Inpiration By God is Born

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I want to say thanks for taking time to listen to me and our plans to continue to offer value & inspiration to you and your friends.  I feel blessed to have the opportunity to serve you!

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22 Responses to “Inpiration By God is Born”

  1. Tamara NEACSU says:

    Congratulations for every change you want to make ( mentioned in yr video presentation)…Some of the changes you’ll make are of interest to me. For instance, how to earn decent and honest money on Internet…I am retired on medical grounds due to a malignant bilateral breast cancer and I have a limited pension of about USD 110,00 (one hundred and ten USD)…Hence to say that this is not enough for a living…but I am prepared to do something to improve my budget and I am open to any suggestion…Besides that , another thing I encounter is that I receive a lot of offers of inspirational books that are sold for 10, 15 dollars but I cannot have those because I live in Romania and the offers do not apply for this part of the world…So, I only see those and add another frustation because I cannot have them in my hands…I like to make presents to people and to see their smile on their face when they receive the gift, and those inspirational books are a nice present… I want to earn decent money because my computer is “dead” and I need to buy another one…I wanted to buy a laptop but obviousely I cannot afford it with my pension, this means that I must find a solution, a job to earn this money and then to buy it….
    I should have started by saying that you are a blessing with each and every email I get from you, so , please , continue to be a blessing…Thank you and may our heavenly Father pour His blessings on you and yr team.
    In Christ,

    Tamara Neacsu

  2. Ray G. says:

    …Gee…for a minute there I thought that you were going to help me save my soul! Isn’t that what everything should really be about?

  3. Owner says:

    Thank you so much for your kind words. I want to help you and over time we will share the info you need to earn an income online. But you will need a good computer for this….so start saving and figure out a way to do this.

    God Bless

  4. amanda says:

    Hey man be careful. Encouragement is good but don’t let it go to your head.
    Many people love you but remember you are not God. To God be all the Glory! I pray God gives you guidance and helps you help many people. God bless you brother.

  5. Tina says:

    I had the opportunity to view and listen to your new message, the idea sounds great and I certainly appreciate the additions. I would like to add that as devoted individual to your clippings, notes, and stories I very much appreciate the lift “the interview with God” provided and continues to provide me in my time of sorrows and happiness. Please continue to add presentations such as that one, that has truly gotten me back when I feel like the world crumbles aroun me or when I am alone in silence. I am a woman, single parent of great faith and the interview with God along with other videos has been great to many people that i’ve shared them with. Keep spreading the news, you do good things and touch many, many individuals via this website.

    Thanks again,

    Single Mother of three with GREAT FAITH IN GOD!

  6. Joan M. Kujawa says:

    Greg, thank you so much for your candor and perseverance for Our God. My attitude is always gratitude and to hear you reirate that statement feels so right. The best of luck in all you are doing for us online seekers of spiritual insights. I, myself, have a budget like the lady from Romania, and so I just enjoy what you have to offer and to speak about, write about, and the website in general. I like the new name, it’s so right!! It feels so good to be participating in the website in some small way. Thank you again for your direction and for those that serve with you. I, too, would love to bring in some income from my computer, so we’ll see what God has planned for you to do for your members. In God’s Name, Joan

  7. I’ve been wanting to put something together like this and Praise Him, you came along and found me. I don’t know how or where from, but I’m glad you did. I am also a writer. I have a lot to say, a story to tell, and quite a few books to complete. So I sure hope I can be a contributor to you and your mission, it seems you see things pretty much in the same light as I do, and i am blessed you have found me, as I you! I do believe we can make this world a better place if we all try, and thank you for your efforts here, you have done a beautiful job!
    I have a poem I’d like to share with you, you can read it here: on my website, and I also published the book. Although the title is “Whispered Poems” there is a lot more than just poems in the book, if you just read the rest of the title. There are short stories, and some other good stuff too. So have a look around my website, get my book, and lets just see if we both can do something good for the world to lear.. Literacy is a very important fact of life, and I would like to know that somehow I was able to make that happen for those who need to learn to read. So come grow together with me, and lets see what we can do – okay?

  8. donna conroy says:

    hi greg
    thank you for letting us know about the change
    i really like this website very much

  9. MKDBurman says:

    Like your inspiring motivational endevour. Great job Greg.

  10. MKDBurman says:

    It was really a inspiring motivational endevour. Great job Greg.

