When You Feel Like Giving Up

Are you struggling today? We’ve all been there. You can press forward no matter what!
In all 150 of the Psalms, the phrase I will was sung 140 times.
When Asaph was disillusioned with the circumstances in his life, he sang, “I will meditate on all Thy works…I will remember your deeds.”
When David was wondering if God heard his cries for help, he said, “I will come into your house; in reverence I will bow down.” And when he felt like he was being defeated, he sang “I will know that God is for me…I will not be afraid.”
The Psalmists didn’t say “I think” or “I feel” or “I should” it was “I Will.” Saying “I Will” is a determined course of action.
Today start your day with “I Will…”

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2 Responses to “When You Feel Like Giving Up”

  1. tharshini says:

    thank you soo very much for sharing this video..it means a lot as i have been there too…just wished i had seen this earlier…i was diagnosed of having a fistula 2 weeks after i came to india for studies..since then i have already undergone 5 operations and had to manage wit studying as well with all the pain…im soooo glad i managed to cross the finish line…im doin my internship now and m currently on a break as i just did the last operation 3 weeks back…thank you sooo much for sharing it…really means soooo much

  2. Lalita Janke says:

    I volunteer with young women who are recently released from incarceration due to addictions.They want to change but due to a number of reasons they find themselves faced with the same challenges that tested them previosly. I am always on the look out for ideas and programs that give them the support they need; body, mind and spirit. Little videos and stories (parables) are like B12 shots boosting and spuring them on to keep on track and pass the 6 month hurdles to stay clean. Thank you for the support of this inspirational site. I get uplifted by your materials and may be others do too. There are many of us who find our purpose of life is helping people rise up to face another day and win another internal battle against the dergogatory judgements of others. Any time any one extends a steady helping hand, to a sister or brother, we change our world and theirs. Thank you, I am grateful for your sharing and I will express my joy and blessings by forwarding this to others on my email list.

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