Turning YOUR Losses Into Life-Altering Gifts

I love this story about Gandhi and how to deal with losses in our lives. And these days we’re all experiencing losses in some form as a result of the economic downturn, including me.

The story goes something like this: Gandhi stepped onto a train one day and one of his shoes fell off and landed on the track.

He was unable to retrieve it because the train had started rolling. To the dismay of his companions, Gandhi calmly took off his other shoe and threw it out onto the track where it landed close to his first shoe.

When asked by a fellow passenger why he did that Gandhi replied, ‘when a poor man finds my shoe lying on the track he will now have a pair that he can use.’ How can you use this story to your benefit?

The past 2 years have left our country in a state of loss and anxiety. Every day we hear of more people losing their jobs, their homes, their possessions, and even their families due to the stress. Everyone talks about the tragedies instead of the triumphs. Everyone talks about their losses instead of having gratitude for what they have.

I’ve reflected, as have many others, on the fact that we are all facing these problems in unity. Yes, there are still many who have not been adversely impacted. But, the majority have been deeply and painfully affected and it is bringing us all to our knees in many ways.

I am making the choice, in spite of my own major obstacles and losses over the past two years, to be grateful for the good in my life. I am making the choice to still “give back”. I am making the choice to have faith that there is a silver lining. I am making the choice to keep my family together and to tighten our bond instead of destroy it. I am making the choice to discover wealth in my financial losses.

I am making the choice to throw my other shoe out onto the track for someone even less fortunate than me to enjoy… what choices are YOU making during difficult times that will become the most incredible life-altering events that you’ll look back on and cherish?

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15 Responses to “Turning YOUR Losses Into Life-Altering Gifts”

  1. It takes great discipline to continue to make this choice day after day!! I know that if I can keep myself from looking at the negative side of things, I will feel better, project myself better to others, and treat myself and others more positively.

    This can make an enormous difference in how I experience life from day to day. It is very difficult to maintain, but it can be done.

    And… giving to someone who is doing much worse than me or who, at this particular time, needs the assistance more than I do, adds such joy and contentment to my life – giving is so much more meaningful than allowing myself to fret over my own personal issues – which is, basically, pretty meaningless!

    Thanks for all that you do, sir!!!

  2. Kathleen says:

    Love the story of generosity by Gandhi, ESPECIALLY now that I am older and have learned to put my sunglasses on and count my blessings…makes me a better mother and my kids are smarter for it too :)

  3. I feel very sorry to hear about your difficult situation.

    I was too busy to tackel with my own personal problems. God has given me terribly tough lessons one after another.
    And I did not know that you are facing such difficult situation, too.

    Finally God’s lessons for me seem to finish.
    I hope that I can help you in some way.

    God is almighty. And God told me that you have lived very close to God for years. God told me that you can even receive God’s energy directly from God. God’s energy is the Infinite Love of God. Just like the life energy of your loved one can give you infinite happiness and protection, God’s energy can give you uncomparable protection.
    You are such a great person. You can definitely turn your losses into affluence!
    I will keep asking God to help you all.
    I will think about what I can do for you, too.

    I hope that you can get out of your economic downturn soon!

    Infinite Success & Happiness for You!
    Atsuko Kuroda

  4. Chawla says:

    We have many things to learn from Gandhi and this is just one of them.

  5. It is a question of a choice between keeping faith and losing it. Life throws such choice in every moment and the dilemma and pain is to choose the one that empowers us and not otherwise. Given the kind of pressures we face today at home, at office, in society, in the community and finally, not to ignore, pressures from our own conditioning in the past, making a right choice is always difficult. We need to consciously cultivate the practice and it might take our whole life time. It might be extremely difficult for adults to change their own conditioning based on past experiences and memories, especially, the adverse and unhappy ones except through divine intervention and divine grace. Prayers help and group prayers have tremendous effect. In the latter, there is a tremendous focus and joining of intention and hence more powerful.

    However, parents have a considerable responsibility in bringing up their children giving them faith, hope and belief. At least, the next generation would be better off.

