Want to be successful? Maybe you need to fail first.

We’ve all heard stories of failure. Many of them ring true in this economy and time of war where so many lives have been indeliby altered. But there is hope.

There is always hope for those who choose to hope. You can choose to be happy.

A simple video brought to our attention captures this sentiment perfectly. The price of success is often failure. Maybe its indirect, maybe its direct but most greatness was preceded by a series of failures.

Remember, the Wright Brothers’ first flight was eighty feet. Eight years later they flew coast to coast.

Take a look at this brief video and see what others have been through and consider just for a moment, if you’ve paid the price for your own success with failure. I believe many of you are well on your way to your own personal greatness.

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30 Responses to “Want to be successful? Maybe you need to fail first.”

  1. Donald Poole says:

    I was told I was too short. I was bullied by bigger and older children. My father said, ”get used to being stupid, you’ll never amount to anything anyway.” My teachers in grade school told me I’d wind up dead or in prison for the rest of my life.

    I was the Canadian Welterweight Champion at age 25 and retired from boxing ranked number 3 in the world. I went on to College and studied Emergency Medicine and Fire Science and became an Fire Fighter/EMT.

    If I had listened to the bullies telling me what I was not and would never be, I’d never have amounted to anything. But because, I am stubborn and tenacious, I followed my dreams, became successful and went on to help and save others in need.

  2. Jimmy says:

    As a prophet the exiles, Ezekiel assured his hearers of the abiding presence of God among them.

    He constantly emphasized the Lord’s role in the events of the day, so that Israel and the nations “will know that I am the Lord” (a refrain which occurs many times throughout the book). He underscored the integrity of the individual and his personal responsibility to God. To a helpless and hopeless people he brought hope of restoration to homeland and temple by their just and holy God. In Ezekiel we have an unparalleled synthesis of the terrestrial and celestial in Israel’s religion, truly fitting for one whose ministry marks the transition from pre-exilic Israelite religion to post-exilic Judaism.

    Oracles of Warning Chs. 1-24 (Dated before fall of Jerusalem)
    Prophet’s call (1:1-3:21)
    Idolatry of the people (3:22-7:27)
    Visions of warning (chs. 8-11)
    Parables and allegories of judgment (chs. 12-19)
    Judgment on the nation (chs. 20-24)
    Oracles Against Foreign Nations Chs. 25-32 (Belonging mostly to middle period of Ezekiel’s ministry) [Ammon, Moab, Edom, Philistia, Tyre, Egypt]
    Oracles of Hope Chs. 33-48 (Belonging to period following the fall of Jerusalem)
    True shepherds (chs. 33-34)
    Land (chs. 35-36)
    People (chs. 37-39)
    Temple (chs. 40-43)
    Worship (chs. 44-46)

  3. AL says:

    There is no video clip?

  4. Owner says:

    WOW great story thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Owner says:

    Click on the Abe Lincoln penny. The video will then play.

  6. Donald Poole says:

    Good things do happen to Good people.

  7. jannu says:

    the hidden story that someone can understand


  9. Mabel says:

    I used to feel so low in spirit after a disappointment…. but now i have a reason to go for second try

    be blessed


  10. greg says:

    Great clip. It’s true. Everyone has to be true themselves regardless of the nesgative thoughts and ideas that others put in your mind.I’ve learned that most people that point the finger of belittlement are the ones who are hiding from the truth about themselves.

  11. Shirley says:

    How do I get a copy of that video to share with my grandchildren?

  12. Owner says:

    You would have to email them a link back the page. Sorry but that is the best I can do.

  13. Alicia says:

    That is why,the only way for me now, is Up!!!
    I’ve had my share of failures and setbacks to name just a few…
    Thank you for this encouraging and uplifting video…Bless You!

  14. Pierre says:

    Wow think of it this way Jesus never fail us, he kept going spent 3hrs on the cross, lost of blood, dehydration etc. he did it all for us. My point is we should put in hard work and be obiedient for the lord, don’t listen to what those na sayers. Just listen to God an he will bless you. Meditate on habakkuk 2:3 and read the book of phillipians. God bless you all :)

  15. Paul says:

    Click on the Abe Lincoln penny. The video will then play.

  16. Patrick says:

    How do I get a copy of that video to share with my grandchildren?

  17. Karen says:

    Click on the Abe Lincoln penny. The video will then play.

  18. Emyrose R. Reas says:

    I am a very pessimistic person, always focusing on the negative side and having this “what if” dillema. Yet, God always find ways to make me feel that I can achieve my dreams just keep on praying. Yes, I believe I am weak but I know that in my weakness comes God’s strenght. The Bible consoles me-
    But he said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you,for my power is made perfect in weakness” -2 Corinthians 12:9

  19. Julie says:

    Great clip. It’s true. Everyone has to be true themselves regardless of the nesgative thoughts and ideas that others put in your mind.I’ve learned that most people that point the finger of belittlement are the ones who are hiding from the truth about themselves.



  21. Owner says:

    If you right clikc on your email in outlook then you can add our emails to you “safe” not spam email list and that should fix teh problem. If you don not use outlook just google “how to add emails to my safe lis for (add program you use for email)”

    Hope this helps,

  22. CLINT says:

    I really liked this ,its has inspired me not to fail and just look ahead of life

  23. Annabelle says:

    i am fully aware of this “success and failure” stuff..i don’t know it it will apply to mine.. i just got retrenched in my job.. we are 11 job contracts and i am the only one who is fired out due this september 30.. i can say, how unfair!!.. i think im the most qualified of the job, got the highest education and work the same level of tire & exhaustion.. i even got in the office earlier than most of the workers.. they said, no budget at all, yet, i was cheated anyway, in my heart, so unfair.. now, im inspired by this because mayBe GOD will give an opportunity far greater than my previous job..
    Do i deserve this? i have sister fully dependent on me for her studies..i don’t know what to do.
    maybe what im feeling now is Jealousy , insecurity and depression, i dont know GOD help me!!

  24. There is NO “In God We Trust” on credit cards.

  25. The name of the computer that holds everyone’s social security banking number ID in Switzerland is “the beast.” Slay the Beast daily…in yourself.

  26. If you were a head in a bag going to CERN, would you know it?

  27. Beware the MARK OF THE BEAST. This year I have felt heat on hand while using computers and have had a MRI which might have marked me. Be free little ones. Don’t accept a tatoo or biometric for money. Trade freely.

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