Jessica The Family Hippo

Here is a funny story about a hippo as a family pet. You have to watch it to believe it.

Let us know what you think about this funny story in the comments section below.

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81 Responses to “Jessica The Family Hippo”

  1. Sal says:

    Thanks so much for sharing this amazing story of Jessica!
    She is truly blessed in her ‘parents’.

    It was lovely seeing her and the dog snuggle up and sleep.
    I guess we humans have much to learn from our four footed friends!


  2. Judy Arola says:

    This is a wonderful video! I love animals and when they love you back
    nothing is better. God really knows what he’s doing. I wish I could say
    the same for humans more often.

  3. Branka says:

    Fascinated, thank you for this. seems that love is something that can make a pet from a beast! lots of love,


  4. FELICIA says:

    Really Blessed to be able to live in harmony and Yeah you are so right God really works wonders. Why can’t peple live together in harmony.

    God Bless

  5. Ellen Skidmore says:

    I love it. I didn’t grow up with pets, and I still have a difficult time touching them, and I sure don’t like them licking me, but, I really do wish I had a puppy so I could find out all the stuff I missed. Thank you for sharing this. Ellen Skidmore

  6. sandy cee says:

    Well this did put a smile on my face. However I do wonder at the wisdom of taking a “wild” animal out of its natural environment and allowing it to be bedded, fed, and anything else like a human.
    No wonder Jessica won’t leave – I wouldn’t either if I had a great human family who wanted to look after me so well!
    Thanks for sharing, I think?

  7. m.m mooney says:

    What an adorable story. The best part for me was that Jessica (hippo was allowed to leave at any time. She was not being held against her will and that the treatment of her was so good and human. Thanks for the feel good video!!!!!!!!

  8. mm mooney says:

    I just wrote “human” when I meant to write “humane…”

  9. aman momin says:

    If animal can understand the langauage of love and be faithful to thier owner, why can’t we human be the same to our lord – Almighty God.

  10. Brenda Trog says:

    I think this is amazing. It’s what life is all about; “helping one another” it sure made me smile. God made us all to be happy and this made me happy.
    Thank you for sharing…

  11. Alice says:

    This video of Jessica with her family was absolutely “Awesome” and so touching, I loved it. Thank you for sharing it and now I will share it!

  12. Alice says:

    This video of Jessica with her family was absolutely \"Awesome\" and so touching, I loved it. Thank you for sharing it and now I will share it!

  13. aileen c. says:

    I love this video….If a cruel animal knows how to give love in return so as a criminal knows how to love too..God is so great.He gives stories and testimonies that will inspire us …and reminds us that there is a Living God who controls everything…

  14. Nancyd says:

    What an amazing bond you all have. Animals are so cool. You open your heart and look at the possibilities

  15. Ramona Perry says:

    This has to be the most wonderful video I have seen for a long time. The caring and compassion, even to the point of going into her home for a snack. It is fantastic to see people interact with large animals . You can actually see the love and contentment in her eyes when she is being put to bed. It sure touched my heart. Thank you for being you.

  16. Carrie Logan says:

    This vidoe is great. It is so wonderful to see people be open to reach out to what ever animal God puts in our path. You can see that the hippo is very happy and without these people she would not have had a chance at life. I rescue and rehab small wildlife and it touches my heart to see others out there doing the same. Thank you for sharing this with me.

  17. ems t says:

    simply amazing!

  18. Joan Vachon says:

    Can you imagine if you had a visitor over who was unaware that you
    owned a hippo and all of a sudden the door opens and in comes this
    hippo the visitor could faint.
    I really felt that it was a very warm, funny but heartfelt story.

    Joan Vachon
    St. Thomas, Ont.

  19. hernantolopia says:

    it was a very unussual pet; but, jessica and her family give the hippo unconditional love.. awesome! it only shows, how is human takes care of animals, being entrusted to them by God..

  20. Gail says:

    Love this!!!! W e can love anything if we have a heart to..God bless those who made the video and God bless Jessica..

  21. Jane Reid says:

    It is an interesting experience for this family. I am not convinced that Jessica loves her family, but certainly is dependent on them. The dog accepts her, sleeping next to her, but was stepped on when they both tried to get through the door. I question whether Jessica would care too much if she damaged or killed her accidentally. Wild animals do have that wildnest in them that turns on their keepers even after years of being given human love. I think many people believe that the animal thinks, reacts, and loves as the human does. They were not created this way.

  22. MireyaInParis, really in NYC says:

    Sweet story. Warmed my heart and placed a smile.

  23. ivy says:

    a very interesting video.. i loved it.. its incredible!!

  24. Joeline Muller says:

    Fantastic.!!!! I tamed a lot of njalas, buschbuck, zebra, girrafe etc. Would’hve loved a hippo! Its right, they feel like family and you the same about them. Im allso staying in South Africa.

  25. Celestite says:

    This is not a “funny” story, as you put it, it is a truly inspiring and meaningful story. It demonstrates, what I have always known in my heart and soul, that all life is One…. Our Beloved Creator plays hide and seek with Himself through countless forms He creates and animates…. If we go just a little beyond the surface reality of appearances, we very clearly sense that the life in a hippo, a dog, a bird, a flower or a star is the same life that we call our own…. How truly AWESOME it all is…..
    Blessings to all……….

  26. Bobbie says:

    I loved this story – just awesome how gentle animals can be and how awesome some people are! And our God is an awesome God!

  27. Mary Ann says:

    JESSICA, What a beauty , I do believe animals are our gifts from God, THANK YOU I can’t stop smiling.

  28. ron says:

    i loved that video , now wouldn’t it be nice if pepole could get along that good

  29. Janet Warne says:

    I have not been able to view this clip for a long long time. I love to forward it to people overseas.

    Please could you let me know what has happened?
    Janet Warne

  30. Janet Warne says:

    I am sorry – I dont understand what you mean with regards to my query.

    I cannot view the above website – have not been able to for nearly a year.

    What is the problem? Please could you fix it?

  31. Unable to watch the video because of too many ads. Pse unsubscribe me, these are becomeing a source of both annoyance and almost as bad as spam !

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