A Message About Mothers.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we’re understandably getting a few notes from our readers asking for Mother’s Day related stories. Of course, we will deliver them today and in the days to come.

Like you, we treasure the holiday and try to remember its message throughout the year. Those of us at IBG make a concierted effort to be active in our mother’s lives, to improve them as best we can, and to honor the gift they’ve given us.

Today’s featured video truly embodies that notion. It’s a tender, sincere expression of motherhood and the love of a child. And its got one of the best and most eloquent prayers I’ve heard as an interlude in the middle of the song and video.

It’s truly worth your time to hear it.

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9 Responses to “A Message About Mothers.”

  1. F.S.Calison says:

    Remember Mother on Mothers day. The only in the world in your life.

  2. Sandra Olsen says:

    I loved your video! I had a hard time trying to forward it to my friends and family….why?

  3. gale says:

    Lost my 14 year old son suddenly 15 months ago. Way too difficult to watch. But also have a 14 year old daughter. Tears of joy and sadness.

  4. JAMES says:

    To me this is a reflection on GOD and what he does for each of us, GOD bless us all.

  5. andrea says:

    Thanks for the wonderful lyric/music.


    Laughter is the jam on the toast of life;
    it adds flavor, keeps it from becoming too dry, and
    makes it easier to swallow


  6. I remember when my children are just babies and sleeping in my arms. Bea now 7 and Gaby now 6. My prayer is the same with the message of the song that they may grow loving God and fearing Him. Very good video! It brings back unforgettable memories I have with my kids.

  7. Mary Wade says:

    This messaage let all mother know the importance of holding your children close to you heart. Spend time with them, love them for whom they are and guide then in the way of the Lord. We do not know when the Lord will call them to join Him in heaven with Him to us may sooner than we want. Every Mother’s Day in my heart will be a void since I lost my 29 Year old daughter to Breast Cancer. I am aware that she is now in the Lord’s Arms and no more suffering. I can clearly hear her voice at my low moments from heaven saying, mom I may not be with you on earth, I am at peace, I love you and I am now watching over you and dad my middle bother and my baby sister. On Mother’s Day think of me with the Father who created me. I miss you but I want you to enjoy life.
    My love will always be with my family because you gave so much of yourself for our family. I Love You Mom.

  8. Deborah Coffey says:

    God has blessed my life by allowing me to be a Mother, and Grandmother, not to just the ones I gave birth to but to many others,
    Becoming a Mother for the first time to hold that precious little creation of God is truly a miracle in itself. What JOY God grants us with special little girls. Then the second child is concieved and you begin to share with your little one what is coming will her her JOY too. All the excitement funny little things they say and do are always deep in your heart, When things happen to not go as planned and you stand by the bedside of a tiny premature baby. Praying trusting by Faith God will give her life too to enjoy. Another miracle created comes into your arms into your home we all rejoyce, Year after year as they grow every memory is there in your heart,
    But God doesn’t stop there, He gives us so much more when we think our heart can’t hold anymore love, He blesses with Grandsons. Which I am blessed with six from 20 to 1 they are even more special. Why? Because the moments we get to be with them are far to few, for Grandmothers arms full of love to give and letting them go leaves them empty till the the next time. My little girls are Mothers too. What blessings of love we have been given to be Mothers and Grandmothers.
    Thank You God for a Life in which I have been able to have these few moments to share being a Mother and Grandmother. I love each and everyone of you born to me ad given as extra special blessings.
    God grant us all more time to be together with each other and share the Love that comes from being Mothers.
    You are Loved!!!!

  9. emma says:

    thank you so much for the amazing video and the messages of the lyrics was so amazing it really touch my heart…

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