A Gift of Uncommon Courage

After consulting with their doctors, a mother and father are told that their gravely ill daughter needs an immediate blood transfusion to save her life today and to be able to continue her treatment. The best donor the doctors say, is her five year old brother.

The boy is terrified of hospitals and of the needles and tubes that he’s seen his ailing sister confront daily. The parents know that his blood transfusion is imperative and are concerned that he will balk at the request because of fear. No one wants to hold the five year old boy down and take his blood from him.

So, the parents sit him down as his pale sister lay helplessly in her hospital bed. They explain more exactly than before the seriousness of her condition and how he uniquely can give her his blood and a chance at life anew. He listens to them intently, his brow furrowed in worry.

After a moment of silence, he looks at his parents and says, “Are you sure that if I give her my blood she’ll survive?”

“It gives her the best chance to live, son,” his father replies.

He looks at the ground, crosses and uncrosses his legs, looks back at his parents and says solemnly, “O.K., I’ll do it.”

The medical staff quickly readies the room and the boy is placed on a bed not far from his weakened sister, who thanks him from the moment he walks in. He only nods that he hears her, readying himself for the transfusion.

The doctors pierce his arm and begin the transfusion. As the life-giving blood flows into his sister, her color immediately improves and the parents smile a smile of relief.

After sometime the little boy, his face still a display of worry, looks up at the doctor who is checking his improving sister and asks, “Doctor, how long until I die?”

The boy had assumed he was giving her all his blood, yet was willing to do so.

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49 Responses to “A Gift of Uncommon Courage”

  1. jannu says:

    i want to cry..

  2. S.S.Daniel says:

    Thanks for the sad but heartwarming story and this shows what unconditional love is and up to what depths it could go.
    Thanks a lot Greg.
    May the Lord be with you.

  3. Siji Soman says:

    hey thanks for the story Greg. It shows the unconditional love of that boy which reminds us of the sacrifice that JESUS did to give us LIFE, “a chance to live”. WE R BLESSED. n u r doing a great ministry brother. God Bless u abundantly, STAY BLESSED :)

  4. julie Sapien says:

    Very touching story.

    This is the true story of Christ’s unconditional love for us (over two thousand years ago), who, willingly chose to die for us; but, the Father raised Him up, so that we might also rise with Him for all eternity.

    What an awesome and incredible thing to do!

    Thanks for this beautiful, heart-warming story of love,

  5. Beatrix says:

    Very touching!

  6. sameetasarnaik says:

    My Eye’s become Watered only reading it,thank god she improves,It also
    Displays what is the Depth Relation of Brother & Sister.
    may God Bless the Brother Who Gave Smile to Sister & Parents.

  7. Jo Otero says:

    I have just finished reading the book,’My sisters keeper’, by Jodi Picoult, a fictional story about a sister who gives her all for her dying sister. But to read this true account of this brave and loving little boy makes me realise how true it must be for many who we will never hear of. If the call ever comes for me to be so selfless I pray God will give me the strength to do so. Amen.

  8. Lu Yu Ying says:

    Innocence is pure and another name for God. Have faith in God and everything will work out fine.
    God bless.

  9. bipin says:

    its a unconditional and true love from a brother for his sister.

  10. shaolin says:

    i’m so touched.i missed mom.

  11. glynis says:

    what a wonderful story. Unconditional love is a gift from God.
    thank you for sharing this story.
    God bless

  12. Christine says:

    If only I could be that generous!! I wonder how many of us would do this?

  13. The Dpctors should have told the boy, that only a part of his blood will be taken and that the same will be recouped by his body early;there is no question of his death .

  14. Gail says:

    What this story speaks of to me is the innocense of this child. A few years older he would know that he wouldn’t lose his life and the gift would not be as unselfish. Because he believes he will die, yet is willing to go ahead and give his life’s blood, is the story of Christ’s gift to us. While Jesus knew fully what He was giving up…His Life for our sin, this child believes he is giving up his life for his sister. Both take the risk and give back because of LOVE. And that’s what it is all about.

  15. Judy Arola says:

    Children never cease to amaze me. They can at times be a little hard on
    the nerves and try your patience, but they also can have such great
    wisdom and insite far beyond their age. That a 5 year old would be
    willing to die for his sister is I think much more than many many adults
    would offer to do. He is blessed and has God in his heart.
    Judy Arola

  16. glenda says:

    a great story, just a reminder of the Father’s love for us.

  17. Neha Kapoor says:

    Oh my God!!!!!!!!!!!!! The last line was truly shocking…………..oh GOD he was dying for her even he was so scared to such things!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a PITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. P.C.Vasanth Singh says:

    It is really a moving story. It is heartening to note that God in the form of a small boy giving life to his sister who is suffering from illness. Anything can happen if God wills. Nothing is impossible.

  19. MARY says:

    Just think if all of us could live with the incredible gift that this child has,
    what a lovely world this would be. Sacrifice is the name of the game, and
    God sent His only Begotten Son to show us just that. There have been
    many hero’s but none so innocent and trusting as this child. God has His mighty hand all over this precious boy. We all need to take lessons from
    him. Blessed is this one unselfish act.
    Thank you for sharing.

