David Garibaldi Portrait of Christ

Here is a video with world renown artist David Garibaldi painting a picture of Christ. You must watch this video till the very end to see the completed artwork. It’s amazing.

Don’t forget to leave your comments about this wonderful artist.

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284 Responses to “David Garibaldi Portrait of Christ”

  1. nena atienza says:

    Inspiring and amazing gift for such a talent. God bless you!

  2. Elsa Lemin says:

    OWESOME!!!! what a beautiful GOD given talent, thank you for sharing.May you continue to be blessed as much as you bless us, with your wonderful ability. Elsa

  3. Joel Aldape says:

    David, may you continue using your talent to honor God.

  4. jennie says:

    awesome! what a God given talent! thanks for sharing such talents. Keep up! and continue serving our Lord….

  5. Thank you David for beautiful talent of are GOD.

  6. Maridez says:

    AWESOME!To God be the glory.
    Thanx for being a blessing and for sharing your labor of love!

  7. Rose Matinac says:

    Beautiful ! What a wonderful God given talent David Garibaldi ? Take good care of your heavenly gift. Use it the way it’s meant to be. Your art work is priceless.

  8. jerry says:

    excellent ,really he talented by god ,keep it up dear ,pls draw more on bible,all the best wishes from jerry and friends

  9. Amazingly anointed! Continue on David, God smiles as you deliver His message of love in your work!! “Go into all the world and preach the “good news” to the utter most parts of the world.” Use words when necessary. ;)

  10. Janet Lew says:

    Awesome, can you paint a picture of Jesus at the garden of Gethesamene for you?

  11. stacey says:

    bwoy this young man is turly talented GOD has given each of us talents surely he his bless

  12. Susie Alex says:

    Awesome God given talent. May God use you more David

  13. Brother David,

    You have left me at “AWE”. That is an awesome show of talent that God has put in you. Keep letting him use you for his glory and edification of his people. God bless you.

    your brother in Christ Jesus

  14. Elaine says:

    David is truly blessed by the Holy Spirit. Thank you for blessing me. Elaine

  15. Anna says:

    God bless you. God has already imprinted His image on your heart before you paint it. May God continue to show you His grace, mercy and wonders.

  16. Luz Riego de Dios says:

    David, God is truly with you and Him be praised for His glory and honor in you! Pursue sharing Jesus’ life whenever, wherever you are… Blessings and graces to life everlasting as our destiny and God’s gift is my prayer for us all whom you touched with the Face of Jesus…

  17. Teresa & Colm says:


  18. Diane Strain says:

    David, David, David! I’m blown away. I’m an artist AND A CHRISTIAN! My talents could not possibly stretch to reach the heights you have…I know it. Your artistic eye and YOUR FAITH shine through, in your actions and in your work. You touched my soul! Thank you, thank you!!!! May you always be Blessed and Protected by the blood of our Lord, Jesus Christ.
    Peace to you…..

  19. Mike Martin says:

    Beautiful work and God-given talent.
    But – why oh why must it be claimed to be a painting of Jesus, when it could be anybody! If we are honest in God’s Truth we cannot help but admit that no one knows what Christ looked like. Long hair or short? Bearded or clean-shaven? Colour of eyes?
    There must be millions of paintings and ikons in churches of all sizes, museums and souvenir shops all over the world of a long-haired man in a multitude of ethnic appearances that claim to be, want to be or are blindly and unthinkingly ASSUMED to be of Jesus. In God’s name, please admit that no one knows what He looked like and give up this ridiculous pretence.
    (Signed) Fellow-Christian insisting on God’s Truth.

  20. Mary Ann says:

    WOW! Now that is something that can’t be learned,God has showed you favor,THANK YOU for letting it flow, We all have our own perception of what God looks like, look in the mirror,We are made in his image,how nice.

  21. Virginia Phillips says:

    wow = I was blown away by the beauty of watching you paint and move………….truly amazing painting and talent

  22. Lori says:

    You made me cry, how beautiful. loved it.

    thank you

  23. Margit says:

    Painting and moving same time and with gorgeous talent, very impressive. Thanks for sharing this.

  24. Ann Vinson says:

    Awesome! What a joy to see His face appear. You are so blessed to be able to tap into His power. God bless you.

  25. lito says:

    good talent but over acted tought he was into wushu

  26. Greg says:

    this is amazing!! ;) i was already seeing God’s face before he turned the picture over. then, as he continued, i saw it another way!! this man has a gift!

  27. Angi says:

    This is what I call the guidance of the Holy Spirit. David is gifted.

  28. May Samaan says:

    its a God gift ,used to draw his son ….amazing ,you deserve the gift

  29. wong sang says:

    Wonderfully awesome!!

    Keep up the manifestation of God expressing through your gifted hands sharing generously with everyone

    Endless Blessings to David

  30. Evangelina says:

    I cannot open it. please re-send it to me, it must be a blessing to see this. Thank you kindly. God bless.
    eva@casiano.com Garibaldy potrait of Christ.

  31. June says:

    was unable to view. Please resend.

  32. Lynn E Steeves says:

    I cannot view. Please resend.

  33. Unable to watch the video because of such a bloody array of ads, that I do not wish to see. IF I am unable to simply watch your excellent clips without all this rubbish that goes with it, please unsubscribe me. Thanks.

  34. N.Ramani says:

    Wonderful.God given talent Thanks for sharing.

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