Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake

One cannot help but watch in awe and amazement when watching this ballerina.  The next time we feel stiff and achy we should stop and realize what an amazing miracle our bodies are.  We are capable of so much.  Although this Prima Ballerina is the extreme example, this video is proof that that we are capable of so much if we work smart and focus. 

If you

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48 Responses to “Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake”

  1. bartolome gaston says:

    it is an impressive acrobatic ballet. however, we have to think deeper and appreciate more how much pain, discpline and practice these people have to put in to achieve this level of performance.

  2. Dean says:

    My Bible tells me we are to dress in modest apparel and there is nothing modest about the clothes these people are wearing. We wonder why so many men are hooked on pornography now but they would have to go around with their eyes shut almost to keep from seeing scantily clothed women any more. It is on TV, internet, the “arts”, ect. I cannot understand how any Christian would get pleasure in watching this.

  3. barbara says:

    Totally awesome !

  4. Ken G. says:

    That was truly amazing to watch. I agree with Bartolome that when you think of what goes into being able to perform at that level, it just makes it that much more remarkable when you watch it.

  5. Karen says:

    Absolutely amazing and most beautiful.

  6. As beautiful and acrobatic that it is, there was very little ballet dancing involved here. There lives are solely centered around discipline and service. It is far removed from the real swan lake theme, but in all I did enjoy it. I somehow do not think our American counterparts could do this as their bone structures are quite different than the orientals, and they weight far more in mass than these girls are.

  7. karine says:

    You are so right,

    but look also at the reward of the applause & her smile as she savours her accomplishement.

  8. judy says:

    it was beautifully done and i usually don’t watch any ballerinas but this is worth watching

  9. jannu says:

    it’s great and amazing. I have never seen the performance like this in my carrier of 23 years. these gye’s are great

  10. David :-) says:

    I have enjoyed Swan Lake on stage many times.
    Even on my laptop this is the BEST I have ever seen!
    You can see the love of the art in every step!
    Thank you for sharing!

  11. rick garcia says:

    Never have I sent such beauty and grace. This is truly awesome.

  12. maggie says:

    I don’t agree with Shirley Jean from Canada at all…….the ballet was the best i have ever seen…….and i have never ever witnessed a ballerina dance on one toe on someone’s head…….unbeleivable !!! That performance deserves an Oscar and a standing ovation……..remarkable.!! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  13. Mary Ann says:

    Simply beautiful. I am inspired!

  14. Mahesh Babu.A.S. says:

    It is wonderful watching the Ballerina. It goes to prove that a Human being can achieve anything with Determination ,Practice and Persevaranceand Patience.Hats Off to the Ballerina.

  15. Mahesh Babu.A.S. says:

    I enjoyed watching the Ballerina.

  16. bing henry says:

    Bravo… that was very nice. Really God gave each one of us different talents which we have to show and share – for the love of the ONE
    who created us. The performance was very pure – no malice or so,
    even if the costumes were a little bit what should I say – skimpy? I
    just love ut. I am proud of this art. Praise the Lord…

  17. sal says:

    Amazing! True it is not like the original swan lake ballet….yet it is beautiful and I still see movements of grace and a lot of feeling too.

  18. bebot takenouchi says:

    mesmerizing performance!!!

  19. shehnaz says:

    she is simply beautifu and she took my breath away. i cant even motivate myself to go for a run in the morning.

  20. Linda says:

    Beautiful Art. Dean you are not serious about your comment above?
    That is ballerina attire, maybe you see more than someone else would, but it is fine, she’s covered, she’s not naked. It’s all in how you perceive it, and yes I’m Christian, I think christians can get too hung up on stuff like that. There is nothing wrong with what she’s got on, if you don’t like it don’t watch it.

  21. Corala says:

    To God be the glory for allowing this achievement…beautiful performance…which took much professionalism and extremem dedication. Critical comment re her “scanty” clothes: we go to the beach in bathing suits, athletes, etc.. And, she would not be able to perform those movements encumbered with normal clothing. She is to be commended. I wonder, if some who are able to move like that are a bit, “double jointed”? I dont think most of us have the ability to be so flexible.. Again, to God be the glory. We, mankind, are His favorite project.

  22. Sarah says:

    Praise the Lord. In Him everything is possible!
    I only see beauty in her costume!

  23. Susan says:

    If there is a problem watching a classic like Swan Lake, then one’s focus is not where it was meant to be, which is on the ability that was given to humans for the expressive arts. It takes a lot of focus and service to perform in a way that I have never encountered. Thank you God and Thank you Greg Writer for this incredibly inspiring video!

  24. lola says:

    amazingly beautiful, just as everything God created is beautiful. we have amazing God who gives knowledge and understanding. lots of concentration was put into this. Thank God for them.

  25. Since the Creator made our bodies to be beautiful, it seems an insult to His genius that we could consider regarding His creation with anything less than awe and reverence.
    This performance is a tribute to the possibilities created in each and every one of us. Absolutely breathtaking! Thank you.

  26. Raymond Malena says:

    I still don’t know if I trust my eye sight on this one—would not have believed the awesome staminia they had to go through. Anyone who doesn’t see anything but pure beauty is retarded.


