Amazing Video: Dog Leads Rescuers to Fire.

It’s another Amazing Video edition today as we show you the kind of fantastic story that you’re going to want to forward to your friends.

These videos help remind us that the impossible is often possible -if only we endeavor to make it so. As we discussed last week, failure is often the price of success.

But simply trying is the fuel for any worthwhile pursuit.

Today’s amazing video exemplifies this belief, that even a simple creature can change an enormous event… with hope, effort, and in the end, the goal the little dog sought.

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10 Responses to “Amazing Video: Dog Leads Rescuers to Fire.”

  1. Terri Miller says:

    That dog should be given award for what he did. what a wonderful dog.He deserves some treats and a lot of hugs, praise the lord for him

  2. Marianne says:

    What did the people who were taking the video after they saw the burning flames a?

  3. joey oliver says:


  4. Kim French says:

    What a great video. Was there sound???

  5. Celeste B says:

    I have been working search and rescue dogs for twenty years. Dogs still amaze me! This is one special dog!

  6. Pritam Keskar says:

    Great, this was not expected from an animal

  7. olivia clarito says:

    Great dog but i just could’nt hear its sound…

  8. marilyn j gillego says:

    when God works, nothing is impossible…

  9. Tiffianey Taylor says:

    Who says we don’t have angels watching us! God’s plan is divine, if only we could be as obedient to God’s will as the dog was!

  10. Wendi says:

    Great video brilliant dog! Where was the sound.

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