How Did Fear Blow YOUR Greatest Opportunity?

Hey everybody, if you’ve ever experienced fear like I have when faced with new challenges or opportunities, I’ve got some great insights that will get you moving in the right direction!

Firstly, whenever you feel fear try to let it can remind you that maybe what you’re really feeling is excitement. This then becomes the opportunity to assure yourself that a challenge has come your way because you are meant to take it and overcome the obstacle or achieve something!!

I’ve learned that viewing things just a little differently can dramatically shift your mental and emotional perspective from that of resistance to that of remaining positive and open. There is nothing wrong with being afraid so long as you don’t let it stop you from moving ahead – and I speak from my own personal experiences. Don’t assume that “brave” people are fearless; because the truth is that they have just learned to be more comfortable with fear and they trust in a good outcome.

The more you choose to trust instead of live in fear, the more you can feel excitement in light of challenges and opportunities that come your way. So the more you can practice your abilities to move ahead instead of backing away, the more you can trust yourself to handle new opportunities like a new relationship or a career move.

Here’s what I did, and continue to do: I practice embracing life’s challenges and opportunities as often as possible and exercise my “trust” muscle! I practice viewing things by saying out loud: I am really excited about this new business opportunity – or in your case it might be something like “I am really excited about going on a date with this wonderful new person”. By practicing you will feel your energy shift from paralyzing fear or anxiety to empowering excitement, and you’ll never miss another great opportunity in your life!

Hope this helps!

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10 Responses to “How Did Fear Blow YOUR Greatest Opportunity?”

  1. Jayeem says:

    it’s definitely right!
    based on what I’ve been experienced,
    I am almost quitting but I realized I am just afraid of it…
    if i can,
    I will,
    And i must!

  2. donna conroy says:

    thank you for sending that to me because i am going through
    a challenge right now trying to find a job and i hope my age
    doesn’t have anything to do with it because i am 50 years old
    if anybody hears of anything i live in bridgeport,ct. please
    right back to me
    donna conroy

  3. RONALD LAWROSKY, Sr. says:

    Never had a real oppurtuntity,mainly the opposite

  4. Chawla says:

    If one has full faith in GOD and trust that HIS strength is always with him then the question of fear should never arise because GOD is mightier than anyone or anything. I fear nothing as long as I’m not doing wrong for I know GOD is with me, always. GOD Bless.

  5. Geok H. Madewell says:

    Right on. I am moving forward and am not looking back like I used to because our friends will eventually leave us for one reason or another but God will never leave us. That I can count on. Now, my complete trust is in God alone. Feels great to someone with you 24/7.

    Heb 13:5-6: “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” So we say with confidence, “The Lord is my helper; I will not be afraid. What can man do to me?”

  6. Helen Gan says:

    Hi – it is true that we have many fears – fear of the unknown – what tomorrow may bring – in terms of finance, health, relationships, etc. We do, however, have an assurance that God is always with us and He holds our hands. He understands and cares and He will see us through. Yes, trusting Him is best. After all, He is the Almighty God and yet at the same time, He is our Good Shepherd and if we love and trust in Him completely, He will, in His love and grace, see to our every need

  7. Jital says:

    Thanks a lot for this message. It boosted my confidence a lot. Something that I need at the moment.

  8. derval says:

    In reality fear can blow ones breate…….so to speak. Having read this email and all the comments, i reflected on many things, many of my failures and missed opportunities and i cannot help but concede that even as christians we allow fear to deprived us of the promises of God at times. look at it this way…..on the other side of faith is doubt…is doubt relative to fear ? i think so ! 1st John 4: 17-19 supports this claim… ” perfect love cast out fear ” it gives a new energy, it motivates, it comforts , it reassured, it`s refreshing to know with God ALL things are possible…..God richest blessings to all in Jesus` name…….

  9. Marion says:

    I was touched by the short comments of people and made up my mind not to be afraid of things.I am on meds to help me but I still feel afraid.Please pray for me.Thanks.

  10. Chaas says:

    I hate my life but at least this makes it beblaare.

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