Paul Nicklen – Face off With a Deadly Predator

 Renown National Geographic Photographer Paul Nicklen takes us on a voyage with him.  We get to see first hand and up close how the filming of a deadly predator turned into the filming of a friend.  Watch as a Leopard Seal in Antarctica shows his true color.


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10 Responses to “Paul Nicklen – Face off With a Deadly Predator”

  1. denise says:

    pretty amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  2. amala says:

    It’s really so aweinspiring to see you come face to face with this animal…wow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. amala says:

    I wonder struck…………….

  4. Andria says:

    What an awesome encounter!!

  5. Jacquelyn says:

    The seal must have sensed your benign aura — not feeling threatened, she probably felt instinctively maternal/nurturing toward you… Would that we could interact everywhere thus…

  6. Nila Aguirre says:

    That was quite amazing. Paul was so braved to make face off with the Sea Leopard. Message to Paul -> Take care and may God always be with you in all your activities.

  7. albert fleet says:


  8. Ron says:

    Mr. Nicklen’s photos and story are amazing.
    Too bad he does not pronounce correctly the continent he visited.
    It’s “Antarctica,” Paul, not “Anartica.” (There’s a big “c” sound and a big “t’ sound that you skipped over.)

    Also, editors of your story seem oblivious to correct spelling.
    Mr. Nicklen is a “renowned” photographer, not a “renown”
    photographer. To “renown” someone is to honor him. So Nicklen
    could be called an “honored” photographer, but not be an
    “honor” photographer.

    Get it? Were those high school grammar classes a big waste?

  9. Elizabeth says:

    I thought the photos incredible and applaud the photographer. Ron has too much time on his hands if the only thing he can comment on is the grammar.

  10. Vanisia says:

    This iis an remarkable experience to watch. It actually shows Gods love in action. Animals are Gods gifts to teach us that we have something yet to learn to reach His kind of love and concern. Animals, Plants and all living things, have the capability to love and be loved, but they don’t engage with greed and jealousy as the Human part of His creation does. I sincerely hope that this animal will teach many of us that caring for something besides yourself will always bring an outstanding experience for us. It makes us want to know more about Gods loving ways, and gives us an opportunity to see and touch what Jesus teaches us in Scripture. God bless this Gentleman for a most wonderful adventure and thank you for sharing it with all of us here in Cyberspace.

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