  27. rolando g. esteban says:

    Bravo!!!thats fantastic performance,a God given talent perform in its fullest n highes level…@ DEAN we christian love to watch this show,because we’re seeing it ART not movie n taking it in different perspective.Don’t claimed that ur true christian coz i’ll tell u right now ur not, your too much on religion but don’t know about God. Didn’t u know that the only way to pleased God is to hold on your faith unto Him and theres nothing that u can do to acquire your salvation or anyone else because it was given to us by GRACE.Please don’t use the Bible as a base of any comment unless you fully understand the WORD ,don’t be like satan using it to deceived,steal the joy and confused people(like you).one thing more analyze yourself this is sign of envy n bitterness n that’s one of undesirable character that GOD dislike,you want to be holy start appreciating n cares for others,that’s the starting point to draw closer to God…Amen!!!

  28. vision says:

    But such a shame that this Dean chap had to leave such a unenlightened comment above. All he saw was something perverse and sexual??? just leave god out of it, Dean. You have no clue.
    Make jesus proud and just stop it, won’t you? thanks v

  29. Nina Abucejo says:

    as imperfect as we are, we too can be perfect in many different ways..

  30. jaap ofman( Holland) says:

    very impressive….

  31. Casey in Ohio says:

    Very Good! Hey Dean: LIGHTEN UP PLEASE! It’s “Christians” like you who make people feel uneasy about even being christians OR even considering becoming a christian. Stop being so judgemental and see the beauty in this video instead of obviously looking at the costumes. When I read your comment, it made me think that obviously YOU are the only one who seems to be “looking” at things the wrong way. Why does your mind automatically go to the costumes instead of the performance itself? Maybe because you may be battling with something yourself?? Hmmm…

  32. christian too says:

    How many times did you watch the video, Dean, before you came up with that level of disgust? I thought it was both beautiful and incredible. Not all Christians have the same problem with tutus as you.

  33. Neville Kasad says:

    Simply GORGEOUS!!!!
    Very graceful. Have no more words to express my feelings. Out of this world.

  34. It is amazing but very beautiful.

  35. It was really nice to watch something so inspiring and with such strength and beauty and intelligence. All I get are these stupid, moronic, profligate webcams being sent to me, showing people having and enjoying sex with each other, trying to make a sale, but this is so much better and wonderful !!! It shows human integrity and strength at it’s finest, with dignity and respect. Thank you for sending me this.

  36. trisha says:

    Dean, the Christian,
    I’m a christian and I do ballet. Your comments are absurd. You are the kind of christian that sees everything as a sin, wrong, immoral. How about people who wear bathing suits to swim? Are they sinning. How about gymnastics….do those athletes dress properly or are they also sinning because of the leotards they wear to perform their art? The stupidity of your thinking has amazed me.

  37. Norskejente says:

    Hey Dean, do you expect her to perform this wearing a long dress and high heels? BTW, I though our bodies were so supposed to be beautiful, but apparently you think different. This has nothing to do with pornography as that issue is all about what men want and unfortunately there are some women out there that give them what they want. If men weren’t so preverted and so high on sex then there would be no such thing as pornography, rape, sodomy, and sexual assualts on children. Real men don’t do those things but they are a rare breed. BTW, don’t think these women are dressing like that to impress the men, they’re not. Stop thinking vile thoughts, you’re supposed to be a Christian.

  38. I have been into this social field already. Indeed, it requires so much patience, discipline, and perseverance in achieving a performance like this. It’s no longer new to me but the emotion and the technical execution of steps were done closest to perfect that I think is new for many.

  39. Bill says:

    Dean just needs to get a life. Luckily the Jesus I know is risen. Otherwise he would be turning over in his grave from those comments. In fact, I will say that if Dean saw pornography,or even “sexy” in this performance then maybe he needs help in that area of his life.

    Yes, this was not pure ballet, but it was an awesome performance of what God’s creation can accomplish.

    But, Dean….GET HELP.

  40. Dee Marie says:

    Dean, Legalism went out with the Church Age of Grace (After Christ’s Death and Resurrection) and Perfectionism is one of the Disfunctional Behaviors of Obsessive/Compulsive Narcissism. Look into getting help for these, before you find yourself completely alone.

  41. MANNY says:


  42. rb says:

    I found myself holding my breath. I felt fortunate that I didn’t pass out during the performance. I also marveled a bit at the supporting dancers, continuing to dance with such precision and poise during a part of the dance when they know that no one would be watching “them!” As I read Deans comment, I tried very hard to remember what she WAS wearing and finally had to go back and watch the video again. But again, I was captured by the performance and almost forgot to check out the gorgeous costume. BUT … I can see ‘what’ Dean is talking about and I hope he can be encouraged to seek council. Not because he’s some kind of wacko but, because it’s an area that he is obviously struggling with and trying to reconcile within his own mind and his desire to honor God. I understand the comments but I’m also a bit disappointed at the “Christian” responses to him. It reminds me a bit of the Pharisees self righteous responses and finger pointing. No one said or did anything but criticize Dean’s struggle. How would ‘YOU’ have responded after the “less than kind” comments? Did putting Dean down some how elevate your view of yourself? Or remind God of how incredible your own filthy rags are? What would Jesus’ response to Dean have been. His response would have ‘first!’ been for Dean’s heart. So, to Dean please, please, please, be assured that there are Christians that will understand and help with your quandary. Don’t give up searching till you find them.

  43. Mary Rose says:

    Wow!its Owesome!Its kind a great and fabulous talent she had.

  44. DeAnne says:

    If you made ballet and balance your full-time obsession, you could perform like that, too!

  45. Elaine says:

    this was beautiful but i am wondering if anyone noticed the male dancer…it took his control and strength to balance her so she could do her beautiful work…he should be in the praises of us all too…

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  48. Noah Hatten says:

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