  20. Violyne says:

    I cant help but wonder, to what extent do we trully love those we claim to love? Just how much can we sacrifice for the good of those we love.
    Thank you Greg, this is good food for thought today and in all the days of our lives.
    Thank you!

  21. Yvonne Orefice says:

    This is such a beautiful story. It made my day! Thank you for sharing it. We all need to be reminded that it is not about us. God bless you!

  22. Just goes to show blood is thicker than water. i would do the same thing for any one of my siblings too.

  23. Janice says:

    Child like love is so genuine. We all need to be more Christ like!
    This story touches my heart, and I pray it leads me to be more like the little boy. I’m not always where I need to be with God, but this story inspires me too be a better Christian. Lord please forgive me for my sins.
    Thank you for this website…

  24. Sandra Leos Adams says:

    I’ve read this before & still makes me cry every time I read this.


  25. Daphne says:

    wow.. the things we do for the ones we love..and dont… god is the most powerful person in the world..

  26. hi! thankyou for shareing this story with me,i believe that’s what the bible ment when. jesus said an unless you be as a little child you can see God’ that’s the heart of a child, pure, and loving.

  27. SHREE says:



  28. Oh my God what courage that little boy had, I would love to hug him

  29. Pat says:

    Wow!!!!! That’s all I can say. Wow!!!!

  30. adriana says:

    brought tears to my eyes, and a smile at the same time.

  31. Bob says:

    Wow that does bring memories back from when doctors needed to take a sample from my liver I also thought I was going to die !

  32. allan says:

    i would do it for my lovely daughter without a thought who lives far away from me thank you lord for all you have given me

  33. Gretel says:

    Very touching story. Thank you so much for sharing it w/ me. Now I’m going to share it w/ family and friends.

  34. larne a gayatgay says:

    WHAT A COURAGEOUS 5 YR OLD…let’s pray that grown up too will have the same courage!

  35. larne a gayatgay says:

    …from this story, let us be inspired that there’s no age to take courage
    in life giving…

  36. Betty says:

    This was a beautiful story and the little boy was soooo precious to think he was giving his life for his sister. That’s the love that Christ showed us and may we all become of that mind!

  37. What a profound gift of love. This beautiful little boy is most certainly one of
    God’s, chosen ones. To read about such love in the world we now live in
    is and inspiration to us all.
    I only wish our leaders could witness this unconditional gift of a small child.
    Our world needs more like this Sweet little boy.
    Many Blessings, and love to a very brave boy.
    Arlene Meuchel

  38. brenda says:

    This is an amazing story.Even though the little boy was afraid of hospitals and needles he still was willing to do this for his sister.This was a selfless act of his self for his sister to make her get better,and he also thought that he would give his life for his sister.Now if only more people would be this selfless the world would be a better place.Not only for our family but for other people that we don’t even know.That would be a great thing!But,this is a perfect example for others to be.I know I am.

  39. SHELTON G. PYSTER says:


  40. nelia says:

    So touching for a young child to give up and share all what he has for the love of his beloved sister. A love so pure and true just like the love givin to us from up above. A very perfect image and example of what undying love is all about.

  41. jhoy says:

    nice story! so selfless..
    if everyone would be as generous as the little boy
    im sure world peace will never be an elusive dream for mankind!
    great job!

  42. divya says:

    its beautiful

  43. Annette Orlos says:

    God blessed him and his sister. How wonderful!! Nett

  44. Bett Gold says:

    The story unfolds the real essence of sacrifice, self – giving, compassion and unconditional love. We might be struggling on our own needles, hospitals, pains and fears… and yet for our love ones… we welcome them with open arms though it’s hurting. Just like the love and sacrifice Jesus did for us!
    Remember that God is looking on our motive and sincerity. A pure heart conquers! GOD BLESS friends!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Sr.Rhea says:

    It was waking up story for our soul. i was touch,and for sure it make a change in the lives of so many people

  46. Harriet says:

    the story is so touching and exciting at the same time!! i pray that God gives me and all such a sacrificial heart for it is the only heart that can change our world into abetter place to live in. God bless the boy.

  47. Leonie says:

    WOW, this boy ( only 5 years old) taught he would loose his life for his sister, and he did it anyway. How awesome is that. Thank you for the beautiful story Greg. Praise GOD, there are still very good people on this world, even if there are not that many, but it makes a BIG difference. That little boy is going to be a very good witness for other people.

  48. Ansah Hutton says:

    I just do not know what to say to this little boy, He said how long until i die, Doctor! and how many of us are ready to lose our life to save another it really touches me so much. God really bless this little innocent boy.

  49. What a Sweet Story, Full of Courage and Strenght, but above all the Faith that he could Save his Sister and be prepared to Die, the world would be so very Beautiful, Such a better place were it full of Love of that Calibre.
    Thank You so much for sharing such a Soul/Heart Touching Story, GOD the all Mighty and No Doubt Jesus Christ Our Saviour was standong right beside Him,
    Thanx Grieg, May Our Heaven Father Bless You Always.
    Kind Regards Henare.

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