  11. glynis says:

    Congratulations Greg. It is nice to finally put a face to the name. I think with Gods help and everyonelse who is there to work with you on this mission, you will succeed in bringing the word of God to people in the community.
    Have faith that God will provide everything needed for this new venture.
    I hope that God brings his blessing to your team and this new venture.
    Bless you all

  12. Judy says:


  13. Rahe Mord says:

    When you say that 70% of your readers are women, it makes me wonder if you realize that’s 70% of the people who sent you emails. Do you realize that women are the more social of the 2 genders by far and would be more likely to send emails to you. We men are out here even if we don’t normaly get all social and write emails to you or other websites for that matter.

    I hope you don’t forget this and tune into women more and more, providing what they are interested in more than the male interests. The men will just as quietly go elsewhere to find things that interest them.

    Myself, I rarely write any emails except to my own family but I just felt like this was one of those times when I should. I’ve been inspired by many of your stories and videos but I get kind of turned off by the sales pitches sometimes. Just post what you have for sale, if I’m looking for something to buy, I’ll buy it but I don’t like it pushed in my face. Yes, I know, you have to sell stuff to pay for it all and you need to advertise.

    God bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Frank says:

    Love the video’s of inspiration you have given in the past. Hope they continue……. for the purposes of glorifying God.

  15. andrea says:

    Thks for letting know about the new name etc.

    I really always love and I am ALWAYS looking forward to the
    Inspirational Videos etc. all the things that come through you/or yr
    wife. Thank you so much.
    There is strength in unity, for people working together can do many
    things that people alone cant do. But in order for that to happen, we
    need to be close to one another and share life together so we can
    strengthen each other. This applies to the home, as well as the church.

    ‘For the body is not one member, but many,’ the apostle Paul said in
    1 Corinthians 12:14. Each one in the body is important, and each one
    has a job to do. With Christ as the head of the body, and everyone
    working together, we can get a lot done to further His kingdom.


  16. Brian Gray says:

    Thanks for The Interview with God and other fantastic Christ based motivation, after all The Bible has got to be the greatest inspirational book ever. I would like to relate an incident that occured in my life recently, my son and daughter were expecting thier first child a son, and at 35 weeks Jessica had to have an emergency caesarean section, baby Eathan was born, but the doctors gave him a 50/50 chance of survival. He was born on 23/01/2010 and passed away on 24/01/2010 the doctors could not explain what went wrong as all had been 100% up to that point. Warren and Jessica are still struggling to come to terms with the loss, and my wifes father passed away very unexpectedly on 19/09/2010 on his birthday.

    I had not downloaded any mail for a week after baby died, and had spent many hours in prayer asking God why? And for comfort and support for all of us, apart from Warren & Jessica, I was really struggling,
    anyway on downloading my mail there were a number of prayer’s from people who never even knew what had taken place. One of these from a friend was titled A Very Strong Prayer, and as I was reading this Prayer it said do not be alarmed you are about to receive a “Divine Visitation”, as I read this phrase 6 pictures I had taken of baby Eathan appeared on the screen, on top of the Prayer these pictures were crystal clear and yet I could read the Prayer through them. I now knew for certain where Eathan was and had immediate comfort and to some degree closure.

    I am a member of Westville Baptist Church, Durban, South Africa and over the years have prayed many times, but have never received anything so direct from God although he has led me and been my guide and inspiration.

  17. Brian Gray says:

    Psalm 106:48

  18. anthony says:

    this country, and the world needs stuff like this. get back to God, remember God? the one we kicked out of society and schools? the one we blame for all bad things that happen?

  19. rachel says:

    What you are saying sounds good, but I hate bankers

  20. shelley says:

    I look forward to reading things on this website. It totally lifts me up when I come home from an overwhelming day. You have a wonderful uplifting attitude and I know that without God in my life, my church community, and most of all the love of my family, life would be one empty place. Thanks for keeping His Spirit, Grace, and Love alive. :)

  21. Cass says:

    CONGRATULATIONS GREG!!! I look forward to the changes. I love the new name. Your energy is truly an inspiration.


  22. benphilip says:

    life is not enjoyment but can do it ” find out his words and get real way but your heart is always need empty ? and cant ”it because humen heart full of leving abnormel ways ” and will soon it one day one time one way” will come his shadow the almighty of god the real lord” jesus

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