    Thanks for the article.

  6. John T says:

    Its truly amazing! How things turn out for the best for a friend of mine with me making this type of choice on a continuing basis. Occasionally you let some doubt seep in and you think what a sink hole this is and then one day you see some good shared beyond what you ever expected.
    Ditto “Thanks for all that you do!”
    God Bless you and your famiily!
    “Keep it Together”
    John T.

  7. Tina Bachani says:

    Thnxxxxxxx for ur continuous posts………………..and thnx for d
    beautiful stories…………which smtimes inspite of being too difficult to
    apply helps a lot . *B*ut here m extremely sry 2 tell u dt smtmes i find
    smthngs unesy 2 believe which attimes makes me furious. In last post Mr. T
    N Neelakantan has tlked abt parents bt u
    knw smtimes its vry difficult 2 convince parents for such tiny things which
    r very annoying. We today’s generation believe in changes n chnge s d law f
    nature but y dse parents r uneasy 2 move n y dy dnt wanna adopt changes. I
    dnt say dt parents r always wrong though dy r most of d tme right bt wt 2 do
    2 change dre perception towars life wdout hurting dre feelingds n destroying
    dre beliefs. Plz do suggest smthng as it sucks…………….

  8. Godfrey says:

    I am making the choice to throw my other shoe out onto the track for someone even less fortunate than me to enjoy…Thanks a lot u have made my day today.

  9. Godfrey says:

    I am making the choice to throw my other shoe out onto the track for someone even less fortunate than me to enjoy… Thanks for making my day! This is such an inspiring message in the morning!

  10. Valentine says:

    Thank you for Gandhi’s story. It really helped.

  11. Donita Young says:

    I’m throwing my other shoe on the track often. my way of giving back is to continue to help those who need me in whatever way possible. The greatest part of all of this is I am truly grateful to our God for all of my blessings (big & small) and my faith continues to get stronger. God Bless Donita Young

  12. L.SThomas says:

    I have done this mysekf. Maybe I had previously heard about this action by gandhi and was influenced by it.

  13. goal says:

    love that story but losing something is not that aesy…life hs been so taugh… but y god is faithful.

  14. Bett Gold says:

    Sacrificing, suffering loss and giving oneself for the sake of others – this is how the above story implies.
    It is somewhat similar to the Philippines’ national hero – Dr. Jose Rizal. When he was a child,a pair of his slippers fell off the river and so he threw away the other thinking that it would be beneficial to the lucky one.
    How about the story from the bible in which God asks Abraham to sacrifice his son Isaac on Mount Moriah – Genesis 22:1-24. Abraham sets out to obey God’s command without questioning. After Isaac is bound to an altar, the angel of God stops Abraham at the last minute, at which point Abraham discovers a ram caught in some nearby bushes. Abraham then sacrifices the ram in Isaac’s stead.
    And who can ever forget the sacrificial deed of Jesus who gave His life for the redemption of mankind.
    In my case, there are times when I need to give up something or strive even harder for the welfare of my daughter. Countless moments of self – giving especially for a single mother like me – the How’s, When’s, Why’s? But gradually, little by little I see God’s hand extending in front of me, asking me to reach for it, promising me that He’s just there so that I don’t have to worry, making me realized that I am more blessed, that there someone out there who’s experiencing difficult times and less fortunate than I do, yes I am blessed….I AM BLESSED!

  15. Azra Ahmad says:

    Dear Sir,
    I myself am going through a hard time. I am living paycheck to paycheck and still being not able to meet my ends. I live humbely and teach my son to do so too. I have faced hardship in a new country but I have always tried to find the positive from these misfortune; I have kept my witts high and am doing my best. But I believe God will not give someone more pain than he/she can endure; I really dont know how many more months, years I have to endure this situation; everyone comes to the end of their witts too.I guess I am in that situation; where ever I am looking for solution, I am not getting any. I wish you would all pray for me so that I can overcome my present situation and successfully live wiith my pride, a good life with my son.
    God bless us all. Amen

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