayani G. Apolinario says:

    Amazing positive thinking!

  25. ABDUL CADIR says:

    i am always in angry mood and when i reached at home my
    mood is not good and entire family member suffer this thing

  26. Mr B.Apicella (Rino) says:

    Do not be afraid says the Lord. Put your trust in Me and not man. I am a faithful God. Trust and obey little by little and your mind your heart and your soul will grow with less and less fear till you will reach the point that by focusing on My words of wisdom fear will fade away from your innerself. Enjoy Dominion over all things by following the only truth, the only way and the only peace. Whoever beleives in Him will know He is there, for GOD said and says now, today and tomorrow : This is my beloved son, with whom i am welll pleased, listen to Him. Listen to Him. Listen to Him.

  27. Stephan Potgieter says:

    Very good and inspiring!! Love all your quotes.

  28. irian v. agravante says:

    thanks so much, this inspires me, i once live my days trusting no one, and its really depressing.

  29. gisele says:

    this is a great speech you go girl

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